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Chinese influencer sheds light on potential link between work permit holder Han Feizi’s lavish lifestyle and ‘grey industry’ in Southeast Asia

The perplexing case of 29-year-old Han Feizi has raised concerns in Singapore regarding her work permit and unauthorized freelance work. Her opulent lifestyle, including a luxurious apartment and a McLaren, has sparked speculation.

A Chinese influencer suggested her indulgences might be tied to a Southeast Asian ‘grey industry’ figure, adding intrigue to the controversy.



Han Feizi (韩菲紫), a 29-year-old Chinese national woman, who reportedly verbally abused nurses and police officers at a hospital in Singapore, on Tuesday (24 Oct) slapped with two additional charges for providing false information in her work permit application, claiming to be a clerk while working as a freelance hostess at various locations in the country.

The defendant was previously charged with six counts, including a public nuisance and using abusive language against public servants.

The two additional charges faced by Han specifically for contravening Section 10(1) and Section 22(1)(d) of the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act.

According to Section 10(1) of the Act, if convicted, a foreigner working without a valid work permit can be fined up to S$20,000, or imprisoned for up to two years, or both.

Under Section 22(1)(d) of the Act, providing false or misleading information or statements when applying for or renewing a work permit can result in a fine of up to S$20,000, imprisonment for up to two years, or both.

Per the allegations, on August 11th of this year, the defendant purportedly misrepresented herself as a secretary at KDL Elements Private Limited in her work permit application.

Another accusation outlined her employment as a freelance hostess at different venues from August 1st to October 11th this year, conducted without a valid work permit.

Following the initial hearing on October 13th, the defendant was granted bail by the judge, although it is understood that she remained in custody due to her inability to secure a guarantor for her release.

The judge postponed the case until Wednesday to allow the defendant to enter a plea.

Young work permit holder who afford luxurious apartment and McLaren

The recent case has once again prompted Singapore to question how the Chinese woman was granted a work permit in the country, and how she managed to work as a freelance hostess in contravention of the permit’s terms.

The case has not only captured attention on Singaporean social media but has also sparked discussions on the Chinese social media platform Douyin.

Numerous Chinese influencers and netizens have actively commented on the case, with some calling on the 29-year-old to adhere to Singaporean laws and urging her to treat all individuals equally, irrespective of their occupation.

Particularly noteworthy is the insight provided by a Chinese influencer from Macau, who has shed light on the reality of China’s “grey industry” and its expansion into other countries, such as Singapore.

In the video, the influencer, known by the name “Macau’s Xiaoping (澳门小颖)” noted that the 29-year-old accused has 250,000 followers on Douyin, yet is described as “presenting an outwardly decent appearance but exhibiting a troubling personality.”

Reportedly residing in a luxurious apartment opposite ByteDance’s headquarters and driving a McLaren, Han Feizi’s extravagant lifestyle has come under scrutiny.

In a previous statement dated 13th October, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) revealed that on October 3rd, Han was allegedly inebriated and was escorted by The Sail at Marina Bay’s security team to her unit.

It was alleged that she pushed one of the security officers on the shoulder, verbally abused him, and pulled his tie.

This condominium, if leased, demands S$6800 per month. If purchased, it carries a hefty price tag of S$14 million.

Given her status as a work permit holder who claimed to be employed as a clerk, questions arise concerning her ability to afford such a lavish lifestyle.


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Chinese influencer exposes the dark side of the “grey industry”

According to Xiaoping, the internet celebrity in question embodies the quintessential characteristics of the ‘grey industry.’

“What is the ‘grey industry’? It refers to those who exploit legal loopholes to engage in activities that harm society and are illegal, ” explained Xiaoping.

“They involve online scams, money laundering, drug trafficking, kidnapping for organ harvesting, and other lucrative yet dangerous activities. ”

While these endeavours promise substantial profits, they come with significant risks. Consequently, practitioners often traverse borders in search of safer havens, with Southeast Asia serving as a crucial base for many.

Xiaoping’s account is corroborated by a recent report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), which sheds light on how certain affluent individuals have been implicated in online scams, fraud, and trafficking within Southeast Asia. Some may even be complicit in funding or facilitating these illicit operations.

When discussing Han Feizi, Xiaoping postulated that she might have been associated with the ‘grey industry.’

“During her time in China, she was involved with wealthy benefactors, receiving material luxuries in exchange,” Xiaoping revealed.

However, with China’s recent economic downturn, these financial supporters likely encountered hardships, prompting Han to possibly follow them abroad.

Upon her arrival in Singapore, she purportedly continued her activities under the guise of a fashion blogger, utilizing the platform to attract clients and promote her services.

While she has signed with a lower-tier Multi-Channel Networks agency, her monthly earnings are modest. Xiaoping suggested that this does not concern her, as her primary income reportedly stems from alternative sources.

Xiaoping suspected that Han’s lavish accommodations and high-end vehicle were not acquired through her own means but were provided by her boss, possibly a prominent figure within the Southeast Asian ‘grey industry,’ boasting an extensive network of business and connections.

“He holds numerous identities and properties in Singapore, and has sponsored the internet celebrity with a guarantor job permit, facilitating her legal residence in Singapore.”

However, this permit does not align with her purported activities. Any potential discovery could undoubtedly spell trouble.

“While the internet celebrity may appear glamorous, she is, in reality, a manipulated pawn,” Xiaoping asserted.

Devoid of property or a stable identity, she lacks genuine companionship or emotional support and remains vulnerable to potential abandonment or punishment at any given moment, casting a shadow over her future.

In addressing Han’s conduct, Xiaoping emphasized the need to respect the work and dignity of every individual, whether they are nurses, security guards, or bus drivers. Each one contributes significantly to society and deserves protection and respect.

Disregarding this fundamental principle could potentially lead to a fate similar to that of the female internet celebrity, resulting in legal repercussions and public censure.

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many such cases. and ban tiktoks.
also polis and pappies too busy “fixing” oppo, to deal with this amirite?

Is this one of the reasons why the gov allowed the population to grow SO FAST after the covid is over?

(Re: Our total population has increased more than 10% since the covid restrictions were lifted… and still rising. Someone seems in a hurry, hor? No wonder they start to tell us to conserve water, electricity – sudden rise in demand, how can current infrastructure cope?)

SGov better check her whether she has any link to the fujian gang in money laundering.

purportedly misrepresented herself as a secretary at KDL Elements Private Limited in her work permit application…”


So, is SPF/Shamni/MOM/PMO investigating KDL Elements PL for vowing for her in order to get work permit? Maybe that is the agency which provides “free-lance” hostesses at lavish parties at spacious Ridout bungalow, hor? Big names in that area, so MOM quickly issued permit?

Easy lah. This either have sugar DADDY or some atas class prostitute.What other avenues can one delve into to afford a life like this?

PAP knows how many pubic hairs, who shaved and who did not.
But, all other things blur sotong ( pretending of course).

They even know how many and what type of medicine.. but work pass.. employment pass, dependent’s pass, long term pass… all pretend they dont know…

Expensive administrators we pay…..

Is Han a victim of trafficking? So have the police caught her, “boss.” ? Once again failure by MOM and Ministry of Law. If this was China, we may be reading next of the disappearance of the Minister of Manpower and the Minister of Law.

PAP well known loop holes. They closed 2 eyes just to collect levies while FREE LANCE HOSTESSS CUM CLERK CUM CUM…Han Feizi …COLLECT S$250 per shot or $350 for 2 shots.
S$1000 one shot if RAW!😆😆😆😆😆😆

这就是小黑,比不过大黑。同样做一些黑事, 但一个被唾骂而另一个不有一点指责。

This is what I call Black in Ranks. Same doing all the Black deeds. Yet the Father who raped four daughters was spare the harrassment from public while this “black listed girl” has to endure all the harrassment, digged into her past, condemn by nurses, police and so on … Just becos some ppl dun LIkE HER. If medical assistance is not render to her just becos the public and overlord dun like her. Is that FAIR?!?

Cornering others or Bully doesn’t make the society any Better.

Grey oso another Club by the Upper Class Caste. Exactly “Macau’s Xiaoping (澳门小颖)” noted that the 29-year-old accused has 250,000 followers on Douyin”. Where did all her fans or followers go? Not one can bail her out. Abandoned by her overlords and followers so do the society need to add more insults or throw more stones?!? Will it help her be better, somemore this articles repeated many times with numerous ppl only speaking about her ills. Why Gutzy don’t put an articles about the Father who raped his four daughters. Why shield him from being “scolded” by public opinions BUT… Read more »