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Jamus Lim: Singaporeans want strong opposition to deny PAP’s clean sweep at GE

During a recent estate walk, WP MP Jamus Lim met a resident urging the opposition to deny the ruling party a clean sweep. The resident voiced concerns that without enough opposition, policies could pass unchecked, worsening citizens’ challenges.



Associate Professor Jamus Lim, Member of Parliament for Sengkang GRC, recently shared that residents in Singapore are encouraging the opposition to persist in their efforts and “deny the ruling party a clean sweep.”

In a Facebook post detailing his recent estate walk in Anchorvale, the Workers’ Party MP recounted an encounter with a resident couple who expressed their desire for the opposition to bring balance to Parliament.

According to Assoc Prof Lim, the residents conveyed their belief that Singaporeans already face significant challenges in keeping pace with the demands of city life.

“They felt that it was already so hard to keep up in Singapore, and unfettered power, policies would be pushed through with little opposition, making life even harder for citizens like themselves.”

In his post, Assoc Prof Lim elaborated on the modest aspirations of the political opposition, which seeks to promote better balance in Parliament and policymaking.

He emphasized the necessity not only of maintaining an efficient economy but also of cultivating a compassionate society.

“We believe that this is best achieved when a diversity of viewpoints—including those that place greater stress on worker rights, consumer welfare, and equitable growth—are ultimately needed in a country that is already immensely rich, by any standard. ”

Assoc Prof Lim underscored the importance of robust debate and discussion in the highest echelons of decision-making to ensure the development of sound policies.

Furthermore, he reaffirmed that these principles serve as a driving force for the representatives of the Workers’ Party to continue their dedicated work.

Assoc Prof Lim during GE2020: “What we are trying to deny the PAP is a blank cheque”

The resident’s opinion resonates with Assoc Prof Lim’s earlier emphasis during the General Election 2020, where he underscored the necessity for Parliament to embrace a diversity of voices.

During a GE2020 inter-party political live debate held on 1 July 2020, Assoc Prof Lim observed that the People’s Action Party (PAP) “doesn’t have a monopoly on best ideas on how we should bring the society forward.”

“PAP has argued that this election is really about giving them a mandate, to bring the country out of this crisis and they need this mandate in order to do so.”

“The truth is, PAP, in all likelihood, would have this mandate by the end of this election,” he said.

Assoc Prof Lim said: “I think that what we are trying to deny the PAP isn’t a mandate, what we’re trying to deny PAP is a blank cheque, and that is what I think this election is about.”

He highlighted the importance of fostering debates not only in closed-door settings but also in Parliament, the designated forum for such discussions.

He urged voters to consider whether they believe in the value of hearing all perspectives and engaging in rational debates, emphasizing the essence of a democratic society in the 21st century.

Assoc Prof Lim appealed to voters to make their votes count by supporting the Workers’ Party.

During GE2020, the WP’s Sengkang team, consisting of He Ting Ru, Louis Chua, Jamus Lim, and Raeesah Khan, secured victory in the Sengkang GRC seat with 52.13 per cent of the votes.

They beat the People’s Action Party (PAP)’s Lam Pin Min, Ng Chee Meng, Amrin Amin and Raymond Lye, the latter of which garnered 47.87 per cent of the votes.

A total of 60,136 votes went to the WP while 55,214 went to the PAP in Sengkang GRC.

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For next election, the ruling has lost at least another 2 heavy-weight monkeys to anchor their GRCs – one on corruption charges, the other enjoying life in Istana. None of the 4G team seems able to fill such vacancies, since they got to where they are through PLP (boot polishing). Oppies parties should capitalize on this self-inflicted weakening in the ruling party.

Hopes and prayers in SillyPore are limited to the weather, a miracle cure, a grandchild or 4d !!!

For a better government, a brighter future or fairer politics, … forget it, and save your hopes and prayers for better weather, a miracle cure, a grandchild or 4d !!!

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The least the Oppies parties MUST do is to agree among themselves that there are no 3-corner fights in the next elections.

Stupid SGpns con by PAP Administration who have them their own definition of strong opposition. When the PAP Administration HAS ALREADY BEEN WEAKENED, Keppel Bribery CPIB DENIAL FIASCO, CPIB Cover Up, Ridout Road Bungalow RENTAL on the SLY, SLA acted in corruptible manner, WITHIN is NOT INSIDE justice – ALL THESE can ALREADY is SAID to be VERY BAD PAP. So WTF is a weak Oppo about?

Somebody please advise the couple not to wait for others to vote the alternative parties and make their dream come through. They should start doing themselves the favour and encourage others to follow suit when they have voted alternative parties. You wait for other, others wait for you, the end result will be the same like before

Will the Strong Opposition Party please stand up…
Till now none?

So that they do not go to pariahment to tell kampong stories.

From mom about no Sinkies employed to black n white stories.

To reserve is for the unborn.

These are not nut n bolts for everyday living! GO AND STUDY WHAT the KING IS SAYING AND DOING NEXT DOOR!

CB oppo fuckers from the time of Low TK wanting to be co-driver…CB oppo WP JL, till now still only want to be co-driver but ask to allowed more of their hopeless fucktard members to get onboard the taxi!
CB lah, no wonder these are but a hopeless bunch.
They do not like to take on the burden to rule but want to go into Parliment to enjoy the perks and just from time to time, cow peh cow bu inside the House!

Funny always complaining Sgrean never vote this or that … If team B and X are rigged by the filthy rich. No matter who you vote, do you see the change?!? WP follow after pap while PSP pretend to be opposite. End of the day. Nothing change. One ride on the GST while the other anyhow inflat to keep themselves afloat … Vote for WHAT?!?

CPF ain’t gonna return the autonomy to the ppl. Just an elaborate Reality Show to pass the time while keeping their salary. No?!?!?!?

“Singaporeans” can say whatever they want and wish. Just as how “Singaporeans” are known to complain on the internet without ever attempting to identify the source of their woes (Or are simply too cowardly to admit it).

But at the end of the day, 70% will still vote to be struck by lightning again. Or just last year, “sit” on a pineapple.

The dichotomy between rhetoric and actions of the populace during each election is not to dissimilar to that of the ruling government. I wonder who copied who?

I like SC Harpreet Singh

A Man of his words

The Oppo groups are too little too weak. Their refusal to unite against the common enemy will only be their downfall.

Of cos we need strong Oppo. But the Oppo here are the team B and X of PAP. They have affairs WP oso have .. following the same footstep of PAP. So tell me what will change if the leadership is the same?!??

Dun need to vote when all is rigged. Then create wars elsewhere and pending here …

Is JL still saying he wants to be in the Opposition and not the govt.? Please change your stance if you want to win more votes. As the present Opposition you have to clearly state you are ready and willing to become the govt. if elected. Your capability, sincerity, knowledge and empathy clearly shows itself. Hope you can see it in yourself and push to take away the powers of the ruling party which you the present Opposition clearly outshine. Being in the Opposition limits your powers of dealing with the problems facing Singaporeans. A real change must be a… Read more »

Only when Singapore has almost, if not at least 50% opposition, then we can call our country democratic.
You all know why the USA has not invite Singapore for democracy conference these few years? But Malaysia was invited every year instead.

Sheeps NEED A FULL MINDSET CHANGE – let go of past UNWANTED FEAR BAGGAGE the PAP Administration FORCED on them to Carry. EXAMPLES aplenty Like Mag Bow Tan THREATENED bus failures if fares UNRAISED, and MOTHER of all FEARS, NO MUP IUP HIP – when IN FACT ALL THESE Upgrading has STALLED without OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS because ALL State FUNDS are DRIED and EMPTY by PAP VORACIOUS GAMBLING LOSSES of 100s of Millions of SHEEPS MONEY. Theres NO RISKS to F Off the PAP into the Sunset. It’s all PAP LIES, PAP Super Bullshit and IN FACT PAP APPARENT CORRUPTION one… Read more »

Everything now so expensive making living unbearable, I think PAP votes will be reduce to 55% or less with many GRCs go to opposition.

Jamus, they like pineapples leh. bo bian

Problem with islanders is, they want alternate parties but have a NIMBY mentality.

Come on, don’t be what PM disdainfully called a “free rider”!
Take your conviction to the ballot box!
And kick their free rider out of political office.

Oppositions must aim high to FORM A GOVERNMENT.

Not just to “sing” in parliament.

Knowing after 20 years in the co-driver seat, slapping them didn’t work

Wake up.

Here we go again. Want strong opposition….
Want to be strong ,take the 50.1% or simply means the mandate… rule.
There is no 2 other way.
Either you are like now or take that MANDATE.
Cos you oppo need to unscrew…err..i mean undo the wrongs and find out where is wrong and who was responsible for those wrongs….and screw them.