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Hostess resides in million-dollar unit at The Sail while her “employer” lists residence at a three-room HDB flat

A 29-year-old Chinese national, accused of verbal abuse towards healthcare workers and law enforcement, pleaded guilty and was sentenced in court on Wednesday (25 Oct). She was charged with falsely representing herself as a secretary in her work permit application, despite working as a freelance hostess in Singapore.

Her lavish lifestyle, residing in a million-dollar unit at The Sail at Marina Bay and owning a McLaren, stands in stark contrast to her purported “employer,” who registered his address at a 3-room HDB flat and supposedly runs three night entertainment companies.



Han Feizi, a 29-year-old Chinese national, has garnered significant attention in Singapore after being sentenced to five weeks and five days’ imprisonment, along with a fine of S$600 (US$438).

Han pleaded guilty in court on Wednesday (25 Oct) and confessed to five charges, including using criminal force and causing alarm to a security officer at her condominium, employing abusive language towards a hospital employee, creating a public nuisance, and providing false information in her work permit application.

Three additional charges were considered during sentencing.

During the court hearing on Tuesday, it was revealed that she had misrepresented herself as a secretary in her work permit application, though she was working as a freelance hostess at various locations.

The defendant was previously charged with six counts, including creating a public nuisance and using abusive language against public servants.

Han faced two additional charges, specifically for violating Section 10(1) and Section 22(1)(d) of the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act.

According to Section 10(1) of the Act, a foreigner convicted of working without a valid work permit can be fined up to S$20,000, imprisoned for up to two years, or both.

Under Section 22(1)(d) of the Act, providing false or misleading information or statements when applying for or renewing a work permit can result in a fine of up to S$20,000, imprisonment for up to two years, or both.

Arrived in Singapore in July 2023 under in-principle approval, applied for work permit after student pass rejection

Per the allegations, on 11 August of this year, the defendant purportedly misrepresented herself as a secretary at KDL Elements Private Limited in her work permit application, subsequent to her rejected student pass application. Despite declaring her intention to hold a clerk position, she had never actually undertaken such a role.

Another accusation outlined her employment as a freelance hostess at different venues from 1 August to 11 October this year, conducted without a valid work permit.

She arrived in Singapore in July 2023 under in-principle approval, and her work permit was issued in August. However, she has not engaged in any work at KDL Elements to date.

The MOM prosecutor emphasized that Han’s primary objective in entering Singapore was “to have fun.”

Furthermore, she completed the work permit application “without making an effort to understand its English content.”

Han’s opulent lifestyle has come under scrutiny, given her status as a work permit holder claiming to be a clerk, yet reportedly residing in a luxurious apartment at The Sail at Marina Bay and driving a McLaren.

Her case has ignited extensive online discussions, with criticisms aimed at her sense of entitlement and verbal abuse directed at nurses.

Of particular note, a Chinese influencer has earlier delved into the potential correlation between Han’s extravagant lifestyle and the defining features of the ‘grey industry.’

In any case, one would wonder how Han got her work permit application approved in the first place by MOM.

Delves into the company that employed Han Feizi

Upon investigation, Gutzy uncovered crucial details regarding KDL Elements Private Limited, the company that employed Han Feizi.

Information sourced from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) revealed that KDL Elements was incorporated as recently as 12 October of the previous year.

Curiously, the company’s primary registered business activities are related to nightclubs, discotheques, dance clubs, and karaoke lounges.

Han’s purported “employer” listed a residential address at HDB 3-room flat 

While Han Feizi is reputedly residing in the luxurious environs of The Sail at Marina Bay, boasting a lavish lifestyle, it is noteworthy that her purported employer, Goh, as indicated in the ACRA’s business profile, holds a registered residential address at Geylang Bahru, a typical HDB 3-room flat residence.

Notably, an examination of ACRA’s accessible records revealed that aside from KDL Elements, Mr Goh is associated with six other business entities, either as a director or shareholder.

These companies include: In Mobile Pte. Ltd. (struck off), Sao Paulo Entertainment Pte. Ltd. (struck off), Eyen Pte. Ltd., Spades Club Pte Ltd., Hooone Live Pte Ltd., G Communications (terminated), and YJ Trading Enterprise (terminated).

Particularly noteworthy are Hooone Live Pte Ltd and Spades Club Pte Ltd, both newly registered in November and August of the previous year, and also designated under “nightclubs, discotheques, dance clubs, and karaoke lounges” as their primary business activities.

As the companies were formed just a year ago, no financial records can be obtained to know if these companies are indeed in operation.

The stark contrast between Ms Han’s lavish lifestyle, residing in the upscale enclave of The Sail at Marina Bay, directly facing ByteDance’s headquarters, and her purported employer’s modest abode in a 3-room HDB flat, is striking.

A review of online property listings indicates that for certain units at The Sail at Marina Bay, the monthly lease is set at S$6800. Should one choose to purchase a unit, the price tag exceeds a substantial S$14 million.

Han’s status as a work permit holder claiming employment as a secretary raises significant questions about her financial capacity to sustain such an extravagant lifestyle.

Han’s potential link to ‘grey industry’, said Chinese influencer

A Chinese influencer, known as Xiaoping from Macau, in a Douyin video, postulated that Han might have been associated with the ‘grey industry.’

“During her time in China, she was involved with wealthy benefactors, receiving material luxuries in exchange,” Xiaoping revealed.

However, with China’s recent economic downturn, these financial supporters likely encountered hardships, prompting Han to possibly follow them abroad.

Upon her arrival in Singapore, she purportedly continued her activities under the guise of a fashion blogger, utilizing the platform to attract clients and promote her services.

Xiaoping suspected that Han’s lavish accommodations and high-end vehicle were not acquired through her own means but were provided by her boss, possibly a prominent figure within the Southeast Asian ‘grey industry,’ boasting an extensive network of business and connections.

“He holds numerous identities and properties in Singapore, and has sponsored the internet celebrity with a guarantor job permit, facilitating her legal residence in Singapore.”

“While the internet celebrity may appear glamorous, she is, in reality, a manipulated pawn,” Xiaoping asserted.

Delved into the grey industry, Xiaoping explained that they could involve online scams, money laundering, drug trafficking, kidnapping for organ harvesting, and other lucrative yet dangerous activities. ”

While these endeavours promise substantial profits, they come with significant risks. Consequently, practitioners often traverse borders in search of safer havens, with Southeast Asia serving as a crucial base for many.

However, with the revelation of the supposed employer to whom Han’s work permit is tied, it seems that the individual does not fit the profile of the ‘big boss’ Xiaoping described, raising questions about whether the employer is indeed the true owner of the companies.

Accused in Singapore S$2.8 billion money laundering case, set up company to secure wife’s Employment Pass

It is also noteworthy that in a recent high-profile S$2.8 billion money laundering case in Singapore, all ten arrested individuals held Employment (EP) and Dependant Passes (DP).

Intriguingly, they extensively registered businesses in Singapore while conspicuously indulging in the acquisition of private properties.

Of particular interest, key suspect Su Jianfeng (苏剑锋) was recently revealed to have registered a shell company in Singapore.

Despite holding the position of CEO, his knowledge about the company’s operations was severely limited, as he could not state the number of employees, or identify the employees, customers, or suppliers.

Similarly, another accused Wang Baosen, a 31-year-old Chinese national, orchestrated the establishment of his wife’s company, Hui Xia Technology Investment, to facilitate her EP application in Singapore.

The startling revelation has led the public to contemplate pertinent questions, including how easily these accused individuals in the high-profile case were able to register a shell company in Singapore to seek a “safer haven” here.

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overall this story seems like a fake fabrication

  1. name is Han feizi (Han concubine)
  2. all Sg biased rules written out to frighten you

so this is actually propaganda to tell you BS

Why comment cannot be edited?
is this site funded by Sg gov?

Sg work permit is now under Indian management why security guard “escort” her upstairs is questionable, unusual no one knows if the allegations are true that she pushed/pull the Indian guard but it was mentioned that she pointed her figure at him (obviously he did something to her) intimidating civilians with unjust rules is a No, No the vague description in court indicated that everything was heard or released not in person, why? the company is registered as entertainment, so why is work permit for “clerk” which she obviously is oblivious, and is this some kind of fabrication? are victims… Read more »

I wonder did pAp allow these dodgy people here because they can afford what ordinary Singaporeans cannot? After what Han had caused just a few weeks jail (probably a holiday resort for her) and a stupid $600 fine, for Christ sake she drives a Mclaren (sorry if spelled wrongly as I will probably never afford one being Singaporean).

I don’t understand why mistakes by the authority ie. manpower ministry which allows entry for questionable people could not be more careful.

Ordinary citizens like the security guards, police officers, hospital staff …. etc. are made to answer for Mom’s f*+king mistakes. These criminals even money laundered, someone have definitely drop the ball in the process.

For every of this stupid bitch caught at least 20 others got away. Well done, MoM.

Had this chicken not gone rogue and created a scene which led to her entanglement with the law, MOM wouldn’t have found out. So the citizens are not wrong accusing the G of sleeping on the job and letting in unwanted types. First was the Fujian fugitives now this? I think the G has a lot to answer for especially the top dollar we pay to keep these clowns in charge.

Can it now be concluded that we are an island of vices filled with undesirables? Do people want to have families on such an island? We are losing our values as the younger generation will embrace these values as being wealthy is being touted as success. These are PAP values that are being taught and ingrained in their 86% supporters.

MOM..MOM…where are you?
Have you been sleeping and attempt to wayang to the daft local folks come once every 5 yrs?😆😆😆😆😆

Is a foregone conclusive un spoken inside practices that’s well known in the island. Nothing to be surprised about. Is How and About the way these people (aka foreigners) are easily allow to work in Singapore.

Once again MOM have been caught pants down.Those idiots don’t seem to care unless they loose their jobs. The man in charge of MOM can you please wake up and do the needful before it’s too late😡😡😡😡 Whatever’s happening at MOM are just unacceptable!!!