Scrutinizing Chee Hong Tat’s claim: Are car leasing companies really unlikely to influence record-high COE prices?

Opinion: Minister Chee Hong Tat’s stance on COE prices, contrasting with data on private-hire fleets, raises questions about his understanding of market forces and leasing firms’ influence.

“Why can’t Chee definitively say whether car leasing companies are the highest bidders in COE exercises, and that private buyers are the ones bidding aggressively for vehicles?

Surely, backend data could easily support this narrative. Why must the Acting Minister resort to such ambiguous hypotheses when the information should be accessible from the government’s end?

Is Chee hoodwinking the general public, or is he simply incapable of understanding economics?”

Chee Hong Tat dispels notion of car leasing firms fueling COE price surge

Acting Minister for Transport Chee Hong Tat dismissed the notion that car leasing companies are responsible for the surge in COE prices.

Additionally, he unveiled the government’s strategy to accelerate the allocation of COEs from the upcoming peak years, aiming to alleviate the current supply shortage and mitigate soaring ownership costs.

Singapore-Malaysia agree to set up a special economic zone

Malaysia and Singapore have agreed to establish a special task force aimed at studying the Johor-Singapore special economic zone. The collaboration aims to enhance investment, generate high-quality jobs, and facilitate seamless movement of people, goods, and businesses between Johor and Singapore.