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Netizens unsatisfied with Minister’s explanation for Marine Parade bus stop design flaws, call for better planning

Netizens criticized the new Marine Parade bus stop for poor visibility and a confusing layout. Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat suggested installing cameras to improve visibility, but many users argued this wouldn’t solve the core issues and called for a redesign instead.



SINGAPORE: Netizens have expressed dissatisfaction with Transport Minister’s explanation regarding the design flaws of the new bus stop at Marine Parade.

The bus stop, which recently opened, has faced criticism for its poor visibility and confusing layout.

Commuters have voiced their frustration over the numerous pillars that obstruct the view of incoming buses and the separate bays that make it unclear where specific buses will stop.

The controversy began on 3 July when a Reddit user posted a picture of the bus stop with the caption: “Which genius designed this? No one can see incoming buses thanks to the row of pillars obscuring the view.”

In response to the concerns raised, Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat suggested installing cameras to help commuters see approaching buses.

This proposal is one of several being considered by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to improve the bus stop’s user-friendliness.

In a Facebook post on 6 July, Mr Chee explained that the cameras would allow seated commuters to view oncoming buses, giving them more time to prepare for boarding.

If successful, this solution could be implemented at other bus stops facing similar visibility issues.

The design flaws of the bus stop, located outside Marine Parade MRT Station, have been criticized for two main reasons.

Firstly, the pillars block the view of approaching buses. Secondly, the two separate bays cause confusion among commuters about where specific buses stop.

Mr Chee clarified that the pillars were placed at the front of the bus stop to avoid underground drains at the back, which would complicate maintenance work.

Despite exploring other locations, the current site was chosen for its proximity to the MRT station, offering a shorter walking distance for commuters.

Acknowledging the visibility problem, Mr Chee emphasized the potential of technology to resolve the issue.

He suggested installing cameras facing oncoming traffic, with live footage displayed on screens inside the bus stop.

Regarding the two bus bays, Mr Chee noted that this arrangement was intended to expedite boarding for the numerous buses that serve the stop.

To alleviate confusion, LTA will enhance signage to guide commuters more clearly.

The LTA will review the situation and provide updates on the planned improvements, Mr Chee added.

Netizens express dissatisfaction over the explanation for bus stop design flaws

Many netizens remain unsatisfied with the Transport Minister’s explanation for the design flaws of the new Marine Parade bus stop.

Under his Facebook post, numerous users shared their opinions, emphasizing the need for careful planning to avoid wasting taxpayers’ money.

One netizen commented that the bus stop should have been designed properly from the start to prevent the need for costly rebuilding.

They suggested the Land Transport Authority (LTA) employ individuals capable of making better decisions to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Another user criticized the persistent design issues, questioning why basic commuter needs are still not met after years of building bus stops.

They lamented the wastage of taxpayers’ money and questioned who approved the flawed design and construction.

A different user highlighted the lack of forward planning by LTA, pointing out that similar problems had been raised for other bus stops like Springleaf MRT and Punggol MRT.

They noted that the separate bus bays and obstructive pillars had long been problematic.

Questioning the minister directly, one netizen asked if he and other public transit planners at LTA primarily use public transit themselves, implying a disconnect between planners and commuters.

Netizens question effectiveness of installing cameras at Marine Parade bus stop

Many netizens expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of installing cameras.

One user argued that cameras wouldn’t help during peak times when multiple buses arrive simultaneously, and suggested a complete redesign instead.

Concerns about the recurring costs of maintaining cameras and screens were also raised.

One netizen suggested that redesigning the bus stop would be more cost-effective in the long run, rather than passing maintenance costs onto future generations.

Some users questioned the expense of installing more cameras and pointed out the occasional malfunction of bus arrival timing systems.

They suggested removing some of the pillars to improve visibility.

Another netizen proposed rerouting the drain as a potential solution, arguing it would be a one-time effort compared to the ongoing costs of maintaining cameras.

Netizens propose greater transparency for future LTA projects

One user suggested that for future projects, LTA should adopt a more transparent approach.

They recommended releasing the design plans to residents for a period of time to gather feedback.

If no adverse comments are received during this period, construction could proceed, thereby avoiding backlash and ensuring the design meets community needs.

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Last edited 2 days ago by Blankslate

Noticed in a Sec Sch many vehicles parked there on a Sat. This is usually not the case at any times of the year.

Speculate teachers preparing for GE. And getting the school premises usage for Polling.

To further add to what “Should be Better” posted. I believe that such incessant road works has become a norm. It’s almost perpetual digging and disruption of traffic in Tampines. So its either poor planning and management by the respective agencies or a means of creating business opportunities for cronies. No??? To claim we have the best roads has become a joke. The roads are literally inundated with patchwork’s of bitumen. Talking about carbon emission and environmental control by the Minister of Environment and Sustainability – its more like sustainability of business for the favored or cronies.

LTA? Better planning? You got to be joking. If you drive down Serangoon Road and Upper Serangoon Road between Boon Keng and Nex, you will noticed that this stretch of road is constantly under constructions of sorts. The road, several sections of it, is constantly dug up and patched then dug up again and patch for different kinds of road works like pipe, electrical, cable .. at different times. This happens once every few weeks causing jams along this stretch of road, this is what I call no planning.

Everything works, whether its water, electricity, gas, telephone, telexes, it just has to work. If it doesn’t work, I want to know why, and if I am not satisfied, and I often was not, the chief goes, and I have to find another chief …..Firing the chief is very simple, getting one who will do the job better, that’s different.” ….LKY.

If he was still in charge i wonder how many oredy got the boot?? .
But i doubt they dare slacken then..

Lee Kuan Yew used to boast about the “ministerial quality” of millionaires pap ministers, claiming that taxpayers were paying for quality. Now we taxpayers know we have been scammed.

Another free rider defending his pay cheque with excuses.


Last edited 3 days ago by Blankslate

This level of work quality should not justify the level of salary drawn.

Unsatisfied, … what’s there to be and feel un~satisfied about ? !!!

C’mon, don’t go all coy now and play dumb and dumber, … when it’s a known trifecta of traits whenever you choose to tick their boxes, which is, … opacity, unaccountability and spending your monies willy~nilly !!!

CCTV is also.a bad idea. Like in most government departments, eg Prison and police station, CCTV will not work when it is required.

VB job is to turn Sinkingpore into a Smart Nation.

Ironically, CHT is reversing it to become a nation of Stupidity.

Apparently, miws are relying more on AI to do the thinking but using less of their brains.

What do you think?

Many things have had happened that DISPLAYED the PAP Administration dragging SINGAPOREANS and SINGAPORE into DEEP SHIT, DETERIORATION and the DOWNWARDS spiral DO NOT SEEM to U Turn and SHOW SIGNS of Improvements, CLIMBING out of this PAP Administration DEEP shit they have PLUNGED 5 MILLION people into.

Are you WORRIED for yourself, YOUR RETIREMENT, Your Children’s Prospects, AND are YOU FEELING ASSURED for Your GRANDCHILDREN survival which COME ABOUT in 20 years TIME if this PAP Administration is still in Power??

First world paid ministers, third world standards of designing for the public works. Money goes where, hor? Maybe towards guitar lessons for lawlanWong?

Buangkok MRT Bus Stop shelter also stupid and a failure big time. The Big Top circus white tent canopy design and material used is so impractical. On sunny days, this bus stop is very hot under the canopy with heat searing temperatures rising to 45°C. I invite LTA to go and place a thermomiter there and record the reading. Instead of giving a comfortable shade, the sun penetrates through the translucent canopy making the bus stop a microwave oven. On rainny days with gusty winds, this canopy shelter with wide openings and gaps allow the rain to be blown in… Read more »

It’s NOT the issue of Pillars. These Fkrs all PRETEND and GIVE ANSWERS just to keep moving and to PREVENT more CRITICISMS and EXPLOSION to Damage PAP.

To them at Least they Say Something, OF not better than KEEPING QUIET.

— Do NOT let this FUCK PAP fix the DEBATE subject and ANGLE —

— It’s the CONCEPTION, DESIGN, THOUGHT PROCESS — that SELF REWARD Millionaire and Substandard TALENTS calling the SHIT SHOTS.

— Who SIGNED off APPROVAL for the Plans? —

Its like they dont give a hoot anymore…anything goes since they will not be the ones using it..
So many things going downhill in our country..😭😭😭

if the pillars are the issue, then reduce the number!
not adding video screens or other things
i start wondering how he got his scholarship
oh no, he was just appointed to MAS board of directors !!!

Last edited 3 days ago by wee


Last edited 3 days ago by Blankslate


Last edited 3 days ago by Blankslate

Transport Ministry and LTA are highest paid but total disaster in SG. Their technologies is like going from advanced to Stone Age.

Look at the failed SimplyGo which is a total waste of public money.

Look at the failed ERP 2.0 from compact 20 yrs ago technology to huge 3 pieces eyesore.

Now with total pillars bus-stop that cannot function as a bus-stop because of blocked and congested space.

Time for many heads to roll and chopped

How can one satisfactorily explain a fuxk-up design? It is pure arrogance that our ministers think just because they pay themselves million$, so when they say pigs can fly, the pigs will fly, hor. No Blaming culture so no accountability, hor?


Last edited 4 days ago by Blankslate

Better planning? They are starting from zero. There are many examples of where bus stops end up being distant from MRT station exits. It boggles the mind why hundreds of millions of dollars are spent digging all of these tunnels, yet you are still required to walk up to 5 minutes, sometimes up a hill to reach the nearest bus stop. Yet the millionaire ministers still have the audacity to expect a million dollars a year in salaries. The reason for the degradation in the quality of infrastructure is simple, the 70% continue to vote for it. Now not only… Read more »

After his silly suggestion, Chee Hong appears to be gone into hiding. Not a sight, not a squeak from him.


Looks like the previous Minister failed in his duties. CHT seems to have inherited these failures. He should let the Public know who designed the bus-stop. Was it done in house or tendered?

gms havent retire ?