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Tharman Shanmugaratnam calls for “dignified and honourable contest”

Former People’s Action Party senior minister, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, emphasizes a “dignified and honourable” presidential race, focusing on a fairer, compassionate, and inclusive Singapore.



SINGAPORE: Former People’s Action Party senior minister, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, aged 66, has expressed his anticipation for a “dignified and honourable” presidential race that hinges on the value each candidate brings to Singapore and its future trajectory.

The sentiment was shared in his two-minute thank-you speech at the People’s Association headquarters this Tuesday, following his successful nomination.

In his address, Mr Tharman set forth his vision for the nation’s challenging days ahead, articulating, “Rather than novel positions, I run on a lifelong commitment to fostering a fairer, more compassionate, and inclusive Singapore. This dedication is what I believe makes our nation unique.”

Mr Tharman is among the trio of candidates, which includes ex-GIC investment head, Ng Kok Song, and former NTUC Income chief, Tan Kin Lian, both 75 years old, who have thrown their hats in the ring for the upcoming presidential election scheduled for 1 September.

Stressing the motivations behind his candidacy, Mr Tharman told the media, “I am running on the basis of a long-held purpose in my life, that I believe in a fairer, more compassionate, and more inclusive society… Singapore can be special.”

He emphasized his commitment to Singapore’s future, alluding to impending challenges and the role he envisions in helping navigate them.

He said, “I have entered this contest to offer all my experience and capabilities… so that I can serve Singaporeans in the role of president, with all my heart.”

In the wake of Mr Tan’s allegations suggesting that Mr Tharman and his supporters were orchestrating a “smear campaign” against him, Mr Tharman swiftly rebutted, asserting his and his supporters’ innocence. Mr Tan has since retracted these claims.

Distinguishing his campaign, Mr Tharman unveiled a pineapple as his emblem, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune.

In a heartfelt moment with supporters, chants of “Ong lai!” were met with enthusiastic replies of “huat ah!”, celebrating prosperity.

Mr Tharman’s response to Mr Ng’s comparison of their contest to “David and Goliath” was heartfelt. He reframed Singapore as the true David in a world dominated by Goliaths, underscoring the importance of strong representation in these trying times.

Regarding his campaign plans, Mr Tharman remained resolute, stating his intention to continue his over two-decade-long tradition of directly engaging with Singaporeans.

“I’m not going to change my personality,” he asserted.

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Pray for Tan Kin Lian to win!
CB (cuckoo bird) tells me: Dear fellow Singaporeans, Any difference if you vote pappy or opposition parties now? Food prices , BTO prices still increased…………….
Thank you CB !

Tharman should shut his mouth as it is doing more damage to him than good. Now he sounds SO INSINCERE, suddenly talking of “dignified and honorable”: 1) Was the last PE dignified and honorable? Most voters was indignified not to be given a chance to voice their opinion. A public referendum should have had been held if there was only 1 qualified candidate (and that candidate was also pap preferred choice too). Did Tharman say anything then? 2) After GE2020, Loong insulted voters by calling them Free Riders. Is that dignified and honorable behavior? Again, did Tharman say anything? 3)… Read more »

Lets see….

My advice to PLP’ers and Ball lickers : Time to wake up

TCB: This is you only chance now.

Vote TKL !!!

Wow!! I see so many PLP’ers there ! LoL

They wont be bothered to ask why MAS lost $30.8 billions and why he resign?

Can’t blame them.

Anyway good luck.

Please don’t cry if Tan Kin Lian wins !!!

TKL ! TKL! TKL ! TKL ! TKL !!!!

Botak speech sounds simply idealistic and lofty.

In the end, it would be just empty promises

And he knows it too well in his heart coz he is 100% pappy. Nothing will change lah!!

Tarman “I am running on the basis of a long-held purpose in my life, that I believe in a fairer, more compassionate, and more inclusive society… Singapore can be special.” He had rather novel intention but in which position will he be able to fulfil same better? An executive PM or a toothless President? He could betray the requested mandate that his constituents given him by resigning half way through and going for something bigger, what makes you think he will not betray Singaporeans for something bigger if he become President? The above speaks volume of this person character and… Read more »

Singapore’s presidents 9 August 1965–23 November 1970: Yusof bin Ishak46 2 January 1971–12 May 1981: Benjamin Henry Sheares47 24 October 1981–28 March 1985: Devan Nair48 2 September 1985–1 September 1993: Wee Kim Wee49 1 September 1993–31 August 1999: Ong Teng Cheong50 1 September 1999–31 August 2011: S. R. Nathan51 1 September 2011–31 August 2017: Tony Tan Keng Yam52 14 September 2017–: Halimah Yacob Malay 5 yrs Others 10 yrs Chinese 20 yrs Indian 22 yrs Already we have had Indians as president for 22 yrs. If you add Tharman if he wins it will be 28 yrs. Singapore independent only… Read more »