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Car driver confronts motorcyclist, forcing stop on Pasir Panjang Road

A viral road rage video featuring a motorcyclist and car driver has ignited netizen discussions due to the driver’s repeated collision attempts near Pasir Panjang Road on 10 August.

Shared footage unveils the altercation’s origin when the car nearly collided with the motorcyclist emerging from a side road. The motorcyclist’s gestures triggered the driver, leading to repeated collisions. The Traffic Police reportedly arrived at the scene later and collected statements from both parties involved.



SINGAPORE: Recently, a video of road rage between a motorcyclist and a car driver went viral on social media.

The video seems to spark discussions among netizens due to the driver deliberately and repeatedly trying to collide with a motorcyclist near Pasir Panjang Road.

In a video that was shared by the motorcyclist, the car driver forced the motorcyclist to halt at the roadside and proceeded to exit the vehicle to confront him.

The motorcyclist also shared more footage of the incident taken by his camera which unveils the road rage started when the car narrowly avoided colliding with the motorcyclist as it emerged from a side road.

Then, the motorcyclist lifted his left arm towards the car as he expressed his frustration with a loud exclamation.

The motorcyclist’s action seemingly triggered the car driver who then accelerated swiftly behind the motorcyclist in an effort to close the gap.

As the car driver managed to approach the motorcyclist after he changed lanes, he rammed into the motorcyclist repeatedly.

During this sequence, the motorcyclist is observed making another hand gesture toward the car, which might have included the use of his finger.

After the car driver managed to stop the rider by the side of the road, he went out to confront the rider.

The car driver also seemed to be shoving the motorcyclist as he asked the motorcyclist in Mandarin, ” You are a hooligan, is it?”

The video was posted by SG Road Vigilante (SGRV) on YouTube and Facebook, stating that it happened on 10 Aug.

According to SGRV, the Traffic Police arrived promptly and collected statements from both parties involved.

Despite this, it appears that limited follow-up action was pursued, likely attributable to the absence of injuries resulting from the incident.

Netizens engage in an online debate regarding the incident

The incident has ignited a spirited debate among Singaporean netizens as they deliberate over determining culpability.

A significant portion of the comments beneath the SGRV video on Facebook unequivocally point the finger at the car driver as the responsible party.

They also listed the car driver’s road traffic violations as seen in the video.

Some others said both are guilty.

A netizen also commented that the motorcyclist is lucky to have his helmet camera on to capture the incident.

Conversely, there are also opinions expressed that attribute fault to the motorcyclist for engaging in reckless driving and employing intimidating tactics toward the driver.

A netizen believes that the driver should have his license revoked as he is driving recklessly, and is putting other people’s life at risk.

The comment also pointed out the driver is more at fault for his attempts to ram into the driver and made physical contact first.

In a collective sentiment, netizens are encouraging the motorcyclist to pursue legal action against the driver, while also urging the relevant authorities to intensify their involvement in the matter—underscored by their mass-tagging of the Singapore Police Force within the post.

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