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Support for Ganjar Pranowo grows among Indonesian diaspora in New Jersey

Indonesian diaspora in the US rallied behind Ganjar Pranowo’s presidential bid, citing his leadership and commitment to democracy.



NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES: The wave of support for Ganjar Pranowo continues to surge, this time finding a voice among Indonesian citizens residing in the United States.

These citizens, hailing from various professions, have united under the banner of “USA for Ganjar Pranowo,” a national consolidation effort of Indonesian expatriates in the US.

Against the iconic backdrop of the Statue of Liberty at Liberty State Park in New Jersey, a group of Indonesian expatriates gathered on last Saturday (5 Aug) at 11 AM local time.

Declaration of support

Dressed in red and white attire, symbolizing the Indonesian flag, and donning shirts with distinctive vertical black-and-white stripes—the hallmark of Ganjar Pranowo’s campaign—they declared their unequivocal support for Ganjar’s candidacy in the 2024 Presidential Election.

Ganjar Pranowo’s campaign uniform, featuring vertical black and white stripes, has garnered attention for its distinct design. The attire, described as a representation of President Joko Widodo’s message on courage, is said to symbolize Ganjar’s stance as an individual and his association with his volunteers. However, the uniform has faced criticism for its resemblance to Nazi prisoner clothing, according to legal experts. Ganjar Pranowo himself explained that these stripes symbolize the volunteers and his own principles.

These diaspora members are dressed in red and white tones, adorned with striped shirts that have become a distinctive feature of Ganjar Pranowo’s campaign attire.

Resounding Endorsement for Ganjar

In a unified voice, the Indonesian diaspora in New Jersey expressed their endorsement of Ganjar Pranowo’s candidacy, transitioning from referring to him as “Jokowi” to “Ganjar” on their shirts as a symbolic gesture of support.

Prominent Indonesian figure in New Jersey, Eddie Prasetyo, asserted that Ganjar Pranowo is the sole fitting choice to lead Indonesia in 2024.

He emphasized Ganjar’s commitment to the constitution and his unwavering stand against ambiguity, asserting that Ganjar is the only choice capable of leading Indonesia into the future.

The enthusiasm among the supporters was palpable throughout the declaration event, and their discussions highlighted Ganjar’s commitment to democracy and his consistent stance against intolerance and radicalism.

Eddie expressed hope that the diaspora’s declaration could resonate with voters in Indonesia, urging them to entrust Indonesia’s future to Ganjar.

Ganjar’s Complete Package

Irwan Rustiawan, an Indonesian expatriate and private sector employee, echoed the sentiments of many by hailing Ganjar Pranowo as a comprehensive candidate due to his two-term tenure as the Central Java Governor. According to Irwan, Ganjar is not just a successor but also the embodiment of Indonesia’s future leadership.

Ganjar Pranowo

Unity and discussion for the future

The declaration event concluded with a traditional Indonesian lunch, followed by a brief discussion about the diaspora’s future programs. Additionally, “USA for Ganjar Pranowo” has organized 14 such declarations across the US since Ganjar’s announcement as a presidential candidate.

The group also initiated a virtual global collaboration, “World for Ganjar,” spanning continents since June 2023.

As the diaspora’s support for Ganjar Pranowo gathers momentum, the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election in Indonesia promises to be a crucial juncture in the nation’s democratic history.

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