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PM Lee says PAP stands for “pro-growth” and “pro-worker”, netizens express disagreement

PM Lee lauded Singapore’s Tripartism at the recent NTUC National Delegate’s Conference, crediting PAP’s ‘pro-growth and pro-worker’ approach.

Yet, online discourse reveals divergent views—many voice ongoing struggles, questioning the reality of grappling with high living costs despite governmental assertions.



SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong emphasized the efficacy of Tripartism in Singapore, attributing its success to the “pro-growth and pro-worker” stance of the People’s Action Party (PAP) government.

During the NTUC National Delegate’s Conference (NDC) held on Wednesday (22 Nov), Prime Minister Lee highlighted the dual focus of the PAP government at the national level: driving economic growth and ensuring that the workforce reaps the full rewards of this progress.

PM Lee, who is also the ruling party’s secretary-general, underscored the government’s substantial subsidies in crucial areas such as housing, healthcare, and education, emphasizing that these provisions are accessible to every Singaporean.

“We not only create good jobs but educate and train workers to enable them to perform these jobs. And that is why Singaporeans can look forward to better wages, higher standards of living, and brighter opportunities,” said PM Lee.

“With the government leading the country in the right direction, it is much easier for the tripartite partners to work together to create prosperity and to share the fruits of growth.”

PM Lee elaborated on the concept of a “Singapore premium,” wherein companies and investors willingly invest more due to the nation’s harmonious industrial relations and business-friendly climate.

“They value being in a country that knows where it’s heading, where everyone pulls together for the common good, everything works, and life can get better for all,” said PM Lee.

PM Lee emphasizes PAP’s focus on “lean and efficient government”

PM Lee claimed the PAP committed not only to administering sound national policies but also to maintaining a government with minimal operational costs.

He stressed the PAP’s endeavor to ensure that the expenses of governance remain as restrained as possible.

“Even as standards of living rise, our expectations and aspirations have all gone up. So although incomes have risen steadily year by year, many households still feel the pressures of the cost of living,” he said

PM Lee emphasized the PAP’s focus on operating a “lean and efficient government”, recognizing that all governmental initiatives and projects are ultimately financed by taxpayers.

He underscored the significance of maintaining low government spending and taxes, allowing workers to directly reap the rewards of their labor.

Furthermore, PM Lee highlighted the government’s commitment to ensuring that essential public services such as public transport, water, electricity, and healthcare are not only cost-effective but also efficiently managed.

Addressing a common argument about public services not needing to generate profits, he countered, “I think that would be the wrong approach. Because that way, the transport operators and utilities providers would have no pressure to run efficiently.”

PM Lee advocated for allowing these entities to earn reasonable profits, enabling them to reinvest in service improvements.

PM Lee says “some price increases will not be avoidable or ‘postpone-able’.”

Addressing the cost of living concerns, PM Lee recognized the government’s effective measures in moderating these expenses for many but acknowledged that specific households might still require additional aid.

Highlighting the contrast with broad subsidies prevalent in certain countries for utilities like electricity or water, PM Lee stressed the efficacy of Singapore’s targeted approach.

He emphasized that generalized subsidies tend to benefit higher-resource-consuming households rather than those facing financial difficulties.

During challenging periods, PM Lee emphasized the government’s thorough evaluation of fee increments, intending to defer or moderate non-essential hikes to alleviate immediate financial strains.

For instance, he noted the government’s absorption of a substantial portion—two-thirds—of the anticipated increase in public transport fares for the year, amounting to S$300 million.

However, PM Lee acknowledged that some price adjustments might be unavoidable, cautioning against postponing them as it leads to larger shortfalls in the future.

“But some price increases will not be avoidable or ‘postpone-able’. And if you just push them off, it does not solve the problem. Because next year the shortfall will become bigger. Then what do you do?”

“And in that case, sometimes after thinking about it, we have no choice but to proceed, but we will also definitely be more generous with the targeted support to households.”

Netizens challenge PM Lee’s view, pointing out persistent struggles amid rising living costs

While PM Lee has underscored the People’s Action Party (PAP) as being “pro-growth” and “pro-worker,” observations from the comments sections of mainstream media outlets like The Straits Times and CNA reveal that netizens have expressed significant concerns about the prevailing reality on the ground.

Many individuals continue to grapple with the challenges of making ends meet and coping with the cost of living.

One netizen raised the question to PM Lee, highlighting citizens’ ongoing struggles in putting food on the table.

The comment shed light on the plight of the isolated elderly population facing mobility issues and dealing with either no income or low income. Despite the presence of the Assurance Package aimed at assisting citizens, it appears to provide inadequate relief to those in dire need.

Another netizen sarcastically mentioned growth in government salaries, contrasting it with the soaring prices of government housing, which have escalated from affordable rates to reach exorbitant values of up to one million dollars in resale.

Additionally, the netizen highlighted the surge in utility bills, the growth in Goods and Services Tax (GST), and the rising cost of living, but the lack of growth in salaries despite various other aspects experiencing apparent growth.

Netizens question the necessity of certain highly paid Government positions

While PM Lee highlighted the People’s Action Party’s (PAP) commitment to a “lean and efficient government,” some netizens raised pertinent queries challenging this claim. They questioned the necessity of certain highly-paid positions within the government structure.

For instance, one netizen scrutinized the need for the appointment of five Singapore mayors.

While a pro-establishment IB argued in favor of the contribution made by mayors in Singapore, the netizen responded with critical questions regarding the necessity of multiple mayors in relation to Singapore’s population size.

The netizen questioned the need for five mayors to manage a population of 5.64 million people as of June 2022, highlighting the disparity compared to New York City, which, as of April 2020, had a population of 8.64 million people but only one mayor overseeing the entire city.

Notably, Singapore Mayors earn quite a hefty paycheck, considering the size of the population they serve in each of the five districts.

According to the 2012 White Paper on Government salaries, Singapore Mayors earn an annual salary of S$660,000, on top of their annual MP allowance of S$192,500, excluding bonuses.

This is despite each of the five CDCs having a population of not more than one million residents.

Netizens ridicule “PAP” could also stand for “pro-GST, and Pro-high cost living”

Certain comments made a wry remark, suggesting an alternative interpretation of the acronym “PAP” as “pro-GST, Pro-high paying ministers, Pro-high cost living,” among other pointed criticisms.

A netizen ridiculed that PM Lee might persistently tell voters that everything is still affordable as long as people keep voting ruling party every 5 years.

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With imports of more than 1 million foreign workers, pro Singapore workers? sigh

Yah, I “believed” you.

The very reality sinks in. Singaporeans are being bullied by foreigners, Chinese, Phinoy, Malaysians and the list goes on. This sadly is the very doing by own Singaporeans and yes, jobs created are for ‘Singaporeans’ but no longer locals, even in every corner facets of the land, Singaporeans must endure the taunting and brutality of this truth. Happy?

Remember that SIA Chinese pilot Union leader who was not at the same page as the Establishment many years back? He was sacked after that fiasco and have to go back to Australia. There must be some very powerful force at play at Unions here

What a pack of lies! All his labour policies and wage polices are pro rich, pro millionaires, pro billionaires. What’s the evidence ? The lee dynasty here are filthy rich billionaires! Tripartitism is pro business and depresses workers rights and deny workers a fair, living wage. Evidence? Look at their pro business hire and fire policies, their abusive work practice , crazy long working hours for dismal pay for ordinary workers. PAP started as a left leaning, pro worker party before 1959. After gaining and entrenching power over citizens, pap is now a far right leaning, pro business pro billionaires… Read more »

Just look at how someone treated his own siblings and nephew we already know what that person is. And is the forcibly wide smile real or fake? Your guess is as good as mine

Haha888hahaha88hahahaha !!!

The majority loves, adores and worships this man. This man who stands with his people through thick and thin, and, … will always have his people in his heart and in his dreams !!!

Haha888hahaha88hahahaha !!!

PM can bs you anything to stay in power!
You can believe it or not!

In Singapore, 7 out of 10 working adults are graduates of all kinds and from all over the world. The question is, are they smart enough or are they blind to believe it!?

It will show in the next GE. If PAP is voted in, these graduates have only their degrees to eat. All good paying jobs will be given away to FTs by the PAP.

Just announced that the expected growth for SG in 2024 is about 1% (+/-0.4%). Million$ pay for our PM/ministers yet only can achieved 1% growth – lagi PRO-GROWTH, indeed. Why other countries’ PM/ministers paid much lesser, yet can get 2-5% growth without Ownself Praise Ownself???

Tortoise can say ownself run very fast; but never mention rabbits are faster, hor.

In order to have super long term Political stability to benefit Workers, we need to consider Abolishing Elections. You may be shocked but let me convince you : 1. Democracy is self-defined by each country. No country can dictate another what flavor of democracy to have. 2. You may say, eh, no election is not democracy. Who says? Refer to point 1. The gist of Democracy is The Super Majority , the People. As long as they ACCEPT it, then its a Democratic Acceptance. Now you begin to see my magic. 3. USA democracy is not UK democracy not France… Read more »

Notice that when Ah Loon says “pro-worker”, he didn’t specify whether LOCAL or FOREIGN. As for “pro-growth”, THAT’s the ROOT cause of most of our problems now and especially in the future.

Do one believe any of the Opposition Party Politicians speaks, anti SG, anti Growth or anti workers?

Only Loong can patent, PAP pro Growth, pro worker? And Lim Tean, Mun Wai Leong, Pritam, Ah Bok, Hazel Poa NOT ALLOW AND CANNOT SAY?

My goodness. Tmrw the sky is falling.

Lets see how much more BS can PAP justify their paycheck by sacrificing all locally born Singaporeans!!

Don’t talk so much. Please train your civil service to reply Online queries by 24hours not 5 working days even if urgent. In the private sector the customer or client will wave goodbye if we tell them to come back in 5 days.

More kaki kong kaki song, so insecure.

Let’s face a very basic fact: if pap REALLY stands for pro-growth and pro-workers then why pap has be LOSING election votes over the past 3-4 elections (effectively the terms under Loong)? Either the numbers/data/cause-effects are lying or someone is delusional.

comment image

70% Pineapple Lovers:
1) Increase GST
2) Increase PUB utilities
3) Increase COE, ERP
4) Increase Food Prices
5) Increase Housing prices
6) Increase Cost of Living
7) Increase Transport fares
8) Increase Hospital and Medical costs
9) Increase Foreigners intake, increase job losses
10) Increase Prices on Chicken, Eat Fish
11) Increase in Ageing population, collect carton boxes, a good form of
We need solutions not price increase!!!! What do you think?

Better paying jobs for foreigners?

Are our lives better ? Why 2.6 millions Singaporeans are getting assurance package this December if lives are better?

What do you think?

all d companies good paying jobs will not be flooded by foreigners if what he say is true…

Guess what if I am a Boss and have a company..I oso can say I am Pro Growth and Pro-workers. Why not?!? Pro-growth to earn big bucks for my Biz and Pro workers cos I “need” them to work for me. No?!?

Talk is EZ.
Talk is CHEAP.
The RETORT – where are the figures, the graphics where are his statistics, evidences, without WHICH, BASTARDS can also talk, no different, don’t need to be world’s highest paid salary leader.

You means PRO Lee Empire. Becos it is not the State or National since align to his Lee Empire. Pro growth means Pro Lee Empire Growth. Pro workers oso PRO Lee Empire Workers NOT those not into his Empire. No?!? If Not, why need to enslave Others. Please explain? Working for the Country dun need enslavement?!? No?!? Somemore subtle enslavement since Official enslavement is Frowned upon?!? No?!?