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SimplyGo app faces criticism: Low ratings amid bugs and glitches

Discontent simmers as users flood the Google Play Store and Apple App Store with low ratings for the SimplyGo app. Dissatisfaction centers around registration difficulties, bugs, glitches, and the impending phasing out of older payment system by the LTA.



SINGAPORE – A surge of disgruntled users has taken to expressing their dissatisfaction with the SimplyGo app by leaving low star ratings on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The discontent stems from what users describe as the app’s “lousy” performance, particularly when attempting to register or log in.

On 9 January, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore declared that starting from 1 June, 2024, older EZ-Link cards without the SimplyGo logo and Nets FlashPay cards will no longer be accepted as valid payment methods for public buses and trains.

LTA attributes this decision to the increasing popularity of SimplyGo systems.

“With the growing adoption of SimplyGo payment methods, and the legacy card-based ticketing system for adult commuters nearing the end of its operational lifespan, we are therefore transitioning all adult commuters to the SimplyGo platform by 1 June 2024,” LTA said.

This decision, however, has led to significant dissatisfaction among the public who have tried using the app.

Notable complaints voiced by many include the lack of a card balance display at MRT fare gates or bus card readers within the SimplyGo system.

Low star ratings on Google App and Apple App store

A considerable number of users vented their dissatisfaction with the performance of the SimplyGo app on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store download pages.

Examining the Google Play page for the app, it has received an overall rating of 3.4 out of five, with approximately 9,850 reviews.

Within this rating, the five-star category stands as the highest, with 4,136 users assigning this rating.

Nevertheless, the number of one-star ratings is also noteworthy, with at least 2,798 users expressing their dissatisfaction by giving the app a single star.

Meanwhile, on the Apple App Store, the app boasts a rating of 4.8 out of five, garnered from around 157 user reviews.

Users’ frustrations with SimplyGo App’s technical issues

User feedback consistently points out shared concerns, such as the app frequently freezing and experiencing delays, particularly when navigating through the registration process.

Several users have reported encountering peculiar issues during registration, notably when trying to change their password. In these instances, the app tends to freeze, compelling users to make multiple attempts to modify their password.

The complaint about the app not showing card balances when tapping in or out of stations is also mentioned by multiple users. One user specifically criticized the LTA’s response to that situation.

Subsequently, when attempting to sign in, some users encounter a discrepancy where the app initially claims their mobile number is already registered, but upon further attempts to sign in, it turns out to be invalid or produces an error message.

A user expressed confusion about the government’s decision to continue the current system, given the app’s apparent flaws.

“If they cannot fix the bug, a lot of people are going to lose their ability to take Singapore transport system in 6 months,” the user wrote.


Certain users have also shared their experiences of being unable to advance within the app, facing challenges right from the beginning where their phones unexpectedly crash or restart.


Meanwhile, another user expressed their frustration, noting that allegedly no citizens had actually raised concerns about the need for improvement or fixing the payment system for public transportation.

“…and YET, these higher up elitist who clearly don’t use public transportation decided that “Yes, we should change this system because it’s “easier” and “simple,” the user wrote.

They added that the change is unnecessary.

Another user wrote that the SimplyGo system “SIMPLY NEEDS TO GO,” drawing a comparison to the EZ-Link app and stating that SimplyGo is hardly functional and even inferior in comparison.

However, in the midst of numerous criticisms, there are individuals who find satisfaction with the system and app, acknowledging some minor UI glitches.

They highlight the usefulness of the travel guide and fare calculators as valuable additions. Additionally, they appreciate the feature that allows for refunds in case of any errors.

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My advise for SimplyGo is to simply please go away n fade into the darkness. Your system is not up to standard n cannot do the basic things like displaying the fare amt n card balance which other international card like the HK Octopus card can.
Singpore hv to progress n go fwd n cannot wait for half past six company like yours. Do the right thing n GO ! 👎🤬🚫🤮

Have none of you ever wondered why so far no mini stars or MPs came out to defend SimplyGo?
Coz it really really sucks !!!!!!!!!!!

As mentioned in another thread, let these brunch of idiots forced us to downgrade to a degraded system come June.

In another year or so come next GE, we voters please do our job to vote these bunch of idiots out completely.

Then dig out all the skeletons hiding from us and let the idiots pay for their fiascoes they created

can’t even login? and apple version got higher reviews? maybe iPhone users are minority so complain that much. most of the complaints from this mth JAN 2024, so i guess they never pay enough bandwidth for the huge increase in logins from new users of SimplyGoF$ckYourself.