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IDF denies responsibility for deadly Rafah strike amid global condemnation

The Israeli Defense Force denied responsibility for a strike on a Rafah refugee camp that killed at least 45 Palestinians. Israel claims the target was a Hamas installation, but a fire broke out, killing civilians. The international community condemns Israel’s latest attack for violating humanitarian law and increasing civilian suffering.



(Israeli Defense Force (IDF) spokesperson Daniel Hagari)

On Tuesday (28 May), Israeli Defense Force (IDF) spokesperson Daniel Hagari denied responsibility for a deadly strike that occurred on Sunday (26 May) in Rafah.

The strike ignited tents, resulting in the deaths of at least 45 Palestinians and injuring over 200 individuals, including women and children.

The attack, which struck a refugee camp housing those who had previously fled from other parts of Gaza, has drawn international condemnation and is one of the deadliest incidents in the ongoing conflict.

According to the Palestine Health Ministry, the total Palestinian death toll has now surpassed 36,000.

The Israeli military stated that the target of the strike was a Hamas installation, claiming the elimination of two senior militants.

In response to the incident, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking before the parliament, described the attack as a “tragic mistake” and assured that a thorough investigation is underway.

Hagari provided further details, stating, “On Sunday night, we eliminated senior Hamas terrorists in a targeted strike on a compound used by Hamas in Rafah.”

“The strike was based on precise intelligence indicating that these terrorists, responsible for orchestrating and executing terror attacks against Israelis, were meeting inside the specific structure we targeted,” he added.

Despite efforts to minimize civilian casualties, a fire broke out following the strike, leading to the tragic loss of Palestinian civilian lives.

Hagari emphasized that the fire was unexpected and unintended.

“This is a devastating incident which we did not expect. We are investigating what caused the fire that resulted in this tragic loss of life.”

During the briefing, Hagari presented aerial footage from the time of the strike, showing that the targeted structure was a closed building away from the tent area.

“As you can see in our aerial surveillance, we targeted a closed structure away from the tent area. There are no tents in the immediate vicinity of the structure that we targeted,” he explained.

Contrary to reports, he stressed that the strike was conducted outside the area designated as a humanitarian zone, over a kilometre and a half away from the Al-Mawasi humanitarian area, which had been identified as a safer zone for civilians.

Hagari noted that the attack was conducted using two munitions with small warheads, specifically designed for targeted strikes.

“We’re talking about munition with 17 kilos of explosive material. This is the smallest munition that our jets can use,” he said.

Despite this, a large fire ignited after the strike for reasons still under investigation.

“Our munition alone could not have ignited a fire of this size,” Hagari reiterated, suggesting the possibility that weapons stored in a compound next to the target may have ignited as a result of the strike.

The IDF has pledged a swift, comprehensive, and transparent investigation into the incident.

“Our war is against Hamas, not against the people of Gaza,” Hagari stated, conveying deep sorrow for the tragic loss of civilian lives.

International community condemns Israel’s latest attack for violating humanitarian law and increasing civilian suffering

The target reportedly was located at the edge of rows of tents set up by Kuwait earlier this year to shelter displaced people.

The camp was outside a “humanitarian zone” along the coast that Israel had announced in early May when it launched the operation into Rafah.

CNN and the New York Times found in investigations that the attacks were likely caused by US-manufactured GBU-39 missiles, which carry an explosive payload of 17 kg, based on missile remnants photographed on site.

Despite a ruling by the top United Nations court last Friday ordering Israel to stop its attacks, Israel has continued the assaults, arguing that the court’s ruling allows for some scope for military action there.

The court also reiterated calls for the immediate and unconditional release of hostages held in Gaza by Hamas.

The US urged Israel to take greater care to protect civilians but stopped short of calling for a halt to the Rafah incursion.

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed outrage over Israel’s latest attacks, stating,  “These operations must stop. There are no safe areas in Rafah for Palestinian civilians,” in a post on X.

Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock and the European Union Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell stated that the International Court of Justice ruling must be respected.

“International humanitarian law applies for all, also for Israel’s conduct of the war.”

Canada’s government expressed horror over the deadly airstrike in Rafah and called for an immediate ceasefire.

“Canada does not support an Israeli military operation in Rafah,” Foreign Minister Melanie Joly said in a post on X.

“This level of human suffering must come to an end.”

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates also condemned the Israeli attack, while Qatar warned that the Rafah strike could hinder efforts to mediate a ceasefire and hostage exchange.


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Israel is very fair to give Rafah people warnings to move away.

In a war who will give you warning? deaths are unavoidable.

It is Hamas who attacked first.

Why must Israel take instructions from other nations? They should arrest Hamas.

Once Israel is granted a state, will they build tunnels, militarized hospitals and weapons again?

Will they attack Israel again and cry victimized?

Will these nations guaranteed the safety of Israel?

I trust Israel

Israel has decided to go against the ICJ ruling to stop all military actions in Rafah. It now cannot claim that what happens there is not it’s responsibility. After every destruction it does on Occupied Territories, it will claim it has killed X no. of Hamas members. It only has the right to seek all those involved in the Oct. 7th 2023 hostage taking. It has not listed the names of all those involved but is going about killing, maiming and destroying the infrastructure on Occupied Territories. The cheerleaders in this is the US, UK, Germany and Canada. What’s the… Read more »