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WP MP Jamus Lim: Housing remain expensive for many Singaporeans

In a recent FB post, WP MP Jamus Lim underscores residents’ concerns over housing’s impact on family planning delays. Despite grants & subsidies, housing remains unaffordable for many, especially lower-income Singaporeans.



SINGAPORE: Associate Professor Jamus Lim, Workers’ Party Member of Parliament for Seng Kang GRC, in a recent Facebook post has again shed light on the housing affordability issue in Singapore.

Highlighting the concern over the soaring prices of HDB flats and its potential impact on Singaporeans’ ability to secure their own homes, he emphasized how these high prices could lead to delays in starting a family.

Additionally, he noted that despite the presence of grants and subsidies, housing remains prohibitively expensive for many Singaporeans, particularly those in lower income brackets.

In a Thursday (4 April) Facebook post, Assoc Prof Lim mentioned the concerns raised by a resident during house visits regarding the high prices of flats, which could potentially hinder their children from purchasing their own homes.

“This concern went beyond having a roof over one’s head. Not having a place also lends uncertainty about how independent one truly is, and may also lead to delays in deciding on whether one should start a family, ” he wrote.

Assoc Prof Lim said indeed since the 1990s, the price of HDB flats has stretched the budgets of more and more households.

Acknowledging the government’s target of achieving a house price-to-median income ratio of around 4, he explained that, with a median income of approximately S$10,000, this translates to flats selling for about S$480,000.

The govt seems to meet this target through a combination of grants and subsidies for both resale and Build-To-Order (BTO) flats. He further pointed out that the ratio is even slightly lower when compared to BTO flats rather than resale, due to additional grants available for BTO buyers.

“Yet even if we are willing to set aside the fact that this multiple is still regarded as unaffordable by some housing analysts, there remain problems with blithely accepting the current state of affairs.”

He highlighted that the ratio is computed using household incomes, assuming two working adults.

“In most other cities, it is calculated with median individual income; if we were to do so, the ratio will rise to the mid-5s, going into seriously unaffordable territory. ”

Unlike residents of other countries who may have the option to move to less expensive areas, such as the countryside, he said this isn’t a viable choice for most Singaporeans due to limited geographic options.

Assoc Prof Lim then further explained the problem with median family computation.

The ratio is computed relative to the median family income, meaning that for at least half the population, housing is even less affordable.

“And unlike other things people buy, it’s far from straightforward to find substitutes if one is lower income. ”

He added that the rental market in Singapore is small and typically more expensive than a mortgage, and downsizing may not be a feasible solution for young families as it could lead to uncomfortably cramped living conditions.

“The bottom line is this: housing, unlike many other purchases, is much more essential to one’s quality of life. With limited affordable alternatives, high HDB prices threaten this quality of life.”

He said despite the current slate of grants and subsidies, homes remain expensive for many Singaporeans, and all the more for those in lower income brackets.

While elevated house prices may benefit those already on the housing ladder by supporting their retirement incomes, the same cannot be said for young families who are struggling to afford housing, Assoc Prof Lim cautioned.

DPM Wong said affordability for four-room BTO flat prices in non-mature estates has improved

Despite concerns, particularly among the younger generation, about the affordability of public housing for achieving home ownership, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong defended the accessibility of owning a house in his Budget 2024 wrap-up speech on 28 February.

He said over the last 10 years, the average price of a four-room BTO flat in non-mature estates has remained relatively stable, even with rising median household incomes

He emphasized that, in real terms, the affordability of these flats has improved.

“The challenge we faced was with the prices of BTO flats in choicer locations, which are more expensive, ” he explained.

To address the issue, the government earlier introduced a new Standard, Plus and Prime framework. The framework aims to keep the BTO flats in these better locations affordable through more upfront subsidies.

“but it will be a fair system because the additional subsidies will be clawed back when the first owners sell the flats, ” added DPM Wong.

WP MP raises alarming concerns on housing affordability

Mr Muhamad Faisal Bin Abdul Manap, WP MP for Aljunied GRC had earlier highlighted two primary concerns, particularly for young Singaporeans from low-income households: affordability and availability.

He pointed out that the support of underemployment and savings packages is capped at S$30,000, resulting in challenges for households trying to purchase their own homes.

“If we assume a 50/50 split in the amounts a household receives for each section, the maximum amount a household receives for purchasing their own home is $15,000. ”

“After including the grants, the price of a three-room flat in the February 2024 launch of BTO projects ranges between $127,000 and $172,000. Assuming the household successfully applies for a housing loan, the downpayment involved would range between $25,400 and $34,400. ”

Mr Manap highlighted that this insufficient support makes it challenging for families, especially those with children, to save for their homes due to immediate daily needs.

Furthermore, he addressed the extended wait times for BTO units, affecting both middle-income and lower-income families.

For lower-income families with children, the living environments in rental flats may not be conducive for young children, impacting their development.

Mr Manap suggested a more proactive approach, such as prioritizing households ready to purchase their own homes in Sales of Balance Flats exercises or providing assistance in purchasing resale flats at subsidized prices.

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Perhaps compare with New York, UK, HK. They never compared housing and cost of living with Malaysia? tsk tsk tsk

Swiss standard of living or Swiss Standard cost of living? LOL

Erm Jamus Lim, the bird nest still there … Haven’t remove …

Which ever party wants to run Singapore, I (exclude the pineapple lovers) want all parties to provide solutions, not price increase every time.


Which white monkeys’ say $1000 salary can afford HDB ? no need to eat, no expenses? no medical bills? etc etc. What do you think?

The WP needs to ask the Minister for National Development the tough questions. Why wasn’t the surge of new homeowners anticipated considering that: 1) The ruling government knew about the larger cohort of people born in the late 1980s and early 1990s. That is why so many primary, secondary schools and JCs were built, many of which have since closed down. 2) The ruling government enacted policies to increase the population of the country through immigration. Since the supply of new private housing is always small and gatekept by the ruling government. There would be spillover demand into public housing.… Read more »

Last edited 17 days ago by Blankslate

Maybe JL should delve into the foreign work policy and stir that nest then the prices of housing may go down. The influx of these pests is driving the market up and not to mention the greed of the white termites has no limits.

Law Wong CLAIMED HDB flat A Store of Value – till NOW explanation Store of What X value.

If it’s a good store of value, why PAP gives so much handouts frequently AND MIND U this is based on Flat Sizes WHICH are store of VALUES smaller flat sizes MORE, BIGGER HANDOUTS.

Release and Realise ALL HDB flat Values to SAVE GUARD State National Reserves and Save for the UNBORN – isn’t this PAP mantra always to LOOK AFTER UNBORN?

Jamus never ask those million sellers “Song boh?”

The Success of HDB and the resale market is strong suggest the way to go. on the right track.Complaining in this site are mainly the fuckers who cannot get the cunt, But they can all mastubrate on Jessies’ face or lan jiao..frankly while many comments at most not more than 6 are the people whom interested in the affair, only in my mother rotten cunt whom m will to share with. Be forwarned, is already fuck by many dogs.

Housing in the country ,even for ‘supposedly’ cheap slum housing like HDB is NOT affordable if your locals are DEPRIVED OF A DECENT JOB ,that pays a decent wage!
So please, Dr Lim having a doctorate, if your locals are displaced by FTs in the job market to the tune of 94.5% in 2023 alone, talking about housing affordabilty is a moot point!
Oppo, get your priorites….right!

Know who are the fuckers here including those repeating and M also doing the same repeating.

This is a public housing scheme from the PAP . Public housing is run in this manner in no where onlye singapore and the best. Pushing land costs up by bringing in high net worth foreigners only deprives 50% of the population from owning private housing and forcing them into Public Housing is becuase the locals are not compitent alone smart and clever to edge living out besides mostly prostitutes like me

This regime is regularly and repeatedly stating that, … public housing is accessible and affordable.

As the saying goes, … why state the bloody obvious and if it’s so damn obvious, why bother to state it.

Be~cause, … it’s bloody not !!!

Per~haps, with SillyPoreans, if statements are repeated regularly enough, … it’ll be~come real and the “believers” will help perpetuating this bs !!!

Housing is Expensive Everywhere Jamus!!
But fucking HDB does not give loan to people who are Anti-PAP, or against certain policies.
Pariahs watch people, even those who can work & pay. Then they don’t give loan.
Now kena lan lan Don’t Know Where To Hide Their Face.

Fuck Jamus Lim. Fuck WP. Fucking spreading rumors online. Let’s look at a new HDB launch at Chua Chu Kang, Rail Garden. A 3 room flat only sold for $127K there. Resale value at the area for 3 rm is at least a fucking $400k!!!
Is it not fucking affordable or what? Jamus Lim should fucking get his Anus check. May be shit stuck so much that it went to his fucking brain. Next time, we will just call this fucking lump of shit Anus Lim!

It’s affordable according to the million dollar income miniSTIRs from taxpayers’ money.

No thanks to the 61% who gave PAP the mandate to screw SGs …( still ongoing this upperhanded governance).

“We decide what is right. Never mind what the people think.”  LKY.

— April 20, 1987, quoted in the The Straits Times newspaper. 

This is not a public housing scheme. It is from the PAP dictionary. Public housing is not run in this manner in any First World State. Pushing land costs up by bringing in high net worth foreigners only deprives 50% of the population from owning private housing and forcing them into Public Housing.

Ban bungalow in Singapore and demolish all bungalow, then there will be lots of land supply in Singapore and property price will not rise so fast. If not, Singaporeans earning millions will not be able to afford a flat in future when land supply run out and 10 million population come true.

China also fall into the SAME trap and is now trying to extricate itself by saying that “property is not for speculation”.

There is a very simple solution.
Vote against the PAP.
All our ills can be traced to policies created by PAP
There is no other party that has done this.
No one.

If an Orang utan were to stand in the General Elections,
I will vote the Orang Utan.
The result cannot be any different.

actually they can follow the Fat Chee bye lady and move to JB where jobs and flats abound. After all this land is worthy of people like FTS and Jamus and all the MPs..mostly SG people are bastardize like my family too.

Jamus Lim need to bark at the RIGHT tree not like some MAD dog at any tree that suit him! If 94.5% of jobs are already NOT being offered to locals and 5.5% jobs left are for PR amd citizens and locals who are ’employed’ are having their wages suppressed, then of course HDB appears to be EXPENSIVE! This Jamus need to get his priority right. Since Giam has tried to get Tan the lizard to cough out the real numbers of locals getting employment in 2023 but it was fultile,perphaps with his doctrate degree ,Jamus could be more successful… Read more »

Boh Pian lah

Boh Pian lah

Boh Pian lah