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Netizen challenges Minister Chee’s claims on transport fare display in Hong Kong

A netizen rebukes Minister Chee for allegedly falsely stating in his recent Facebook post that Account-based Ticketing cards in Hong Kong don’t display fare deductions and card balances at fare gates in response to public’s reaction to SimplyGo.



A netizen called Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat a ‘liar’ for allegedly making false claims that Account-based ticketing (ABT) cards in London and Hong Kong, unlike their card-based ticketing (CBT) counterparts, do not display fare deductions and card balances at fare gates.

On Monday (24 Jan), Minister Chee announced the cancellation of the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) original plan to transition to SimplyGo and replace older public transport payment cards after facing public backlash.

He also announced an additional investment of S$40 million (approximately US$29.8 million) will be spent on to enable commuters to continue with current payment methods. According to LTA, this amount is meant for hardware replacement and system maintenance.

Nevertheless, he defended the advantages of ABT cards such as SimplyGo and bank cards (e.g., credit and debit cards).

“If a commuter misplaces his registered ABT stored value card, the balance can be protected because the value is stored in the user’s account. Whereas if they lose a CBT card, the value stored in the card will be lost. ”

Mr Chee justified the growing popularity of ABT cards, with around 40% of adult commuters now utilizing bank cards or mobile wallets.

Acknowledging that ABT cards do not store fare and card balance data on the card itself, he explained that it takes a few seconds to retrieve information from the backend system for display at fare gates and bus card readers.

He said similar to SimplyGo, account-based transit cards used in London and Hong Kong also do not display fare deductions and card balances at fare gates.

Netizen highlights seamless payment and convenient balance checks for HK commuters

On the Sammyboy forum, a user elaborated on the features of Hong Kong’s widely-used public transport payment card, the Octopus card.

The post emphasized that whenever commuters use the card, the transaction amount is shown as a negative figure on the display next to the card reader, along with the remaining balance.

If commuters miss this information, dedicated balance checkers are available in all MTR stations, or they can conveniently check their balance on the Octopus app.

A check on Octopus’s official website confirmed that each time commuters make a payment, the balance is visible on the Octopus reader or through a receipt provided by specific service providers.

Balances can also be checked through the Octopus App, Octopus Enquiry Machines at MTR stations, Octopus Service Points at high-traffic locations, or by requesting a printout at an MTR Customer Service Centre.

A 2020 news report corroborated that electronic payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, AlipayHK, or tap-enabled credit cards are also accepted for public transport payments.

A demonstration by a reporter showcased seamless payments with each method, clearly displaying fare information on the bus readers.


Additionally, according to Hong Kong regulations, public buses are required to display the route they are currently operating on and the fare to be paid when boarding at a specific segment.

This information, like route signs and full-seat signs, is mandatory equipment for each bus.

Hong Kong’s Octopus card, introduced in 1997, is versatile, applying to various transport services such as railways, buses, minibuses, coaches, ferries, car parks, and parking meters.

It extends its reach to over 180,000 acceptance points, including McDonald’s, 7-11, cinemas, grocery stores, and vending machines.

Concerns arise over SimplyGo’s perceived regression from previous features

Reviewing additional forum comments, some users emphasized that if the new system lacks features compared to the old one, it’s perceived as a regression.

A netizen pointed out that ideally, the new system should provide a breakdown of the trip cost, including details such as GST, staff costs, contributions to LTA, and more.

On the other hand, a netizen questioned the rationale behind comparing Singapore with other cities.

Highlighting that Singaporean ministers receive higher pay than counterparts in other countries, he suggested that Singaporean ministers should be able to devise a superior system.

In contrast, another comment argued that not displaying the fare value is acceptable only in the case of a single-use fare ticket or a weekly/monthly concession pass for unlimited rides.

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Chee… should apologise for disinformation. How many times already? Also is he blackmailing us when he say $40million? Why so expensive to maintain? Utter disregard to the hardship of the citizens and he spends as if he is Zelensky asking the world for more and more money while conscripting pregnant Ukrainians to be bomb fodder at the frontline so that NATO can threaten with missiles to destabilise Russia just as they have destroyed Libya, Iraq, Syria and turn so many Balkan states into pathetic wastelands with corrupt governments.

That’s because he and his elite gang do not take the MTR and/or any public transport to know about the details. I shudder to think how they can ever understand the needs of the people and implement measures that truly benefit the critical mass. To rely on pro-establishment agencies that provide half truths and eloquent narratives to please them is the name of the game. No????

The Singapore PAP Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat didn’t live in Hong Kong,how do he know the transport fare didn’t display in Hong Kong

Raeesah Khan lied in Parliament, got COP investigation, was troublesome. CHT maybe over work lah. Still trustful. Excuse him for the minor lapses. GE coming soon, if he is not good just don’t vote him, if he is still seek for re-election.

HK boleh even after CCP unliberated it… SG tak boleh tahan.

Shame, did Hong tat lie? What is losing a few $ when you lost your card……..big deal everyday you lose cards?

But here every trip you don’t know amount n balance……are you a magician?

In the below comment, someone wanted to ask our useless spin queen to PokeMa this article. If above article is true, then surely he will also ask this spin queen to PokeMa CHT FB post. Just wondering he got the gut or got no balls?

Like what the spin queen says, no one ask her to apologise so not needed. Since now people ask CHT to resign but he just apologise and not resigning.


Concerns arise over SimplyGo’s perceived regression from previous features. CPIB better check is there a link between simplygo and iguana’s corruption….lol. How can a new ticketing system which may be costlier but less some important features? If simplygo without fare and card balance is feasible as LTA deemed it, then all vehicles in Singapore can also do away displaying their number plates. For any traffic offence, TPs can chase the vehicles down the roads, use LTA’s new SimplyCatch app to scan a QR code on the windscreen to see the vehicle details and also can issue summon at the same… Read more »

Bloody fuck! Everytime when lost the case Singaporeans like to bring in HK. fck losers of the island. HK is far more advance and capable to idiot SG and Singaporeans!

Can’t be got such high pay yet never go HK and use their system mah … Or talk with their transport ministers … Haiya and now need to defend a backdated New system …

This is again the oft-seen FAILURE of the current million$ PM and his ministers – when things go wrong, they compare results with the LOWEST performance in other countries, forgetting that they are paying themselves the HIGHEST salary in the world. Always justifying their failures, because their Boss is looking to be the biggest failure in SG history. So sia suay, hor.

Minister did not lie! He was simply misquoted!

Don’t need to compare peer to peer of Transport Minister of SG to that of Hong Kong.

Even HK No.1 man Chief Executive John Lee is paid just a fraction to what our Transport Minister CHT is getting.

So LTA, MOT should have to perform at least twice as good and better than that of HK. But unfortunately not, they’re getting worse and boastful

Whether Chee tell half facts OR reveal partial information about other country’s systems he’s still a liar because comparison of one with another is subjective because one is NOT homogenous with the other.

His SALARY AND PERFORMANCE REWARDS is NOT the same as theirs – NOT FAIR TO COMPARE apple and orange.

THE GLARING ISSUE is how much is PP (purchasing power) Parity among all – wages and costs of living ARE VASTLY different.

So Chee DON’T ATTEMPT to tell lies AND Bulldoze Your Shit.

Chee Hong Tat – loudly proclaim with your guts and morals, the DIFFERENCE in YOUR PAY and HK’s Transport Person in charge. Announce in BIG BOLD Fonts in all Media prominently.

Also INPUT the returns per Dollar Investment returns among both AND let All Sheeps understand the DIFFERENCES WHY.

Lastly ONE MORE ISSUE – what’s the TOTAL. Length Of Mileage THE FULL HK bus and train routes, tracks COVER as AGAINST Your Sheegapore.

Hello, you fucking trust a fucking oppie comment from a fucking oppie sex site? No wonder TOC got pofma. I am going to send this post to Minister Josephine Teo for her attention calling our minister a liar! TOC will be pofma again!