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Singapore’s blood donation drive replenishes Group O stocks

Singapore’s recent blood donation drive saw a surge in group O donations, replenishing stocks and highlighting community solidarity and healthcare preparedness.



SINGAPORE – Singapore has recently witnessed a remarkable surge in blood donations, particularly of group O blood, following a public appeal for donations.

The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) and the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) extended their gratitude to over 5,300 donors who generously contributed blood after the appeal was launched on 25 January.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with close to 3,300 units of O+ blood collected over the past week alone.

This surge marks an improvement of nearly 230 percent in the O+ bloodstock, a development that has been hailed as critical for maintaining a stable blood supply in the country.

Mr Benjamin William, Secretary General and CEO of SRC emphasized the significance of blood donation in fostering community resilience and solidarity in Singapore.

He expressed heartfelt gratitude to all donors, acknowledging their life-saving contributions and stressing the importance of a continuous influx of donors to ensure timely access to blood for patients in need.

Health Minister Ong Ye Kung took to Facebook to commend the diverse pool of donors, which included individuals from various backgrounds and professions. He highlighted the broad and encouraging response from both Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans, underscoring the inclusive spirit of the initiative.

(Source: Facebook/Ministry of Health Singapore)

As of Saturday (3 Feb), group O blood stocks have returned to healthy levels, alleviating concerns over potential shortages.

However, stocks of A- and B- blood types remain at low levels, prompting authorities to urge continued support from donors, especially during and after the Chinese New Year period.

SRC and HSA emphasized the critical nature of maintaining a sufficient blood reserve, particularly given the short shelf life of blood products. With group O blood being the universal blood group required during emergencies when patients’ blood types are unknown, ensuring an adequate supply is paramount for medical emergencies.

While the recent surge has been promising, authorities caution that sustained momentum is necessary to prevent a decline in blood stocks, particularly in the aftermath of the Chinese New Year festivities. They urge donors to maintain regular contributions to bolster blood reserves and ensure preparedness for any civil or medical emergencies.

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