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Woman nearly killed by flying debris from passing crane in Ang Mo Kio, family seeks good Samaritans that had stepped in to help

A 60-year-old woman narrowly avoided a life-threatening incident when a metal shard struck her throat at an Ang Mo Kio construction site. Her daughter-in-law is now on a mission to thank the kind strangers who came to her aid.



SINGAPORE: A 60-year-old woman narrowly escaped a life-threatening situation at a construction site in Ang Mo Kio when a metal shard suddenly struck her in the throat on Sep 29.

The woman’s daughter-in-law, Noris, is now on a mission to locate and express gratitude to four kind-hearted individuals who came to the rescue.

Woman injured by flying debris

Noris explained that the incident occurred at Block 646, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, as her mother-in-law was walking along a walkway enclosed by construction hoarding.

As she approached a bus stop, a construction worker halted her, warning of an approaching crane.

While the crane was in transit, she was struck by flying debris, causing a severe injury to her neck.

To avoid being hit by more debris, the elderly woman quickly walked towards a staircase between an open-air car park and Block 646 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6.

It was at that moment her mother-in-law felt a sharp pain on the left side of her neck and realised she was bleeding profusely.

“Experiencing pain on the left side of her neck, she applied pressure to the wound and sat down, shocked by the ordeal.

“She called out to the site worker to request an ambulance, but unfortunately, he did not respond and returned to the construction site,” she said.

Good Samaritans offered assistance to the injured woman

Frightened and bleeding, the elderly woman sought help.

Luckily, a couple passing by noticed her condition.

“She called out to them to stop as she was bleeding heavily. Concerned for her safety, they immediately rushed to her side and upon learning of her situation, called for an ambulance,” Noris explained.

In a stroke of luck, a Grab rider also happened to be passing by and was approached for assistance.

Additionally, a compassionate nurse came forward and applied vital first aid, staunching the bleeding until paramedics arrived.

The elderly woman was subsequently sent to Khoo Teck Puar Hospital for care.

Noris told Stomp and Shin Min Daily News that a doctor said the metal shard struck very close to a major vein.

The doctor emphasized that the situation could have easily turned fatal.

The family of the injured woman is profoundly thankful to these four good samaritans whose swift and selfless actions saved her life.

Now, Noris seeks to find and express their gratitude to these compassionate individuals who made all the difference during this terrifying ordeal.

Statement from LTA

A spokesperson from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said that they are aware of the incident that transpired while a crane was in transit between two construction sites.

The LTA spokesperson stated, “The crane movement was carried out in a controlled manner, and pedestrians were kept a distance away from where the crane crossed.”

The spokesperson also noted that investigations into the incident are currently underway, and in collaboration with their contractor, they are actively engaged in providing support to the injured pedestrian after her release from the hospital.

Construction site believed to be for Singapore’s new North-South Corridor

According to Shin Min, the construction site was part of the ambitious North-South Corridor (NSC) project.

The NSC, spanning 21.5 kilometers, will serve several towns, including Sembawang, Yishun, Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh, Novena, and Rochor.

This project not only promises better connectivity but also aims to reduce congestion along the north-south transportation route while fostering new developments.

The NSC is scheduled to be completed in phases, with full operation expected by 2027.

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