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‘Dirty Vote’ documentary exposes alleged fraud in the 2024 Indonesia Election

Controversial ‘Dirty Vote’ documentary, directed by Dandhy Dwi Laksono, exposes alleged fraud in the 2024 Indonesian election, emphasizing the misuse of power. The film urges public awareness and collaboration against election irregularities.



dirty vote

INDONESIA: A recently released documentary film, “Dirty Vote,” produced by three constitutional law experts—Bivitri Susanti, Feri Amsari, and Zainal Arifin Mochtar—has sparked controversy as it sheds light on alleged fraud during the 2024 general election.

The documentary, which was made public through the Dirty Vote YouTube account on Sunday (11 Feb), presents a comprehensive analysis of the election process from a legal perspective.

The official statement released on the documentary’s launch date emphasizes the experts’ examination of various instruments of power utilized to secure victory, resulting in a compromised democratic order.

The film delves into the manipulation of power to preserve the existing status quo, drawing on a plethora of facts and data.

Importantly, “Dirty Vote” does not solely focus on one pair of presidential and vice-presidential candidates but rather critiques the conduct of all three pairs involved in the election.

Bivitri Susanti, one of the constitutional law experts, characterizes “Dirty Vote” as a historical record documenting the breakdown of democracy in Indonesia.

She stresses the film’s dual narrative: first, addressing democracy not merely as an electoral process but as an examination of the fairness and adherence to constitutional values throughout the entire election process.

Second, the film explores the misuse of power through nepotism, a practice deemed incompatible with democratic principles.

According to Bivitri, public response to fraudulent practices in elections is crucial for upholding democratic ideals.

She encourages the public to voice their concerns and take action, underscoring the importance of preserving the nation’s ideals and progress.

Feri Amsari echoes a similar sentiment, asserting that the core essence of elections lies in love for one’s country.

He contends that allowing election fraud is tantamount to jeopardizing the integrity of the Indonesian nation.

In the documentary, Feri criticizes the reviewed regime for disregarding the limits of power, emphasizing that lasting power is contingent on serving the people’s interests rather than self-interest and familial considerations.

“Dirty Vote”: A collaborative effort to unveil election fraud and raise public awareness

Directed by Dandhy Dwi Laksono and produced by WatchDoc, “Dirty Vote” stands as a documentary film aiming to educate the public during the quiet period of elections.

Dandhy expressed his vision for “Dirty Vote” as a reflective spectacle, specifically timed for the serene period leading up to the election.

In a press statement on Sunday (11 Feb), he emphasized the film’s potential to serve as an educational tool for the public, fostering discussions through various spaces and forums during the crucial three days preceding the election day.

Encouraging a temporary set aside of political allegiances, Dandhy hopes that all segments of society will approach the documentary with an open mind, transcending their support for specific presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

“There are times when we become supporters of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates. But today, I want to invite everyone to watch this film as citizens,” said Dandhy, highlighting the importance of engaging with the content as informed and concerned citizens rather than focusing solely on political affiliations.

Joni Aswira, the General Chair of The Society of Indonesian Environmental Journalist (SIEJ), reveals that “Dirty Vote” not only serves as a documentary but also encapsulates the findings of election fraud research conducted by a civil society coalition.

The documentary involves a collaborative effort with 20 other institutions, including the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI), Bangsa Mahardika, New Indonesia Expedition, Ekuatorial, Indonesian People’s Faction, Greenpeace Indonesia, Indonesia Corruption Watch, Jatam, Pause for Climate, KBR, Legal Aid Press (LBH Pers), Lokataru, Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem), Salam 4 Jari, Satya Bumi, Themis Indonesia, Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi), Dewi Justice Foundation, Kurawal Foundation, and Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI).

Presidential campaign teams respond to the documentary

The Anies Baswedan-Muhaimin Iskandar Winning National Team praised the “Dirty Vote” documentary for exposing fraud in the 2024 Election.

Spokesperson, Iwan Tarigan, emphasized its educational value, revealing dirty political tactics.

The film shed light on manipulation across various authorities, urging the public to address the planned fraud and hold those responsible accountable.

The Anies-Muhaimin team encouraged citizens to safeguard democracy by punishing those involved.

The spokesperson emphasized the documentary’s role in unveiling extraordinary fraud, planned over time with significant funds, pointing fingers at the party holding key power.

The team called for societal action against deceitful politicians to protect Indonesia’s democracy.

Habiburokhman, the representative of the National Campaign Team for Prabowo Subianto-Gibran Rakabuming, criticized the “Dirty Vote” documentary, raising concerns about its credibility and accusing it of spreading slanderous content.

He expressed concern about the film’s potential to influence public punishment based on unscientific narratives.

Habiburokhman specifically disputed statements from experts within the film, challenging the legitimacy and reasoning behind their claims.

He questioned the film’s logic, particularly regarding the narrative of acting regional heads influencing votes.

Habiburokhman doubted the scientific basis of the documentary and the expertise of those involved, urging a factual discussion on fraud rather than speculative assumptions.

The Ganjar Pranowo-Mahfud MD National Winning Team viewed the “Dirty Vote” documentary positively for political education.

Legal Deputy, Todung Mulya Lubis, appreciated the film’s contribution to political literacy in understanding Indonesian political dynamics.

He called for constructive criticism in response to the documentary, advocating for dialogue rather than upset reactions.

Todung discouraged criminalization in response to the film, emphasizing the importance of democracy and creativity.

He urged parties to engage in open discussions rather than resorting to legal action, recognizing democracy as a crucial element for the nation’s future.

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