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Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s Pledge: A Fairer, Compassionate, and Inclusive Singapore

Amidst the charged political climate, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, former People’s Action Party senior minister, shares his vision for a compassionate and inclusive Singapore in his post-nomination speech.

Contemplating the uncertainties that lie ahead for Singapore, Mr Tharman spotlighted his extensive national and international experience and said, he vows to “serve Singaporeans with all my heart in the forthcoming times.”



The political atmosphere in Singapore is palpable, with three candidates stepping forward to contend for the nation’s ninth elected president.

Former GIC investment chief, Mr Ng Kok Song, 75, former People’s Action Party senior minister, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, 66, and former NTUC Income chief, Mr Tan Kin Lian, 75, successfully filed their nomination papers on Tuesday before the noon deadline.

This was announced by the Returning Officer, Mr Tan Meng Dui, at the nomination centre located in the People’s Association headquarters in Jalan Besar.

Subsequent to the nomination, Mr Tharman delivered an impactful two-minute speech, where he emphasized a campaign deeply rooted in dignity, experience, and a sustained commitment to carving a more equitable Singapore.

In his address, Mr Tharman set forth his vision for the nation’s challenging days ahead, articulating, “Rather than novel positions, I run on a lifelong commitment to fostering a fairer, more compassionate, and inclusive Singapore. This dedication is what I believe makes our nation unique.”

Opening his speech in the four official languages of Singapore, he contemplated the uncertainties that lie ahead and spotlighted his extensive national and international experience.

He stated, “Given the challenging path ahead, I’ve chosen to leverage my decades of experience in service to Singapore and its people.”

With profound earnestness, he concluded, “As president, I vow to serve Singaporeans with all my heart in the forthcoming times.”

Mr Tharman’s supporters donned maroon-coloured clothing and carried pineapples, symbolizing their support for the candidate, whose official emblem in this presidential election is a pineapple. He was accompanied by his wife, Jane Yumiko Ittogi at the nomination centre.

The three officially recognized candidates are now set to launch their dynamic campaigns, all leading up to the decisive polling day on 1 September, which has been declared a public holiday.

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Not just 35 opposition or coliation government,they should be out completely,all MPs.Not even one pap mp debate Ridout clause 3.1&3.2 rigousroly and ask for punishment.Pardon me if any mp have done.Even own members of Trump and Boris Johnson did something when things go not right .Yes Desmond Lee,we are trying to have a change of government!Vote for Tan kin Lian regardless whether he is going to do anything,we just want to dampen their confidence and let them know Singapore is not their playground when they can interpret stone casted rules and guidelines.Example-ridout case.And Mr Tan kin Lian,hope you don’t let… Read more »

Did Tharman advised his Boss to use pineapples during GE2020? Maybe if he had, his boss would have gotten a strong mandate, then don’t have to scold us as Free Riders, hor. Such fiduciary duty as a Snr Minister also never do, can he oversees our reserves or not?

Dear Tharman: Using pineapples does not help your elections. You should tell the people: Trust Me better. What do you think? tsk tsk tsk

We all want a non-partisan President. Did you listen to the ground?

Pls go and check out LT Facebook.

They will not hesitate to do COI (Commission of Inquiry) on TKL allegations of pretty women character smears.

Vote wisely. Don’t be caught by fancy words: $1000 can afford HDB flats.

I have confidence in TKL !! to be our next President. Any jealous comments here?

I ask you, who has the most experience in dealing with our reserves? TKL who only look at pretty girls?

Forgot to add in one of the roles : Cut ribbon. tsk tsk tsk

Singapore’s presidents 9 August 1965–23 November 1970: Yusof bin Ishak46 2 January 1971–12 May 1981: Benjamin Henry Sheares47 24 October 1981–28 March 1985: Devan Nair48 2 September 1985–1 September 1993: Wee Kim Wee49 1 September 1993–31 August 1999: Ong Teng Cheong50 1 September 1999–31 August 2011: S. R. Nathan51 1 September 2011–31 August 2017: Tony Tan Keng Yam52 14 September 2017–: Halimah Yacob Malay 5 yrs Others 10 yrs Chinese 20 yrs Indian 22 yrs Already we have had Indian as presidents for 22 yrs. If you add Tharman if he wins it will be 28 yrs. Singapore independent only… Read more »

“…. fostering a fairer, more compassionate, and inclusive Singapore..” . Hello Tharman that not even your job scope!

Remember, “RESERVE “?

A vote for Tharman is a vote for Halimah. Why waste your vote?

CB (cuckoo bird) tells me: Never trust someone who tells you heart surgery is $8 , $1000 salary can buy HDB flat.

Thank you CB !!!

Enough of foreigner imports +CECAsians…..Please don’t tell us about UNITY !!!

Dear Mr Tharman !

Sorry I am not voting for you or Mr Ng Kok Song !


❤ Election: 1. We do not get to Choose candidates to step forward to run for election. They choose themselves. 2. So we only get to make use of the Voting to express our stand. 3. Vote to show A. disapproval of excessive Elitism B. Reserves Secretcy which allows future gov turned rogue to Hide all major losses from the Trusting People. Secretcy policy allows fastest way to bankrupt the reserves. C. Vote against candidates that are friends of the 1st Key holder which defeats the purpose of 2-key system. D. Vote to stop Further Erosion of Good Governance. Use… Read more »

“The devil is in the details”. How exactly does he measure Fairness? Compassion? Inclusiveness? How the devil does tharman put these lofty motherhood statements into real life actions? Let’s just consider this example: how is it fair for politicians to immorally collect obscene millions of dollars through salaries, bonuses upon bonuses, board fees, and god knows what other fees they pay themselves with our taxpayers monies, while denying the bottom rungs of society even a decent living wage? How is that even fair, tharman? Are you going to change this unfairness? Otherwise, compassion and inclusiveness, together with your fairness claim,… Read more »

Plea Deal With Earth Alliance, Or What?

Situation In Earth Year 2023. Benevolent Half: EARTH ALLIANCE = Military Coalition With U S Navy Solar Warden XXX Malevolent Half: DEEP STATE = MIEC*CIA*MJ12*NSA*V@tican*NWO.

If So, It Can Only Be Best For SG.

Coconut only said what, but never say HOW.

These motherhood statements are so generic and easy to articulate, lacking in specific and sound hollow.

In other words, they don’t mean much to ordinary Singaporeans.

❤ I don’t care about any of the candidates. We do not get to choose who to step forward to contest. Candidates do that themselves.

We only get to cast a vote. *I vote simply for these purposes* :

1. Show my disapproval for Reserves Secretcy.
Opacity and lack of Accountability.

2. Displeasure of Elitism.

3. Disapproval of candidates perceivably linked to establishment and lacking independence.

I am only using it as a Referendum. So I am just using the candidate name to show my displeasure.

What he is saying is that Boss assigned him to do damage control for the Kayu Son’s incompetency: 1) last PE was kelong case, so now Tharman is put forward as a “see-give-servants-chance-to-vote” case. 2) Singaporeans were not treated fairly (displaced by foreigners in jobs), received no compassion (you want to eat in hawker center, food court or restaurant) and excluded from the right to vote (Kelong President selected for us, no say). Now they expect us to be grateful, talk of fairer, compassionate and inclusive, after paying themselves million$ salary for past near 20 years. So easy to see… Read more »

We keep hearing this..

Inclusive means more CECAsians? more foreigners to work here?

Oh now I remember : $1000 salary can own a HDB flat?

Okok Thank you

But sorry: We do want only a NON-PARTISAN PRESIDENT ! HOW? tsk tsk tsk

What is fairer, more compassionate and inclusive mean? This is not an EP’s function. So it actually means nothing. He has nothing to offer.