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Meiji brings Japanese snack Chocorooms and Uproll to Singapore in exciting launch

Meiji unveils plans to introduce popular Japanese snacks Chocorooms and Uproll in Singapore.

These delectable treats, celebrated through anime-inspired videos, are set to captivate Singaporean palates. The snacks, known for their distinct flavors and shape will be showcased at a Fantastical Journey Experiential Showcase at Jurong Point from the 21st to the 27th of August 2023,



SINGAPORE: Meiji has officially revealed that two of their highly popular snacks from Japan, namely Chocorooms and Uproll, are set to be introduced in Singapore.

In a recent media statement on Monday (14 Aug), Meiji proudly unveiled their plans to make these two snacks available at leading retailers across Singapore soon.

“Konnichiwa! Chocorooms and Uproll have taken a fantastical journey through gardens and galaxies to arrive in Singapore,” they announce in the statement.

Notably, both Chocorooms, and Uproll are Halal-certified snacks.

Anime-inspired brand videos

To celebrate the introduction of Chocorooms and Uproll in Singapore, Meiji has marked the occasion with the unveiling of two anime-inspired promotional videos titled “A Fantastical Journey.”

These videos depict the captivating narrative of Kinoyama-san, hailing from the Chocorooms domain, and Uproll-chan, originating from the Uproll realm, both of whom have arrived in our garden city.

The short story of both Uproll-chan and Kinoyama-san are available on Meiji Singapore’s Youtube and their other official social media platforms.

Meiji “Uproll-ing in the deep” 

The promotional video for Meiji’s Uproll snack, titled “uproll-ing in the deep,” features Uproll-chan portrayed as a bunny traversing the galaxies, encountering Kinoyama-san along the way, and eventually landing in “Singapore.” 

The snack itself presents a delectable blend of milk and strawberry chocolate flavors, forming a confection that has garnered substantial popularity among diverse Japanese consumers ever since its initial release in 1969. In FY2021, Uproll achieved impressive sales figure in Japan, totaling 5 billion yen (approximately $34.3 million).

The distinct shape of Uproll draws inspiration from the iconic Apollo spacecraft, known for its historic moon landing achievement.

Additionally, a popular fortune-telling game exists among the Japanese, involving the act of rolling the snack into their mouths.

It is believed that if one can cleanly separate the strawberry chocolate and milk chocolate segments of the snack, a positive occurrence will transpire on that very day.

Meiji’s “Make room for chocorooms”

The promotional video featuring Kinoko-san follows a comparable narrative to that of Uproll-chan, where he embarks on a cosmic journey accompanied by his guitar, leading him to a meeting with Uproll-chan.

The confectionery named Chocorooms, also known as “Kinoko no Yama,” has garnered enduring affection from the Japanese populace for a considerable duration.

Featuring a unique fusion of chocolate and cracker, crafted into mushroom-shaped forms, Chocorooms is widely-known all across Japan.

It comes in two delightful options: Milk and Strawberry chocolate flavors.

Matsuoka Tatsuya, Sales & Marketing Deputy Director of Meiji Seika Singapore, expresses his excitement about introducing two of Meiji’s most popular snacks from Japan to Singapore.

“Chocorooms and Uproll have taken a fantastical journey to arrive here, and I think Singaporeans will be delighted to try these beloved locally-produced snacks,” he said. 

A Fantastical Journey Experiential Showcase

To commemorate this significant launch, Meiji is organizing a Fantastical Journey Experiential Showcase at Jurong Point from the 21st to the 27th of August 2023, offering a product sampling pop-up experience.

Attendees can enjoy Instagram-worthy spots, engage in carnival games related to the products, and have the chance to win merchandise.

Guests have the opportunity to participate in the Rubik’s Cube Challenge, aiming to solve a 3-by-3 Rubik’s Cube within given time limit.

Successful completion of the challenge rewards participants with exclusive merchandise, available in limited quantities.

Redemption follows a first-come, first-served approach and is contingent upon successfully completing the Rubik’s Cube Challenge.

Members of the public are welcome to visit the pop-up at the Level 1 Atrium, Jurong Point, from 21-27 August 2023.

Public access will be allowed from 2 pm to 8.30 pm on the 21st and 11 am to 8.30 pm on all other days.

Admission is free.

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