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WP MP Jamus Lim urges fiscal balance, caution on taxing procedures

WP MP Assoc Prof Jamus Lim urges a balance in financial management. While acknowledging government’s fiscal responsibility, he warns against excessively taxing procedures that compromise dignity and deter people from seeking help.



SINGAPORE: Associate Professor Jamus Lim, Workers’ Party Member of Parliament for Sengkang GRC, advocating for a balance between responsible financial management and ensuring that the procedures for accessing financial assistance, especially in healthcare, are not so burdensome that they compromise the dignity of individuals in need and discourage them from seeking help.

While acknowledging the necessity for responsible financial management, Assoc Prof Lim cautioned against the implementation of overly taxing procedures, especially in the context of providing financial assistance to those in need.

In a recent Facebook post, Assoc Prof Lim shared his perspective on the government’s approach to providing financial assistance, especially in healthcare, emphasizing the need for a balanced and considerate system.

He shared that the WP Sengkang team recently visited residents at 309B and 311A Anchorvale.

While a festive atmosphere prevailed among many, Assoc Prof Lim also engaged in more serious conversations, delving into the issues and challenges residents face in financing healthcare.

Two impactful conversations resonated with Assoc Prof Lim during his recent visit. The first involved a resident whose spouse was ill, sharing the struggles they faced in seeking financial assistance from the state.

Despite collaborating with a medical social worker over an extended period, Assoc Prof Lim said the resident, belonging to a middle-class household, found the support insufficient to cover their expenses, and the process was notably challenging.

Although she eventually secured some help after navigating through the necessary hoops, he noted her sentiment that she had to“fight very long and hard, for not that much money.”

Another resident recounted a similar narrative about an elderly couple in his company.

The resident told Assoc Prof Lim that the elderly couple’s combined income only marginally exceeded the threshold for substantial financial support, in the form of a blue Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) card.

The CHAS extends subsidies for medical and dental care to Singapore Citizens, encompassing Pioneer Generation (PG) and Merdeka Generation (MG) cardholders, with varying subsidy levels represented by three card colours – green, orange, and blue.

For residents eligible to apply for the blue CHAS card, the criteria are as follows: the household monthly income per person, applicable to households with income, must be S$1200 or below, and the Annual Value of the home, which pertains to households with no income, should not exceed S$21,000.

According to Assoc Prof Lim, in previous years, the resident successfully advocated on behalf of the illiterate couple, ensuring they received the card.

However, the resident noted that the bureaucratic hurdles were more onerous this year, leading the couple to purportedly abandon the application in frustration.

Assoc Prof Lim expressed his concern over the financial struggles of residents, noting that while it’s logical for the government to prioritize responsible management of public funds, he believes the government should be cautious “not to err too far the other way.”

“Excessively taxing procedures strike at the dignity of those asking for help, and can put folks off the process altogether, ” said Assoc Prof Lim.

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Isn’t the hurdles put there on purpose? If the govt. can publish the amounts in CPF of an elderly couple, it means they have access to all citizens’ accounts. So why must citizens beg for help by filling up various forms? Just follow the Canadian system. Free medical for all citizens. From 65years all citizens get $500/- Living wage established at $1800/- If you don’t have enough, the govt. will ensure all citizens individually and not households receive these amounts. Transportation is free for the elderly. What is the point of talking about trillions in reserves when there are people… Read more »

Too many hoops and hurdles imposed by pappies in seeking alms for the poor is a put off again human dignity.

However, they easily explained without let the benefits enjoyed such as staying in luxurious black n whites or purchase nassim jade residences on big discounts.

Sinkies, especially the not so analytics amongst us shd think n think carefully whether you want to continue receiving NTUC vouchers for the next 10 or 20 years as sufficient to counter inflation?

No transparency on both sides so you will never know. Not as if they will publish all accounting online or something …

This fella talk about ‘balance in financial management’?
Don’t know whether his WP manage TC in Seng Kang can even ‘balance their financial’ sheet or not.
No worries, come 2025, it will be clear!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣