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Chinese national deported from Singapore, banned from re-entry after verbal abuse conviction

Chinese national Han Feizi was deported from Singapore and banned from re-entry after her five-week, five-day imprisonment for verbal abuse towards healthcare workers and law enforcement.

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower had earlier revoked her work permit and imposed a lifelong work ban on Han for misrepresenting herself as a secretary while freelancing as a hostess.



SINGAPORE: Han Feizi (韩菲紫), a Chinese national, was recently deported from Singapore and barred from re-entering the country after being sentenced to five weeks and five days’ imprisonment for multiple charges, including verbal abuse towards healthcare workers and law enforcement.

According to 8World News, a Chinese media outlet in Singapore, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) confirmed her deportation back to China on Wednesday (8 Nov).

Additionally, she was fined S$600 (US$438) as part of her sentencing on 25 October.

The Ministry of Manpower of Singapore had earlier announced the revocation of Han’s work permit and imposed a permanent ban on her employment in the country.

Last month, Han confessed to five charges in court, which included using criminal force and causing alarm to a security officer at her condominium, employing abusive language towards a hospital employee, and creating a public nuisance.

Han was also accused of providing false information in her work permit application, claiming to be a secretary while actually working as a freelance hostess at various locations in the country.

Arrived in Singapore in July 2023 under in-principle approval, applied for work permit after student pass rejection

Per the allegations, on 11 August of this year, Han purportedly misrepresented herself as a secretary at KDL Elements Private Limited in her work permit application, subsequent to her rejected student pass application. Despite declaring her intention to hold a clerk position, she had never actually undertaken such a role.

Another accusation outlined her employment as a freelance hostess at different venues from 1 August to 11 October this year, conducted without a valid work permit.

She arrived in Singapore in July 2023 under in-principle approval, and her work permit was issued in August. However, she has not engaged in any work at KDL Elements to date.

The MOM prosecutor emphasized that Han’s primary objective in entering Singapore was “to have fun.”

Furthermore, she completed the work permit application “without making an effort to understand its English content.”

Han’s opulent lifestyle has come under scrutiny, given her status as a work permit holder claiming to be a clerk, yet reportedly residing in a luxurious apartment at The Sail at Marina Bay and driving a McLaren.

Her case has ignited extensive online discussions, with criticisms aimed at her sense of entitlement and verbal abuse directed at nurses.

Gutzy’s earlier investigation into the matter also unveiled a striking disparity between Han Feizi’s opulent lifestyle and her purported “employer.”

Han, who resided in a million-dollar unit at The Sail at Marina Bay and owned a McLaren, appeared to live a life of luxury that sharply contrasted with her “employer”‘s circumstances.

KDL Elements Private Limited, the company that purportedly employed Han Feizi, listed Goh as its representative, according to ACRA’s business profile.

It was revealed that Goh had registered its residential address at a modest 3-room HDB flat, while he was also listed as a director or shareholder in the other two night entertainment companies.

Viral video shows altercation between the Chinese woman and police officer over hospital incident

In the early hours of October 10th, Han claimed she sustained a foot injury in a car accident.

She engaged in a confrontation with a nurse at Singapore General Hospital, reportedly using abusive language and refusing to cooperate with the investigation.

The woman in question uploaded videos of her interactions with the investigating officers on the widely used short video platform TikTok, sparking widespread discussions and reactions.

In the video recordings, the woman claimed that she had been waiting for three hours at the hospital due to her involvement in a car accident. She further alleged that a nurse informed her she couldn’t receive medical treatment at the hospital because she wasn’t a Singaporean citizen.

When the police officers sought to record her statement regarding the use of inappropriate language towards one of the hospital’s nurses, the woman refused to provide a clear response.

Instead, she insisted that the police officer should question the nurse and persisted in her request to be taken to the police station while demanding that the female Investigation Officer (IO) reveal her identity.

At one juncture, she even attempted to seize the officer’s identification card while continuing to document the incident, which led to a stern warning from the officer.

In a follow-up post on Tuesday evening, the woman disclosed that she is a long-term pass holder, and mentioned that she had undergone an X-ray examination and was provided with some medication.

The woman claimed that the driver who hit me fled the scene, unwilling to face the issue or take responsibility.

She emphasized her insistence on having the officers identify themselves because she wanted to prevent the driver from providing “unfavourable evidence” that might diminish the impact of the car accident on the driver.

Authorities intervened in early morning disturbance at SGH involving the woman

On 12 Oct, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) responded to media inquiries by issuing a statement.

The statement outlined that they had received a report at approximately 2:35 am on Tuesday, involving a 29-year-old Chinese national woman seeking medical attention for an injured foot.

It was reported that she was causing a disturbance and inconvenience to the public due to its loud nature. Additionally, she was accused of verbally abusing a nurse before the arrival of the police.

Around 3:15 a.m., two investigating officers (IO) arrived at the scene and initiated a conversation with the woman.

The police stated that the two IO identified themselves as hailing from the Central Police Division and were accompanied by uniformed police officers.

During the course of their conversation, the woman declined to provide a statement, and at one point, she used strong language in Mandarin directed at one of the IO.

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Follow on comments of R U Kidding Me,”One down, 100s more” ????? With our gov loose foreign policies, it is more like 100,000s more to go.

Wah! Jin tua liap.
But jackfruit in Singapore is not very popular.
Can try Ong lai next time….lol.

She’ll be back with a different ID and document.

One down, 100s more like her working & living here.
Just go to hawker ctr court or shpg ctr..
Enquire in english about what you need and theyll just shake their heads or say no no no…
Other examples i dont want to state here…
Altho not abusively rude but still…what english language comprehension this gov authorities are talking about..
Just for show!.

No identification of her sugar daddy? Must be a big boy for the police to be silent .

This 1 we don’t need. It’s just a used car! Just like the 10 fujian thieves! We also do not need…..
how pinkie you were looking to add 10 more billionaires?

Does it benefit the ppl or serving the ppl?!? Nope. The ppl are always the 小白小黑Cause they have selected their demigods or mini overlords …

Different Empire perhaps. They have to rigged their Marriage and Playgirls. No? Those they cannot overlord YET cannot fuck … No?!? But when the Sky goes ALL Black then no limit. And she will says , ” Hasta vida, I am back.”

Different Empire perhaps. They have to rigged their Marriage and Playgirls. No? Those they cannot overlord YET cannot fuck … No?!? But when the Sky goes no Black then no limit. And she will says , ” Hasta vida, I am back.”

How come the ‘beloved’ PAP Ministers didn’t want to connect with her like they did with Nas Daily? lol