Singapore and China to extend visa-free travel to 30 days by 2024

Singapore and China plan to extend visa-free travel to 30 days, revealed by DPM Wong at the 19th JCBC in Tianjin on Thursday.

The countries will collaborate to finalize implementation details, aiming to enact the 30-day visa exemption arrangement in early 2024, as per Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Families of Malaysia Airlines plane crash victims call for new search

Relatives of MH370 victims appeal for a new investigation in a Beijing court, suing for compensation and truth. Over 40 families seek a “No find, No fee” search and effective communication with Malaysia.

The unsolved mystery of the plane’s disappearance remains a painful ordeal for the grieving families.

10 Taiwanese soldiers charged with spying for China

Ten Taiwanese military officers, including two in a video pledging to “surrender” to Beijing, are indicted for alleged espionage. Prosecutors claim recruitment of servicemen for military information and exchanging secrets for money.

The charges underscore rising tensions amid heightened cross-strait pressures.

Dissident convicted in South Korea after daring jet ski escape from China

A Chinese dissident has been convicted of illegal entry by a South Korean court on Thursday but given a suspended jail sentence.

He made a daring escape from China on a jet ski in August due to Beijing’s surveillance of his activities and anticipation of further political persecution.

Philippines vows not to surrender ‘square inch’ of territory

President Marcos vows to protect Philippine territory amid rising tensions in the South China Sea. Despite recent talks with China, he asserts sovereignty and seeks support from allies like the United States, Australia, South Korea, and Japan.

China emissions could fall in 2024 on renewables jump

China’s carbon emissions predicted to drop in 2024 as renewable energy outpaces demand. Growing solar, wind, hydro, and nuclear power exceeds fossil fuel generation. However, challenges may arise from expanding coal power, causing conflicts between traditional and emerging interests.