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Cutest National Day parade: Kindergarten students’ heartwarming display melts netizens’ hearts

Singapore’s PCF Sparkletots at Keat Hong 411 showcased a heartwarming National Day parade, exuding youthful patriotism.

The students adorned themselves with costumes and props, captivating viewers. Despite diverse opinions, the event’s educational and emotional value was recognized, leaving a lasting tribute.



SINGAPORE: In a heartwarming display of patriotism and youthful exuberance, the kindergarten students of PCF Sparkletots at Keat Hong 411 took center stage with their cute National Day parade.

Celebrating Singapore’s 58th National Day, the students adorned themselves with impressive costumes and props representing the pride and joy of their country.

A captivating video, shared by @Zhul Rahim on TikTok, captured the enchanting parade. The PCF Sparkletots students marched with pride, showcasing meticulously crafted costumes and carrying charming props.

This delightful spectacle warmed the hearts of both viewers and attendees.


Our PCF SparkleTots Preschoolers from Keat Hong 411 put up an impressive National Day Parade! Thanks to all the teachers and staff for the creativity and parents for their support. Happy National Day everyone! #keathong #zhulrahim #ndp2023 🇸🇬

♬ original sound – Zhul Rahim – Zhul Rahim

Led by their parade commander, the march started out with his command “Baris sedia! Baris dari kiri (dan) kanan, cepat jalan!” he said.

After the command was given, the march started out in order of teams representing the following: Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines, Red Lions, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Singapore Navy, Singapore Air Force, Singapore Police Force, and lastly, the symbol of Singapore “Merlion.”

Kudos given to students and teachers

Commendations poured in for the dedicated educators and pupils, who collaborated to bring forth a triumphant parade.

Numerous individuals expressed their sentiment that the parade exuded undeniable cuteness, and they lauded the creative minds of the teachers responsible for conceptualizing such a brilliant and inventive idea

While a consensus exists that the parade brought a positive experience to all participants, there is one user who holds a divergent viewpoint.

The user questioned whether the parade merely serves the purpose of showcasing “cuteness,” and remarked that it appears to them as an inefficient utilization of both time and resources.

The replies consist of people countering her claims about it being a waste of time and money, asserting that it functions as a valuable educational opportunity for the students and all those engaged.

Another user replied that it is not a waste of time or money as the students and teacher may very well enjoy the process of making their props and dressing up. “The parents would enjoy the performance too,” she said.

Another user further contributed by emphasizing that the parade acts as a means of instilling awareness for future generations.

She mentioned that students should not narrow their attention exclusively to academics but should also grasp the significance of their surroundings as well. “Let them learn,” she urged.

One user also quips back by saying that the children are well aware of their actions and their cognitive abilities should not be underestimated. She concluded by affirming that the parade was indeed a commendable notion to pay tribute to the nation.

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