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Lee Hsien Loong urges Singapore to rally behind new leadership for 2024

In his new year speech, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong emphasized, ‘As a small red dot, Singapore cannot afford…the same consequences.’ He urged unity as DPM Lawrence Wong prepares to lead.



As 2023 draws to a close, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong shared his reflections on the year’s complex challenges and the path Singapore has navigated. He commenced with a clear perspective, stating, “2023 was a challenging year. The international environment remains troubled,” setting the stage for an introspective look at the year past.

Commenting on the international scene, PM Lee who also serves as the Secretary-General of the People’s Action Party (PAP) noted significant meetings and ongoing conflicts. He specifically mentioned, “US President Biden’s recent meeting with PRC President Xi Jinping in San Francisco has stabilized relations between the two powers, but the underlying tensions remain.”

His concern extended to the “fighting and human suffering” in Ukraine, acknowledging the war’s persistent and unresolved nature.

Reflecting on Singapore’s reaction to global crises, PM Lee conveyed, “Much as we try to insulate ourselves from problems elsewhere, inevitably from time to time we in Singapore will feel for the troubles of others.” He acknowledged the compassionate nature of Singaporeans, especially in response to the Israel-Hamas conflict, highlighting the collective effort to maintain “national interests and social cohesion.”

PM Lee revisited the principles laid down by Singapore’s founding fathers, reminding citizens, “This is the way to honor the ideals and vision that Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his team of founding leaders stood for.” He emphasized the nation’s dedication to a fair society and the recent Presidential Election as evidence of Singapore’s commitment to unity and progress.

Addressing the health and economic sectors, PM Lee credited the nation’s resilience to its people: “We owe this to the tireless efforts of our healthcare and frontline workers, as well as everybody’s collective contributions towards keeping Singapore safe.” He candidly discussed the economic growth and challenges, ensuring the government’s awareness and continuous support.

Highlighting ongoing global uncertainties, PM Lee stated, “Geopolitical uncertainties will continue weighing on the global economy.” He also underscored the critical issue of climate change, affirming Singapore’s commitment to proactive and adaptive measures to protect its future.

PM Lee expressed his optimism about the future, especially regarding technological advancements, by noting, “Rapid technological progress, especially in artificial intelligence and robotics, holds great promise for our businesses and people.” He reiterated the government’s dedication to supporting lower-income families and vulnerable groups, ensuring a dignified life for all.

With a forthcoming leadership change announced during the PAP party convention in November, PM Lee offered words of encouragement and anticipation: “Next year, DPM Lawrence Wong will take over from me as Prime Minister…As a small red dot, Singapore cannot afford to make the same mistakes and suffer the same consequences.” He urged the nation to rally behind the new leaders, emphasizing the collective effort required for continued success.

In his concluding remarks, PM Lee inspired the nation to approach the future with collective vigor and unity: “Let us face 2024 invigorated and confident, as one united people. The future may be uncertain, but our path is clear.”

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We will rally behind the opposition leadership against the useless incumbent self-loving, money loving liars. Sure we.


North Sina👲🏻land🦗中元蝗國
Headed by 1953-born serpentine🐍😈
🫡Comrade ‘LEE’ Kin Peng🧸WINNXI da POO❤️💩

South Singha👲🏽stan aka LeePubleeic of StinkyPOO💩❤️ra & malu lah stinking poor langs👵🏻📦👴🏻
Dictated by 1952-born older brother🫡Comrade ‘XI’ Xianlong aka 死🦠險🪱蟲 aka maDamsel🪰fly aka Pink👚🫃🏻Dragon👩🏻‍🍳🦗Fried who ironically witness his last CNY celebration as well as final birth⚰️cycle to, at long😮‍💨loong🤑lust, end on 2/10🥳RIP🪦RIP🙌🏻👏🏻好HOchingLAY咧👍🏻✌🏻🎉🥂🍾🎊

Rally for price reductions, not price increase

Rally for solutions to reduce prices, not price increase.

Rally to cut mini-stars salaries

Rally to cut away mayonnaise $600,000 job.

Rally for more new and young oppositions members.

What do you think?

C’mon now, nobody believes his words anymore after he BLAMES voters as Free Riders when he couldn’t get a strong mandate. He also said Covid was the most critical crisis since independence, yet he hid in his bunker throughout that difficult period, while putting 3 clowns in front of him. Before that, he said he is very important person on earth, so even terrorists are entering tiny SG to try to assassinate him. Maybe next is the sun revolves around him, hor.

Paying himself million$, of course it is easy to talk and talk and talk.

The same pineapple lovers will vote for LW. no worries.

70% Pineapple Lovers:
1) Increase GST
2) Increase PUB utilities
3) Increase COE, ERP
4) Increase Food Prices
5) Increase Housing prices
6) Increase Cost of Living
7) Increase Transport fares
8) Increase Hospital and Medical costs
9) Increase Foreigners intake, increase job losses
10) Increase Prices on Chicken, Eat Fish
11) Increase in Ageing population, collect carton boxes, a good form of
We need solutions not price increase!!!! What do you think?

People of SG by the 100s of 1000s can standby with every valid reason, to put this PAP Administration ON TRIAL for the very fact of Political Hegemonic acts against the best future of SG available. The acts of not being able to increase labour productivity, not being able to set up policies for effective indigenous procreation, DILUTION of the Core SG base, cover ups of Various Corruption ACTS possibly involving Higher Ups, Mismanagement of National Reserves especially the RAIDING in disguise for this and that viz at the way THEY SO STRONGLY oppose Politicians who request for help for… Read more »

Citizens are unnecessarily concerned about voting for the opposition What if the opposition wins and takes over as Government..? Will the opposition spend all the money? Will the opposition squander everything? Well, the PAP is not going to disappear overnight. They will block and counter everything, yes, everything that the new Government tries to do. Will businesses pack up and go? PAP will talk to them behind the scene as they have always done with retrenchments, closing etc.. You mean suddenly, PAP has no access to business leaders/owners..?? Think !! But…. SPH will publish articles to demolish plans People’s Association… Read more »

Take my advice. Instead of blaming the government, just go to a mirror and look at yourself. While others seek to upgrade themselves to earn more money, you idiots only know how to kpkb online, wasting time. When you earn a lot, what is 9% gst? It’s nothing.

Unlike some commentators, I am of the view that we have to be realistic in our hopes and expectations in the next GE. For me, we would do well to deprive the PAP of their two thirds majority in the next GE. If we accomplish that, the PAP will not be able to change the constitution freely unless the opposition votes with them. Unfortunately we will not have Nicole Seah and Leon Pereira on the ballot papers. To me they are a sure thing especially Nicole Seah. She could have helmed a GRC! On top of that, do the opposition… Read more »

what leadership? our GDP is still a sham. it’s all property speculation! and maybe a few percentage points in banking”services” helping moneywashers.

” …. collective effort required for continued success.”
Does he mean more corruption, more money laundering, more self-serving, more conflict of interest??? More successful in changing the constitution, more laws to suppress the citizen. Because I can not think of what success this 3G has done.

The only way this 3G has succeeded was to claim the achievement of the 1G. It will continue to do so when the 4G takes over.

“National Interest” is a term most of you never think about its meaning. Who determines what is national and what is interest? To me, its the ruling political party. So it is defined by them.

If he is serious about Political Stability, we should Abolish Elections since the risk of losing in elections is what they fear most, perceivably.

Loong ask Sheeps to rally behind PAP. Can. But what Fxxk has the PAP Administration RALLY behind Sheeps? The FACT of the MATTER is PAP HAS THOROUGHLY Fxxk Sheeps upside down. No? 1.Look at Old man PIONEER builders of SG TOLD to F off and share flat BUT MONSTERS RENT Bungalows at Special Rates. 2. REINFORCE Trash to STEAL more jobs. 3. Raise COL as tho Sheeps HAVE EZ LIVES. 4. 4 YEARS or 5 YEARS WAIT for a RENTAL FLAT that EATS into Sheeps RETIREMENT FUNDS THEN force them to DEPEND on PAP for OLD AGE peanuts. 5. Law… Read more »

Chap looks haggard and worn out

Time to go….

Just missed the earthquake by 24 hours…
very lucky arse… very, very lucky…

I would urge him to get vote count for pap back to 76+% before handing over to the 4G. Handing over at 61% is very malu, hor. Lost 15% of voters on tiny island, blame Free Riders, and then (lan-lan) hand over to the 4G doesn’t sound like an exemplary leader, hor.

-Bruce Montague

What is IT EXACTLY Loong urge Sheeps to get behind – more scandals like :

BW rentals,

Keppel Corruption indecisive investigations conclusion,

runaway inflation,

ZERO productivity,

more Trash Job robbers,

fail again and again birth rates,

higher and higher GST,

higher and higher household bills,

higher and higher TANSPORT fares???


Loong U wake up – Sheeps are scratching their heads bleeding…..

No one could claim he knows the future. That’s the job of the fortune tellers, if you believe! Is our path clear? What were they? We were led by the PAP, especially the 3G, with a broken compass! We went in circle round the bushes and blame others for that! Was that a clear path? Let me tell what it would be if PAP is still in control; high cost of living, expensive BTOs, forget about owning a car, unemployment or underemployed, jobs given to foreigners, locals need to upskill, reskill but going nowhere! Birthrate will continue to decrease. Tax… Read more »

PAP created 93 seats in parliament and won 83 seats thus holding the majority and the guarantee that they will pass any Bill that they want. Opposition must win more than 50% of seats. That is different from winning 50% of votes. To win more than 50% of seats, opposition must win ALL the GRC There are 17 GRCs that PAP created. 1. Bishan Toa Payoh   – 4 seats 2. Chu Chu Kang       – 4 seats 3. Holland Bukit Timah – 4 seats 4. Jalan Besar        – 4 seats 5. Marsiling Yew Tee  – 4 seats 6. Sengkang           – 4 seats 7. Aljunied           – 5 seats… Read more »

Aiyoh, no external forces, like the foreign money launderers welcomed to operate here, then how to boost up the gdp number?

So many adverse comments on this article.
Only can be found in oppo forum to serve losers needs to let them….vent!😆😆😆

In any case, losers can kpkb all.they want. Nothing will change to suit them.
Last heard and counted, still near to 70% support PAP.
Come 2025, oppo and their supporters will be screwed …yet again.
You can then kpkb for the next 5 yrs …..again!😆😆😆😆😆

The World’s few Million Stupid Sheegaporeans gave them an EASY PATH to Political Rule BUT NEVER NEVER NEVER DEMAND and CHARGE the PAP Administration FOR NON ACCOUNTABILITY while ALLOWING them to ESCAPE with Million Dollars of SALARIES when theirselves LIVE LIKE PAUPERS happy with Million Dollars of DECAY rental Flats EATING UP their RETIREMENT savings.

How STUPID SG Sheeps are?

Opposition Parties please go Parliament ask why households in SG have to pay higher electricity tariffs vs businesses that uses higher power loads?

Isn’t it mean most households are subsidizing big businesses in their power consumption costs? Shouldn’t it be the reverse where businesses have to pay higher as they are making money vs households?

“.. As a small red dot, Singapore cannot afford to make the same mistakes and suffer the same consequences.” He urged” !!

YES. the same mistakes, like high COL, low birthrate, high unemployment, etc! Anyone asked who caused all of them? External again? Yea, not PAP!! Yes, these were the consequences!

Next GE, if the PAP is still in control, we will be back to the same mistakes and same consequences!

Remember, you cannot expect different results by doing the same thing, all over again!

PAP is a one act donkey. Don’t expect anything from them.

May the underlying cause strike…


Top Elites using Subtle Slaverism becos Slavery is a Bad word. So only the Overlords need to know the rest dun need. You think so?!? You think ppl will not know and civil war breaks out.

The RICH MULTI MILLIONAIRE PAP Administration Politicians ARE SCOTT free –

– they take NO BLAMES, NO ARROWS, NO BURDENS for Sheep’s Sky High Inflation,
NO RESPONSUBILITY for delayed marriages, for Negative Birth Rates, FOR poor Sheeps LACK of Globalised Skills, Lack of I T, NO BLAMES for ALLOWING sheep JOBS ROBBED and so on and so on.

They DID NOT BLAME ENOUGH on Lee Family troubles, on Opposition, on Anti PAP Detractors, DID NOT ownself Blame Ownself for VOTES SHRINK…

And so on. And so on. And so on.

Sheegapore IS A FAKE Nation bcz of SO MANY BLAMES.

You believe politicians think and care for you and your family? We can carry on dreaming till we all kick the bucket.

Politic is all about the elites for their own elites and inner circles, to enrich themselves and the rich elites. Only when they need your votes or for acting on media for the short while they they come to you smiling or begging. Time to wake up all

You oppie idiots want to rally behind this pervert?

“Lim was also charged with unlawful stalking. The charge relates to the alleged harassment of a former employee of Lim’s law firm in 2020.

Police previously said that the employee referred them to text messages that she and Lim had exchanged.

Between April and May 2020, Lim is accused of repeatedly sending her flirtatious text messages, causing her distress, according to charge sheets.”

Your leader Lim Team is nothing but a horny pervert. Singapore run by this Tikor will surely turns Singapore into a big whore house!!!

The NO BLAME PAP Administration Culture is THE 2024 National Strategy FORWARD.

How PAP blamed Keppel Corpn Corruption? (‘And blamed USA 🇺🇸 Courts to fine them GUILTY and make SG tax payers pay 100s of 1000s of Dollars?’)
How PAP blamed MAS losses?
How PAP blamed TH losses?

No No. ALL fakes?

When all else fails, he blames external forces or us free riders !

Can’t even rally with his own siblings ….. So wayang, hor.

The WHOLE of SG need a FULL RESET with the PAP Administration FORMATTED/ERASED because the PAP Administration is A TOXIC MALWARE

same white wine in the same bottle ,tastes the same. use your rubber stamp wisely.

70% Pineapple Lovers:
1) Increase GST
2) Increase PUB utilities
3) Increase COE, ERP
4) Increase Food Prices
5) Increase Housing prices
6) Increase Cost of Living
7) Increase Transport fares
8) Increase Hospital and Medical costs
9) Increase Foreigners intake, increase job losses
10) Increase Prices on Chicken, Eat Fish
11) Increase in Ageing population, collect carton boxes, a good form of
We need solutions not price increase!!!! What do you think?

PM Lee is only talking to his Worshippers. Those who dun worship him are NOT part of his Empire or SG statehood future … Play double triple face and expect all ppl to Unite Infront of him to take bullet for him. Crazy Men!

Of course I will rally behind our new leader Lawrence Wong. No way I will rally behind a women stalker Lim Tean. Anyone who supports Lim Tean means he also likes to stalk women. You guys are just a bunch of perverts.

Nothing much to look forward to re politics and our lives in sg.
Price increases will continue –the only way they kno how to grow the economy..
Cunning of LHL to say stepping down , cuz our economy is in economy only grew 1.5% this year..! Nothing outstanding to show for the 20yrs he was at the helm.
LW will be taking over all the smart eh?

So much wasteful construction spending all around us and over bloated civil servants headcounts with extremely high payrolls. If we cut down these 2 wastages, we can easily save $10b to $15b a year with 3% GST instead of 9%.

But we did the opposite. Giving tax holidays to family offices who are some of the richest people in the world. Giving tax holidays to huge multi billion dollars companies.

Then increase GST and increase prices of essential services. It’s the poor and middle income families that are suffering the most

Same old tape recorder playing again and again.
But behind us, just do the easy way out by mass importing aliens by the hundreds of thousands a year to pump up the economy/ GDP.
Not enough? Just open legs wider and let in money launderers, rich fugitives and criminals.

We have enough of such nonsenses for the last 20 years. Time for a complete change

A happy new year to all contributors here, to include all of the Ah Bengs, Ah Kows, Ah Sengs and Ah Lians.

Whichever side of the fence you may roost on, be assured that SillyPore, under the lightning rod party, … will ensure that your cost of living will be anything but manageable, and, … pain and discomfort will be this regime’s never ending gift to it’s people !!!

A happy new year to all contributors here, to include all of the Ah Bengs, Ah Kows, Ah Sengs and Ah Lians.

Whichever side of the fence you may roost on, be assured that SillyPore, under the lightning rod party, … will ensure that your cost of living will be anything but manageable, and, … pain and discomfort will be this regime’s never ending gift to all of it’s people !!!

Where is the President of SG?
Missing…is he well?
No christmas or new year wishes…

“2023 was a challenging year. The international environment remains troubled,” and pee air pee makes it more challenging by pushing the COE to a ever new height and imposed various forms of taxes and duties for the citizens. Then add on even more challenges by increasing property taxes and GST for 2024 which situation is likely to get worse. LHL pays himself and his lackeys millions and when there’s problem with Singapore’s economy they cannot resolve, they tax the poor citizens and blamed it on “Geopolitical uncertainties” instead of coming out with solutions. How do they justify their pay playing… Read more »

Save the empty talk, yew sikh L😡🤬NgEY!!

You & that ageing big-sister bedmate of yours HoLeeChing🦊狐狸晶 are actually rooting secretly for the incoming faggot LaolanWong to fail spectacularly so that suckerburger-wannabe child of yours by your second missus may be much more easilee AND readilee accepted as the 3G.LEE to ascend the DragonFry Throne to do his PM🇸🇬S, as hiss DeAD & HIS dead dad did before!

Well, bad news, pinky:
cum 2/10, yew will be celebrating/calibrating your last ever CNY.

Hao pee bird day. Not.

So highly paid, anyone would think he should have won the first Nobel Prize for SG already.

Paid himself million$, fuxk up governing SG (as seen in he getting the 3 WORST election results in our history), now ask us rally to clean up his mess. Dishonorable Son, indeed.

Hope an earthquake strikes and his vehicle falls into a chasm..
Best thing to start 2024…. “Ee leng,Ee saey”..