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Singapore People’s Party highlights vision for strong and inclusive society on 58th National Day

Marking the 58th National Day, Singapore People’s Party (SPP) highlights unceasing progress and societal inclusivity.

SPP pledges to nurture an equitable environment, eradicating barriers for all individuals, irrespective of race or socio-economic background, while combating corruption and endorsing fair practices in workplaces and politics.



SINGAPORE: In a resounding message delivered on the occasion of the 58th National Day, the Singapore People’s Party (SPP) underscored the imperative of unceasing progress while ensuring societal strength and inclusivity.

The party’s address articulated the commitment to fostering an environment that guarantees equal opportunities for all, transcending barriers of race, religion, and socio-economic origins, enabling each individual to pursue their aspirations unhindered.

The SPP’s statement emphasized the paramount importance of tackling corruption, promoting equitable practices in both workplaces and politics, and dismantling racial biases within professional settings.

Implicit in this stance is a resolute investment in the populace, the creation of premium employment prospects, and unfettered access to superior healthcare and education services.

“We also believe that Singapore needs to be open to the world. We must create a vibrant and diverse society by welcoming people from all countries and cultures. ”

“But we must also not become over-reliant on cheap foreign workers to resolve our manpower needs.”

In an address delivered on Wednesday (9 Aug), the SPP’s 11th Central Executive Committee encapsulated the spirit of unity and shared appreciation for the collective diligence and commitment of Singaporeans as they commemorated the nation’s National Day.

“It is through our collective effort that Singapore has prospered and become a world-class nation. Today, we celebrate Singapore’s 58th birthday and take pride in the many achievements of our nation in the past few decades.”

From the bedrock of world-class infrastructure and a dynamic economy to the tapestry of a vibrant culture and unwavering unity, Singapore has traversed an impressive trajectory since its independence in 1965.

“Our nation has achieved many successes and we have much to be proud of. But as we look forward, we must also recognise that there is still much work to be done.”

The party also underscored the necessity for Singaporeans to embrace diversity, harnessing the collective prowess and global insights, particularly in the face of substantial investments and dedication to AI and automation technologies.

“As we look ahead to the future, we must remember that Singapore’s progress can only be achieved through the collective effort of every Singaporeans.”

“So, let us come together and work towards a brighter future for all.”


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