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Transport Minister proposes video screens to address Marine Parade bus stop visibility concerns

Commuters in Marine Parade are frustrated by a new bus stop’s poor visibility and confusing layout with separate bays. Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat proposed installing cameras and displaying live footage on screens at the stop to improve visibility and simplify boarding, addressing design flaws and confusion.



(Photo: Reddit)

SINGAPORE: A recently unveiled bus stop opposite Parkway Parade mall has come under fire from netizens and commuters, who criticize its design for obstructing their view of oncoming buses and causing confusion with its separate bus bays.

The bus stop, situated outside Marine Parade MRT Station’s exit 2, began operations shortly before the station opened on 23 June.

On 3 July, a Reddit user with the handle “Outrageous_Horse_157” posted a picture of the bus stop, captioning it: “Which genius designed this? No one can see incoming buses thanks to the row of pillars obscuring the view.”

The photo clearly shows several pillars lined along the edge of the bus stop.

In interviews with TODAY, several commuters echoed these concerns, stating that the pillars significantly impede their ability to see the buses.

An 84-year-old commuter shared, “If I don’t spot the bus earlier, I can’t stand up earlier, and there are times where I only see the bus when it is in front of me.”

Additionally, some commuters reported difficulties manoeuvring their trolleys or strollers through the tight spaces between the bollards and pillars.

Redditors critique the design flaws of the bus stop

The Reddit post has sparked a lively discussion about the design flaws of a new bus stop. Several users expressed their concerns and criticisms, highlighting a variety of issues.

One user remarked that the design “must be by someone who’s never taken public transportation,” criticizing the layout as impractical.

Another user called it a “stupid design,” pointing out that “bus cannot see passengers, and passengers cannot see bus.”

Concerns about the elderly were also raised.

A user questioned the necessity of the numerous support beams, expressing worry for elderly passengers who might struggle to see if a bus is coming.

Another commenter highlighted the flaws in the shelter’s roof design.

They noted that, aside from the pillars blocking the view, the bus stop offers little protection from heavy rain and wind.

They also pointed out that the roof only provides shade at certain times, leaving passengers exposed to the sun at other angles.

Dual bus bay confusion

Confusion over bus stop bays was another issue.

A user pointed out that there are two bus stop bays under a single name/code, causing some buses to stop at the front bay and others at the back.

They noted that people unfamiliar with the area might end up waiting at the wrong spot.

Another user shared a personal experience of this confusion, saying that they couldn’t keep a lookout for the bus properly and had to rely on the bus driver to stop at the correct bay.

Transport Minister proposes camera solution for Parkway Parade bus stop issue

In response to concerns about the new bus stop opposite Parkway Parade Mall, Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat has proposed installing cameras to help commuters see arriving buses.

This suggestion is one of several that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has been asked to consider to make the bus stop more user-friendly.

In a Facebook post on Saturday (6 July), Mr Chee explained that the cameras would allow seated commuters to view oncoming buses, giving them more time to prepare for boarding.

If successful, this solution could be implemented at other bus stops with similar visibility issues.

The bus stop’s design, outside Marine Parade MRT Station, has been criticized for two main reasons.

Firstly, the pillars obstruct the view of approaching buses.

Secondly, the bus stop has two separate bays, causing confusion among commuters about which buses stop where.

Mr Chee clarified that the pillars were placed at the front of the bus stop to avoid underground drains at the back, which would complicate maintenance work.

Despite exploring other locations, the current site was chosen for its proximity to the MRT station, offering a shorter walking distance for commuters.

Acknowledging the visibility problem, Mr Chee emphasized the potential of technology to resolve the issue.

He suggested installing cameras facing oncoming traffic, with live footage displayed on screens inside the bus stop.

Regarding the two bus bays, Mr Chee noted that this arrangement was intended to expedite boarding for the numerous buses that serve the stop.

To alleviate confusion, LTA will enhance signage to guide commuters more clearly.

LTA will review the situation and provide updates on the planned improvements, Mr Chee added.

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CB Hong should be send to “pasture” he has proven to be a failure so far. Can be made ambassador of “Timbuktu”

This Chee Pan Tat fellow seems to be attracting controversy quite frequently.

Buangkok MRT Bus Stop shelter also stupid and impractical.

The Big Top circus canopy design and material is so impractical.

On sunny days, this bus stop is very hot under the canopy with heat searing temperatures rising to 44°C.

On rainny days with gusty winds, this canopy shelter with wide openings and gaps allow the rain to be blown in on all sides !

LTA must change the design and material canopy to something more practical.

when the problem is the pillars
the solution should be reducing them.
NOT adding a video screen !!!
Thank you, mini star !!!

Stupid design, just like ERP 2.0

We should remember that the recent cockups are results of decisions/plans made before 2024. So they are actually the FAILURES of the Kayu Son. LawlanWong is just the cleanup boy, very expensive one too. LOL…

Oh NO,no no no no no no!!!!!! CB Hong again????

Just to TOP it ALL and to TOP it OFF – there are MORE than half a 100 posts.

this PAP Administration is NOT WORTH the Million of Dollars of Salaries CREAMED Off from Singaporeans NOT EASY to EARN Money.

The ARE OBLIVIOUS to WASTE MONEY on Stupid Spending money not THEIRS. No need to account – JUST BLAME stupid excuses.

Conclusion : PAP Administration a BUNCH of Big Ego Multi Millionaire bastards with SERIOUS CALLOUSNESS attitudes.

The problem is these $mil miws are sitting in cozy air con office and cars, scared of hot sun. Relying on low level staff and grassroots to feedback and carry out the job.

Do you see them queueing up to buy budget meals,CHT waiting at stop bus full of pillars, etc

No wonder so many cockups happening!

LawlanWong should stop selling his guitar skills to us, but instead look into the competency of his ministers. Also look in the mirror about his own competency too.

Time to bite that bullet and repent by just replacing all these badly designed structure with the ones commuters use to see;simple,smart with surveillance cameras.Such move would somehow help repair Pappy’s tattered image before the coming GE .So sad to witness such unwelcome things continue to happen in our once Sunny Singapore.

Voters NEED to always REMEMBER, this PAP Administration has the Full $G Reserve$ at its Free DI$POSAL to WA$TE, to $PEND UNWISELY, FREELY, while Singaporeans HAS to SLOG , SUFFER Day and Night to make ends MEET, to pay HIGH Flat LOAN$, to pay Tuition Fees, to Maintain Aged Parents, to pay HIGH Med Fees, and so on; COMPETE with Foreigners in Jobs Application, to Keep Jobs SAFE – – – YET this BLOODY PAP Administration BLATANTLY miss out how to HELP the society to save money FOR A BRIGHT future EXCEPT just CONSTANT AIMLESS chide of Opposition to dig… Read more »

Why is it this GLARING Display of the, this, Worst Rate Govt Services to the people of Singapore HAS to be PROTECTED, CLOUDED by PAP Politicians whose jobs has NO BLOODY business in this ‘small matter of common sense’, if there is Quality in Govt Services when BIG Governance of People’s Quality of Ljves, Livelihoods, incomes, Cost of Living MATTERS so much more to PAP. So one can BELIEVE the subs standard political quality of PAP has eroded the once believable Govt Services during Kuan Yew times when he VOCIFEROUSLY secured the satisfactory living standards, happiness of 3,4 millions people… Read more »

Another classic case of ivory tower approach towards doing things!!! And you have a bunch of yes-man subordinates and crony contractors too?? that practicality and sensibility is all but forsaken. After all elites don’t depend on public transport isn’t it??? A glaring detachment from the ground of administration. What more can you say???? Sad indeed.

At the rate lawless wong with his 4Goon ministers are leading singapore with their incompetence and idiocy, we’re heading for ‘severe turbulence’ and going downhill.

Put on your safety belt! Ownself looks after ownself

And the HUGE GIGANTIC Sin of this PAP Administration is EVERYONE knows THEY REFUSED REFUSED ADAMANTLY Multiple times of Begging Requests from Legitimate people, like TRUE Singaporeans, ELECTED Reps TO PROVIDE Info and ANSWERS on Mishaps, Relevant Statistics of Public Interest with Regards to CRITICAL and IMPORTANT issues of Living in SG.

This PROVES the GROSS FRAUDULENT and CORRUPTED PAP style of MISREPRESENTATION and DEVIATION from REAL SERVICE to rights of People who voted them.

The Quality of Political Administration of PAP is so clearly on show at this Bus stop – and it costs 100$ of Million of Dollars of $salaries!!!

And even more galling, more horrific, is the Quality of the People of Singapore who vote this PAP for Half a Century!!!

Every thought from these Millionaire heads, every word from these Millionaire mouths, every act from these Millionaire Bastards – all POINT to Signs and Displays of their ARROGANCE, SHALLOW THINKING, AGGRESSIVE CORRUPT USE of SG National Reserves – and this Minister of Foreign Affairs has the Intelligent Wise Stupidity to BLUFF the Free World Singapore is a Smart Nation.

Looks Like this MASSIVE massive PAP lie LIE is to attract pigs and monkeys from 3rd world to grind the Very Low Level Economy of Singapore so as to produce QUATITATIVE outcomes TO ENRICH their bank Accounts at ALL Singaporean’s Expense.

Must be the same team of designers that OK painting a whole BTO flat completely in red. Same approving authorities too.

Looks like lawlanWong’s team is starting very strong – strong fucking up, that is.

Must be their way of “educating” the Free Riders and 61% sotongs – dun let them see what is coming up the road, tell them to just trust the bus will be coming. Pappies want Blind Trust.


Last edited 4 days ago by Blankslate


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Last edited 4 days ago by Blankslate

Why is wong keeping this good-for-nothing ministar and paying him millions who has been fumbling and failing one thing after another?

Bus stops should be barrier free so that users can see clearly what buses are coming and then board safely.

Does Chee has any common sense at all?

What do you think?

Again the how-lian million$ ministers are not talking to each other. CHT should have asked the MCI minister to use AI to check if it is a brilliant idea to put pillars in front of a bus-stop. Talk big about AI but a simple bus-stop also cannot design properly. Coordinating minister sleeping again, hor?

Since it is his mistake for such a fxxkup design, any remedy works (like putting video screens) should come out of his pay. Fair, right?

I honestly think this is how our million$ monkeys think they can kelong economical growth – throw money, made mistakes, then throw more money to correct the mistakes. In the books, it is thus reflected as more public works, continual job creation, pumping more taxpayers monies to simulate the economy, shows everyone that they are working hard to justify their million$ salary. Job well done, hor.

So typical of the PAP style.
Solve every problem by throwing more & more money at it..
Not their money so they no care.

There’s ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong that Vivian Bala is adjudged being defamed – as it is, his not rosy and shiny enough REPUTATION DESERVES to BE SHREDDED even MORE INTO even tinier pieces, aside from FOOLING HIMSELF Big Time with Palestine quarrel comments exposed.

He has the GUMPTION to label SG as A Smart Nation – Bala go and get F-ed as hard as possible by a spider.

MillionDollar minister comes with MillionDollar solutions!
Bad designs, poor considerations and yet use another wasteful technology and resources to solve a problem which could be avoided in first place.
Use camera?
Then, you need a TV screen to project the camera images? 50″ or 80″ or 100″? With sunlight shining on the screen, how useful is the TV screen?
Then, TV need to replace every 2 to 3 years since it operates 24/7?
Then, someone going to maintain the power source and make sure the equipment operates?

My MillionDollar Minister Chee, you really can spend a lot money for us.

Million Dollars Salary produce F output.

This is PAP Hallmark GROSS CORRUPTION in action from their RETARDED brains – playing the CRUELEST joke play on Singaporeans, AND, money is NOT THEIRS mentality.

It’s NOT that CRUEL in a way bcz sheeps sucks PAP balls.

ALL PAP Administration Million Dollars Salaries Ministers Go COMMIT HARAKIRI.

This dick is certainly and swiftly, … making a name for himself !!!

I do hope his “run” continues, … and it most certainly could not happen to a dickier guy !!!

If the poor bus driver doesn’t stop properly between pillars like mrt trains, how on earth ah gong, ah ma, mother with baby, handicaps alight or board the bus blocked by the pillars.

Most stupid and impractical bus stop ever built!

Chee Hong Tart, are you OK?

Singapore BOLEH.

PAP Administration Lagi BOLEH

Singaporeans BOLEH eFF’ed.

It appears lately that government agencies seem to be competing for the honour of the worst run operation in our once sunny Singapore.Money laundering (MAS), ever increasing hawker prices(NEA), Vehicle COE premium ,MRT repeated lapses and that sticky mass getting out of control (MPA/LTA) are some glaring examples of gross incompetence happening before the very eyes of every SG voters.Let’s see how many more GRCs Pappy will loose in the coming GE.

No offence , but everytime i look at that picture i tend to giggle…
It just seems ridiculously funny.

Kudos CHT. This bus stop is a futuristic design with an eye for the future. The support beams were installed so that it could keep the commuters always on their feet moving up and down watching out for the incoming bus number to board. This will help with the crowd mingling among each other for nation building and harmony. At the same time moving up and down looking out for your incoming bus number also is a form of exercising to lower our national healthcare expenditures. And let’s not forget those important stools lining along the bus stop. Those are… Read more »

Dunno who’s in charge of this little island anymore..
I wonder sometimes…
Everything going downhill..
While the kepalas are still laughing all the way to the bank…

I suggest Transport Minister stand at the bus-stop and use loudhailer to inform commuters of what buses are coming instead of a stupid TV screen, whenever he is free and not committed to any other activities.

This will show how stupid the bus-stop design is and how stupid things can get, from bad to worse

This is what our brilliant young Transport Minister calls “thinking out of the box”.

Obviously, the lesson of the bus stop in Punggol near Waterway Point was forgotten.

Part 2.

What happens to those with physical hearing problems. Sight problems. How about those with ear pieces on?

So M One is OUT DOING Starhub. Do better in STUPIDITY.

And No Display – better system to revert to Call Out of Q numbers, EXPECT customers to pay 101 % attention. And now it seems 2 additional idiots at work to compliment this call out Q system when a system with Display, and additional calling out from public adds system

Which works better? The Clue is from PAP Millionaire Politicians KPIs.

New UK pm: Change begins now.

For ah wong, it appears nothing will ever going to change.

Same old, same old. Bloated cabinet, 2 senile men, 5 mayonnaises, no blame culture, lack of accountability, little transparency, high cost of living, now flawed bus stop design, ……


Long Post. Sorry. 2 parts. Part ONE. Pls READ. To GAUGE the PROBLEM of STUPIDITY in SG Look at this, even in commerce the REGRESSION is HORRIFIC, HORRENDOUS, AWESOME in Competition FOR STUPIDITY. TELL ME, is this DISASTROUS or NOT? 2 years +- Starhub REVAMPED – for What F – it’s service hall at Tampines. Was IT DESIGNED as an improvement to SERVE CUSTOMERS BETTER, SPEEDIER, more EFFICIENT? Should be right, pigs can answer. Wait – HOW MUCH MONEY POURED in? For Intelligent Wise reasons, visual, display of Q numbers WERE FULLY ELMINATED. The system acted on Customer Service staff… Read more »

I think maybe some CECADa “engineer” flipped the design and put the columns on the wrong side of the walkway. Or if not, then some “genius” local engineer thought to make use of the columns to do double duty ie: to also be a safety barrier against vehicles crashing into the bus stop. If it had been trees, our very “green” govt would have ALREADY gotten NFucks to chop down the obstructing trees. I notice these days that NFucks are chopping down a LOT of Senegal Mahogany trees for some inexplicable reasons. Don’t use video screens please. The image will… Read more »

Which genius designed this eyewatering flop ?
Now commuters are inconveniced usual!
You die your biz🙄 long as the cobtract goes to cheap cheaper cheaperest this is the result?

Last edited 5 days ago by W.A.J.

Was there a need to replace the previous busstop? I notice that busstops are replaced when there is no need to spend taxpayers ‘ monies.

Pay peanuts, you get monkeys. At least, they can do monkey tricks!

We taxpayers pay millions, we get morons instead.

Cannot tahan anymore lah!

Whenever Chee Hong kia opens his mouth, nothing useless or practical comes out. Only stupidity or idiocy from him!

This is really a flawed engineering design. Imagine so many pillars in the aerospace plant or hangar, how are they going to build or move jumbo 747 and now A380 in them.

Nowadays we have column-free factory, office buildings, concert halls, etc

Chee Hong, wake up lah!!

Apparently ONE can either see DEEP CORRUPTION seeping EVERY ESTABLISMENT



Still BRAVE ENOUGH to seek Mandate! FU upside down.

Apparently designed by scholars who don’t take bus, good only carry balls. Just look at all our previous generations bus-stop designs – these monkeys dun know why past designs had no pillars in front, meh? Besides limiting the field of vision, imagine those boarding or alighting from buses also inconvenient by pillars in the way.

Since this CHT took over as Transport Minister, how many cock-ups already, hor?