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Chinese #MeToo journalist Huang Xueqin sentenced to 5 years for subversion

Chinese investigative journalist Huang Xueqin, a prominent figure in the country’s #MeToo movement, was sentenced on 14 June to five years in prison for “inciting subversion of state power” after nearly 1000 days of detention.



Chinese investigative journalist Huang Xueqin, a prominent figure in the country’s #MeToo movement, was sentenced on 14 June to five years in prison for “inciting subversion of state power” after nearly 1000 days of detention.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF), an international non-profit organization that promotes and defends freedom of information and freedom of the press, has called for her immediate release.

Huang Xueqin, also known as Sophia Huang, received her sentence from a court in Guangzhou, southern China. Arrested in September 2021, just a day before she was set to leave for the United Kingdom to further her studies, Huang has been a significant voice in China’s social justice movements.

The court proceedings were marked by a heavy police presence, preventing journalists and supporters from attending the session. Huang’s partner, labour activist Wang Jianbing, was also sentenced to three years and six months on the same charges.

Huang’s trial, which took place behind closed doors on 22 September 2023, had not concluded with an immediate verdict.

Reports indicate that during her detention, Huang endured severe torture, including stabbing pains from prolonged interrogation in the “tiger chair,” a notorious torture device used by Chinese authorities.

“Huang Xueqin was only serving the public interest by shedding light on social issues and should never have been detained, not to mention tortured or sentenced to such a heavy prison term. We urge the international community to build up pressure on the Chinese authorities to secure her release alongside all other 118 journalists and press freedom defenders detained in the country,” stated Cédric Alviani, RSF Asia-Pacific Bureau Director.

In 2018, Huang’s investigative work brought to light the widespread issue of gender-based harassment in China’s media industry.

Her efforts were instrumental in launching the country’s first #MeToo case at a prestigious university in Beijing, and she established a social media platform dedicated to reporting sexual harassment.

Huang’s activism extended beyond gender issues; in 2019, she was detained for three months for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” while covering the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

China remains the world’s largest jailer of journalists and press freedom defenders, with at least 118 currently detained. The country ranks 172nd out of 180 in the 2024 RSF World Press Freedom Index.

RSF and other international organizations continue to advocate for the release of Huang and other detained journalists, highlighting the ongoing challenges to press freedom in China.

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CCP is just starting. You all have seen Nothing Yet.
Shit is going to melt & flow freely, for all you Chinese hanging around in this SEA region, especially The Ladies.
If you are planning trips to China, business or pleasure.
Think Thrice.

Nice…what a Wonderful World.

Death to CCP.

There will have some crooks everywhere in show business even Korea .

For some , Take it or leave it .

This may not be the reason for your jail sentences .

CommChina is devoutly determined to showcase to the world that despite a population of 1.43billion, that, … with the right man and his carefully curated team of yes men, .. dutifully supported and without question, by a cast of millions within the legislature, executive and judiciary, … can and will silence each and every one of ‘em !!! CommChina expects nothing less than total and absolute subservience and obedience from its people, and if one is to step out of line, even if only ever so slightly, … or even only ever so briefly, .. you’re done for !!! Huang… Read more »

Frankly, the signs were already there that China will take control of HK’s “security”

Those activists and people like Jimmy Lai could /should have seen what was heading their way.

They should have followed the few who left HK and sought refuge in Britain.

And I hope the remaining international judges in HK would do the honourable thing by resigning.

Miss Huang Xueqin deserves our prayers. What a gutsy person – tremendous values based on her upbringing.

Poor Stupid Girl— Got Me’ed.
Heard she was about flee. What an idiot to use the proper borders.
Should have fled to Bhutan, via mountains.
Now 5 years.
Remember The Beach Road Attack.

Imagine for a moment, that the PAP is not the majority in parliament.
Imagine that the PAP uses social media platforms to go against the Government of the day.

What will happen..?
Will they get POFMA’ed?
Will they get charged by the public prosecutor..?

Almost three years in detention and then sentenced. No offsetting of the detention period. As 80twenty has written, what exactly are the authorities afraid about that they need to curtail free speech. Xi, is known to encourage reporting of officials when they fail in their duties or in cases of corruption. Are women still held as “lesser,” beings and should not be heard in China? Is there a need to keep journalists locked up? China has to clean up it’s image if it wants to lead globally. No one will trust it if it continues in the persecution and arrest… Read more »

PAP Administration has the same DNA – lesser degree of impact is debatable – objectives are the same, to silence what the see and deemed to be their power disrupters.

Just that observers has different interpretations for the Chinese and PAP Administration’s method of application to crimp legit voices.

Fundamentally question to ask is, what are their fears? What they are so fearful of to deny people from seeking and voicing opinions ‘of truths’