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Man convicted for operating motorcycle as private-hire vehicle in landmark case

A Singaporean man has been convicted for using a motorcycle as a private-hire vehicle and operating without the required insurance coverage, marking the first such incident.



SINGAPORE -The Land Transport Authority (LTA) in Singapore announced on Friday (5 Jan) that a 33-year-old man, Muhammad Hasbullah Rosly, has been convicted for using a motorcycle as a private-hire vehicle.

This marks the first instance of such a case in the country, shedding light on the challenges posed by illegal car and motorcycle pooling services.

The conviction stems from an enforcement operation conducted by the LTA in May last year targeting unauthorized transportation services.

Two drivers and a motorcyclist were booked during the operation, and their vehicles were impounded.

“The motorcyclist was charged and convicted for using a prohibited vehicle as a public service vehicle and for using the vehicle without the requisite insurance coverage,” the authority said in a Facebook post.

“This is the first time that a motorcyclist has been charged and convicted for conveying passengers for hire and reward.”

The motorcyclist, Muhammad Hasbullah Rosly, faced charges related to using a prohibited vehicle as a public service vehicle and operating without the required insurance coverage.

According to reports, an LTA enforcement officer inspected Hasbullah on 3 May 2023, at around 8:45 am in the vicinity of Block 505D Yishun Street 51.

Investigations revealed that a passenger had hired Hasbullah to transport them from Yishun Street 51 to ITE College West in Choa Chu Kang for a fare of S$18 (US$14) despite lacking personal acquaintance with the passenger.

Despite being aware of the legal ramifications of ferrying passengers on a motorcycle for a fare, Hasbullah admitted to agreeing to the ride as he sought to “earn additional income.”

Additionally, he disclosed another incident earlier that day, where he had transported a passenger from Tampines to ITE College West for the same fare.

Further compounding the offence, Hasbullah’s motorcycle was not registered as a public service vehicle, a violation of regulations that prohibit motorcycles from being used as private-hire vehicles.

Moreover, he lacked a valid insurance policy, with Etiqa confirming that its coverage did not extend to the motorbike when used for hire and reward services.

Hasbullah faced legal consequences, receiving a fine of S$1,800 and a 12-month driving ban for using a proscribed vehicle as a public service vehicle and lacking insurance coverage.

One of the two drivers, Muhammad Nasrulhaq Shamsulnizam, 21, was charged and convicted for operating an unlicensed public service vehicle.

Nasrulhaq also faced a S$1,800 fine and a 12-month driving ban for not possessing a valid vocational license, using his vehicle without a valid public service vehicle license, and lacking the required insurance coverage.

The other driver’s case is still before the courts.

Commuters are strongly encouraged by LTA to book point-to-point transport services through licensed business platforms for their safety.

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how could he steal Grab’s customer? don’t know who’s holding on their shares?
i guess that’s crime he commited

SPF going after easy prey…small fry struggling to survive…but let go the rich & super rich big fish wrong doers–

COE has made sg bikes world record high. Poor man. Desperately he may be needing money to renew his COE.

well that’s innovative but not really safe. too many accidents involving motorbikes. maybe SG should legalise those kinda motorbike with carriage seats/ tuk-tuks like in Thailand?

Stupid idiots. Don’t want to go for skill upgrade and prefer to do illegal things. These are typical oppie losers. Successful people upgrade themselves, earn big money and vote for PAP! We are the winners!

, … and WHY’S these peoples “moonlighting”, knowing fulls well when’s and if’s apprehended, they’ll be’s in serious shit !!!

Before anyone’s point theirs fingers at me’s for condoning such’s activities, I’m not, … but whens push comes to shove, … needs must !!!

How can you steal ?

Only you penalise ?