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Malaysian woman’s dramatic act near store sparks Bollywood comparisons and online buzz

A viral video captures a heated dispute between a couple near a store. Startlingly, the woman rushes towards a car, which halts just in time.

She dramatically throws herself before it, prompting netizens to jestingly liken it to a “Bollywood” scene.



KUALA LUMPUR: Because your boyfriend doesn’t buy you ais cream? A video of a man and a woman arguing outside a convenience store, KK Super Mart at Jalan Imbi went viral recently on TikTok.

The footage captured by @officialawie shows a man, presumably the boyfriend, attempting to prevent the woman from leaving by gripping her arms and wrists.

The 32-year-old woman screamed as she tried to free herself from the man’s grasp and ran towards an oncoming car with her arms open.

Luckily the car slowed down and stopped as she is approaching.

The woman then threw herself in front of the vehicle, acting like she had been hit.

After she got up and walked away from the vehicle, the man followed as the video ends there.

The incident took place in the middle of July but the video has only begun to circulate on social media recently, with over 3.3million views.

The video swiftly caught the attention of the Royal Malaysia Police, who promptly identified and located the woman for a thorough investigation.

Police also stated they had received a report regarding the incident on 17 July.

She remained in custody for four days until her release on Monday (31 Jul).

PDRM has also requested an additional remand, set to end on Thursday (3 Aug). The case is currently under investigation under Section 427 of the Penal Code for causing mischief.

Netizens amused by the ‘Bollywood Vibe’

The majority of netizens find amusement in the woman’s actions, with comments drawing parallels to Bollywood and relatable couple scenarios.

A TikToker commented, “Is this Bollywood (show) available on Netflix?”

The joke continues, “What is the title of this drama? Looks interesting.”


Another TikToker pointed out the woman seems doing slow-motion moves just like in Bollywood shows.

The subsequent comment speculated, “Maybe the woman intended to purchase snacks at KK Mart, but the man had no money.”

Another TikToker jokingly commented, “That is me when my boyfriend does not want to buy me ice cream from the KK mart.”

Furthermore, the video’s owner shared another clip featuring the original audio, capturing the woman’s screams and cries, accompanied by the caption: “Many comments are suggesting this is staged. Here’s the unedited video.”


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