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Singapore’s Health Ministry refutes People’s Power Party claims on COVID-19 vaccination safety

The Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) has strongly refuted the People’s Power Party’s claims about COVID-19 vaccine safety, emphasizing that the benefits greatly outweigh the risks.



The Ministry of Health (MOH) in Singapore has strongly refuted allegations made by the People’s Power Party regarding the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, dismissing their claims as “egregious and false.”

The opposition party had urged for a suspension of the vaccination program in a Facebook post dated 29 May, citing purported studies and expert analyses suggesting severe side effects and linking vaccinations to excess deaths.

Responding to these allegations, the MOH issued a detailed statement on Monday (3 June), emphasizing the reliability of scientific data over unfounded claims.

“The assertions made by the People’s Power Party are not only unsupported by evidence, but they are dangerously misleading,” the ministry stated.

“It is imperative that the public draws the right conclusions based on robust scientific research and factual evidence about the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.”

The opposition party had claimed that Singapore has been experiencing “unusual and exceptionally high excess deaths” since the vaccine rollout began in 2021, and similar trends were noticeable in other heavily vaccinated countries.

The MOH clarified, “The primary reason why Singapore recorded one of the lowest excess death rates in the world during the pandemic is precisely because the majority of Singaporeans took the vaccines.”

Further dismantling the party’s claims, the MOH presented global and local statistics: “In fact, 19.8 million deaths from COVID-19 were prevented globally within the first 12 months that vaccines became available (from December 2020 to December 2021),” the ministry noted, reinforcing the life-saving impact of the vaccination campaign.

Addressing the specific allegations of excess deaths caused by vaccinations, the MOH explained that the pandemic’s excess deaths primarily involved individuals who had contracted COVID-19, particularly among those who were not vaccinated.

“Contrary to the claims, multiple studies have shown that COVID-19 vaccination significantly reduces the risk of death compared to the unvaccinated during the pandemic period,” the ministry asserted.

The Health Ministry also emphasized the crucial role of vaccines in maintaining healthcare system integrity and public health during successive waves of the pandemic.

“During Singapore’s previous JN.1 wave, the incidence rate of COVID-19 hospitalizations and ICU admissions among seniors aged 60 years and above who were not vaccinated was nearly double that of those who had kept their vaccination up to date,” MOH detailed. This data highlights the protective shield vaccines provide against severe disease outcomes.

The ministry also took the opportunity to address concerns about vaccine side effects, particularly myocarditis in young males.

“While myocarditis is a concern, the incidence among those vaccinated is about one in 100,000 doses. Studies from the US and systematic reviews have shown that the risk of myocarditis is significantly higher following a COVID-19 infection than post-vaccination,” the MOH explained.

In its press statement, MOH has also addressed the concerns raised by each of the “so-called experts” cited by the People’s Power Party.

For example, Dr Peter McCullough, an American cardiologist, highlighted a high correlation between vaccination and an increased incidence of myocarditis, particularly among young individuals. In a review, Dr. McCullough noted that the risks of myocarditis, particularly among males under 30, appeared to outweigh the benefits of vaccination.

In response, MOH acknowledged that myocarditis and pericarditis are recognized as possible serious adverse events following mRNA or Nuvaxovid COVID-19 vaccinations, as identified by health regulators’ safety monitoring.

However, it noted that the data and experience accumulated to date confirm that the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis remains very rare following vaccination. “This rare risk is predominantly observed in men aged 12 to 29 years and largely occurs within the first week after vaccination. Risk of myocarditis and pericarditis occurring after vaccination is less likely than after a COVID-19 infection.”

As the debate continues, the MOH remains steadfast in its commitment to evidence-based health policies. “We continue to monitor the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines meticulously and will adjust our recommendations accordingly to ensure public safety,” the ministry assured.

The MOH urged the public to verify online information against credible, authoritative sources. “The risk of long-term complications from COVID-19 infections, collectively known as Long COVID, which include heart, respiratory, and other serious health issues, are substantially mitigated by vaccination,” the ministry stressed. “It is critical that our vaccination policies continue to be guided by scientific evidence and not swayed by misinformation.”

When queried by Gutzy about the MOH’s statement, the People’s Power Party articulated reasons for their concerns. They assert that their references are well-founded, citing peer-reviewed, evidence-based research.

The party differentiates their focus on all-cause excess deaths, which they claim have risen significantly, from the MOH’s emphasis on COVID-19-related deaths. Asserting the seriousness of the issue, they propose a temporary halt to the vaccination program to thoroughly investigate the causes of the reported increase in excess deaths.

The party’s quote in full:

“Our aim is quite simple:

  1. all the research papers we have cited are evidence based peer reviewed papers which are published.
  2. there is a basis for us to take these findings seriously.
  3. What MOH has said about Excess Deaths is referenced to Covid Excess Deaths while we are concerned about the All Cause Excess Deaths which is more than 20% (please see charts) Last but not least, we are simply saying that there is a Real and Genuine Concern and we should pause the Vaccination program while carryout an in-depth analysis on what really cause such high Excess Deaths of 20%”

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Just show us the studies showing the safety data already, no need to refute.

MOH refutes PPP’s claims based on WHAT? Hard facts? Before the pandemic and that EXPERIMENTAL mRNA covid19 vaccine, we NEVER hear of schoolboys collapsing and DYING from merely doing physical exercise. If they do die, it is due to being attacked with an axe!

This is the SAME MOH that hid the INCONVENIENT (during election campaigning) fact that there had been fatalities among Hepatitis C patients.

Discrimination against those that had refused the NEW mRNA covid vaccines was unwarranted and unjust!
Shaming them as social irresponsible pariah is disdainful and unconscionable!