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PV chief Lim Tean calls for reinvention of Singapore and advocates dismantling of “stability”narratives

In his 2023 National Day Message, Lim Tean of the People’s Voice party called for Singapore’s reinvention, advocating the dismantling of “stability” narratives.

He urged embracing change for a brighter future, encouraging renewal through the upcoming Presidential and General Elections.



SINGAPORE: In his 2023 National Day Message, Lim Tean, the leader of the People’s Voice party, emphasized the need for Singapore to undergo a process of reinvention. He stressed that the prevailing narratives of “stability” promoted by the PAP and the establishment should be dismantled.

Lim Tean highlighted that only when Singaporeans gather the courage to embrace change can a brighter future be secured for both the current and upcoming generations.

“Let us start our reinvention and renewal this coming Presidential Election and let us make further progress in the next General Elections. ”

As Singapore marked its 58th year, Lim Tean pointed out a notable decline in the nation’s status over the past decade.

“Our neighbours, such as Indonesia, have made impressive strides in their economic and social progress, but Singaporeans are probably at their lowest ebb since we achieved Independence. ”

“Our people look on forlornly as the crushing burden of inflation saps the national spirit, exacerbated by a government which only adds to their burdens through incessant hikes in taxes and fees such as GST and S&CC. ”

He expressed concern that soaring property prices increasingly obstruct young families, evidenced by a dismal Total Fertility Rate of 1.05.

In a recent Facebook post, Lim Tean highlighted that recent governmental scandals have further exacerbated the challenges faced by Singaporeans, eroding trust and giving rise to cynicism toward the elites and establishments that claim to serve the public.

“The government is bereft of fresh ideas to move our country forward. We have a tired Prime Minister who leads a tired government. ”

“More than ever, our Nation and people need to reinvent ourselves. The stasis which has permeated our society for many long years must be scrubbed away. ”

He reiterated the need to discard the outdated narratives of “stability” propagated by the PAP and the establishment. He highlighted that embracing change is crucial for a more promising future and that this transformation should be spearheaded by a shift in the political landscape.

Concluding his message, Lim Tean conveyed the People’s Voice party’s well wishes for a joyful National Day to all Singaporeans.


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Singapore must reset! In order to go forward further for another 100 years.
Firstly, bring back and re-instill the Singapore core.
The name “Policies Against People (PAP)” has said it all these few decades and it is getting absurd.
The people has voiced out “Enough is Enough! (EIE)”….lol.

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