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Netizens amused by motorcyclist’s unusual method of transporting stingray on his back in Singapore

In a display of remarkable ingenuity, a motorcyclist in Singapore has captured attention for his extraordinary feat of transporting an entire stingray atop his motorcycle.

The photo showcased the stingray securely fastened to the man’s back, which led to humorous comparisons with in-game buffs and abilities.



SINGAPORE: A motorcyclist in Singapore gained widespread attention recently for his unique method of transporting a complete stingray on his motorcycle.

Reddit user (u/neslo_ice) shared the photo on the r/Singapore subreddit of the social media platform, with many amused by the man’s nonchalant demeanour in performing such an act.

Stringray strapped to the back of a motorcyclist

In the photo, the man was spotted with the stingray securely fastened to his back using ropes, resembling a backpack.

While many found the man’s action entertaining, some also raised concerns about the hygienic aspect of transporting the stingray in that manner since there was no plastic cover or container used to safeguard it.

Video game reference joke

Reddit commenters made jokes about the stingray granting buffs to the man as if it were an item in a video game.

One user humorously remarked that the stingray would grant the man “Armor 10+” or “Charisma -5 or +5,” depending on its scent or how impressive it appeared.

Someone joked how the man is playing Monster Hunter World video game in real life, while another asked how to get this unique stringray “skin” as they have been searching the whole map (everywhere) for it.

“Smoked” stringray

In addition to the jests, another user advised the man to securely wrap the stingray in something, as leaving it open like that could lead to contamination

He pointed out that traveling on the road at high speeds would likely expose the fish to air pollutants, leading to contamination.

In response, someone humorously quipped that the stingray had transformed into an actual street food, as the smoke from the street added flavor to what they now called “smoked stingray.”

Meanwhile, some also questioned how they noticed that the typically prominent tail of a stingray was nowhere to be seen in the picture.

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