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Ganjar-Mahfud cap off the last campaign with Solo and Semarang rallies

Ganjar-Mahfud concluded their dynamic Central Java campaign with fervent rallies in Solo and Semarang. Emphasizing democracy and economic justice, the duo engaged thousands, promising fair governance, moral leadership, and commitment to fulfilling people’s rights.



ganjar mahfud campaign in solo and semarang

INDONESIA: In contrast to the other two candidate pairs who organized the last campaign in Jakarta, presidential and vice-presidential candidate pair number three, Ganjar Pranowo-Mahfud MD, wrapped up their extensive campaign on Saturday (10 Feb) in Solo and Semarang, Central Java.

The campaign kicked off in the morning in Solo and concluded later in the day in Semarang.

Arsjad Rasjid, Chairman of the Ganjar-Mahfud National Winning Team (TPN), elucidated that the selection of these two cities holds symbolic significance.

They are emblematic of Ganjar as the rightful heir to the presidential legacy of Joko Widodo, the current President of the Republic of Indonesia.

Ganjar-Mahfud rally gains momentum in Solo: Calls for ‘total win’ and voter engagement

The Ganjar-Mahfud duo orchestrated a significant campaign event at Vastenburg Fort in Solo, Central Java, drawing participants from the ‘Hajatan Rakyat’, a prominent initiative for the 2024 presidential election.

The mobilization began as early as 5:30 am, with crowds steadily converging and filling Jalan Jenderal Sudirman from the Gladag roundabout to the front of Solo City Hall.

Ganjar Mahfud in Solo

(Photo: Twitter/Ganjar Pranowo)

Presidential Candidate number three, Ganjar Pranowo, expressed gratitude for the extraordinary support received from the people of Solo Raya and emphasized the need for a resounding victory in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election.

During his oration at the ‘Hajatan Rakyat’, Ganjar called for a “total win”, asserting the power of the people to shape their stance on 14 February.

Highlighting the unique identity of Solo and Central Java, Ganjar remarked on the distinctive cultural and artistic flair of Solo.

He underscored the significance of the number three, the serial number representing him and Mahfud as presidential and vice-presidential candidates, embodying obedience to God, the law, and unwavering loyalty to the will of the people.

Ganjar encouraged supporters to actively engage in the voting process on 14 February, urging them to safeguard polling stations and emphasizing the importance of every vote as “God’s voice”.

Additionally, he called on sympathizers to rally their friends and family to cast their votes for number three.

Expressing confidence in the neutrality of Indonesian National Army (TNI), the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia and the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) officers in the upcoming elections, Ganjar anticipated a fair and impartial electoral process.

Following the campaign in Solo, Ganjar-Mahfud and their team proceeded to Semarang for the next phase of their campaign.

Ganjar-Mahfud unveil solutions for democracy and economic justice at Semarang campaign

The ‘Hajatan Rakyat’ campaign in Semarang commenced at 01:00 pm, reaching its pinnacle at Pancasila Square, Simpang Lima, Central Java.

Ganjar Mahfud in Semarang

(Photo: Twitter/Ganjar Pranowo)

Vice presidential candidate number three, Mahfud MD, took the stage during the grand campaign in Semarang, addressing the gathered supporters.

Mahfud acknowledged the extensive nationwide tour conducted by himself and Ganjar, covering over 450 points across Indonesia since November 2023.

Speaking in front of hundreds of thousands of supporters, Mahfud identified two major concerns affecting many: the ominous shadow cast over democracy and the erosion of economic justice.

Expressing his apprehensions, Mahfud outlined the perceived threats to Indonesian democracy, citing the rampant spread of corruption, misuse of the law, and manipulation of the constitution.

Furthermore, he emphasized the challenges faced by the people’s economy, with growing difficulties exacerbated by increasing corruption and the encroachment of economic cartels.

In response to these challenges, Ganjar-Mahfud put forth three fundamental solutions as their commitment to overcoming these issues.

Firstly, they pledged to uphold and strengthen democracy, ensuring fair law enforcement, zero tolerance for corruption, and equal opportunities for a better life for all citizens.

Secondly, Ganjar-Mahfud vowed to be leaders guided by conscience and the interests of the people, emphasizing that they are not burdened by moral flaws or haunted by past mistakes.

Lastly, they promised to fulfill the social, economic, and cultural rights of the people, assuring that the trust placed in them would not be betrayed.

Mahfud concluded by urging all Indonesians to vigilantly hold them accountable for their promises, emphasizing their commitment to transparency and accountability in fulfilling the pledges made during the campaign.

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Consumers are political exploit.You can’t achieve “God’s voice” through the “will of consumers” or in the polling station.  The head is not offering himself as a “sacrifice” because he said he is worth the money. The head, instead, is offering himself “as a god”(the mouth of god – his oration)  at “the pinnacle of power” to the people in the House. This political marriage did not work or has not worked  in the past and certainly will fail to achieve “incorruptibility” unless you are dumb enough to boast, while still in power, by shutting up everyone with the law of Sin.  “He… Read more »