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International outcry as Israeli airstrike on Gaza camp kills dozens, including children

In a devastating Israeli airstrike on a Gaza camp, over 45 lives were lost and over 250 injured, escalating international outcry. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admits a “tragic mistake,” promising a thorough investigation amid global demands for an immediate ceasefire and adherence to international law.



In the latest escalation of ongoing tragedies afflicting the Palestinian people, an Israeli airstrike late Sunday devastated a displaced persons’ camp in Rafah, a city in southern Gaza. The attack claimed the lives of at least 45 individuals and inflicted injuries on over 200 others.

The attack, which struck a refugee camp housing those who had previously fled from other parts of Gaza, has been one of the deadliest in the ongoing conflict, bringing the total Palestinian death toll to above 36,000, as reported by the Gaza Health Ministry.

The Israeli military stated it was targeting a Hamas installation, claiming the elimination of two senior militants, though these assertions remain unverified independently.

In response to the incident, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking before the parliament, referred to the attack as a “tragic mistake” and assured that a thorough investigation is underway.

“The scale of destruction and the loss of life at Rafah is heartbreaking,” said Netanyahu. “Despite our utmost efforts to avoid harming civilians, last night’s events show the tragic reality of conflict where mistakes can have such devastating consequences.”

The aftermath of the attack saw a surge in international condemnation, with Israel facing criticism for its actions, even from its allies, which expressed outrage over the civilian casualties.

French President Emmanuel Macron and EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell have called for an immediate cessation of hostilities and respect for international law.

“These operations must stop,” Macron asserted on social media. “There are no safe areas in Rafah for Palestinian civilians. Full respect for international law and an immediate ceasefire is imperative.”

Borrell expressed his dismay online, stating, “Israeli strikes killing dozens of displaced persons, including small children, are condemned in the strongest terms. Such horrifying events demand that we act swiftly to ensure they do not happen again.”

Countries like Egypt and Jordan, which have longstanding peace treaties with Israel, have also voiced their condemnation, with Jordan labeling the airstrikes a “war crime.”

Israel’s staunch ally, the United States, had its National Security Council spokesperson state, “Israel has a right to go after Hamas, and we understand this strike killed two senior Hamas terrorists who are responsible for attacks against Israeli civilians,” and added, “But, as we’ve been clear, Israel must take every precaution possible to protect civilians.”

“We are actively engaging with the IDF [Israel Defense Forces] and partners on the ground to assess what happened,” the spokesperson said.

Germany, the second largest arms supplier to Israel, said that Israel has a “right to defend itself within the framework of international law,” and described Sunday’s deadly strike as “presumably a mistake,” according to its spokesperson.

Referring to an ongoing Israeli investigation into the incident, the spokesperson added: “In any case, a mistake has been made; that can already be said.”

When asked whether Israel’s actions in Gaza constitute war crimes, the spokesperson said Berlin would reserve judgment until the investigations are concluded.

Eyewitness accounts from the ground describe horrific scenes. Mohammed Abuassa, a first responder, recounted the unbearable conditions of the victims, including children.

“We pulled out children who were in pieces,” Abuassa reported, visibly shaken by the memory. “The fire was unreal, and the pain we saw was beyond words.”

The distress was further echoed by Malak Filfel, a survivor, who depicted a chaotic environment where civilians were caught unprepared during evening prayers, leading to gruesome casualties.

“We were sitting safely and suddenly we find bodies thrown on the ground, blood splattered on the ground — heads cut off, hands cut off,” Filfel described the horror. “This is not life; there is no safety. No matter where we go, we will die here.”

Some survivors said they had come to the camp after following a warning on Israeli leaflets, which told them to leave Rafah for the “humanitarian area.”

A viral video circulating on social media shows a man holding the body of a child, supposedly his child, who was beheaded as a result of the attack.

The Gaza Health Ministry reported that around half of the deceased were women, children, and older adults.

On Monday, barefoot children were seen poking at the blackened debris as searches continued.

UNRWA, the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees, described the attack as “horrifying” and cited reports of “mass casualties including children and women.” It characterized Gaza as “hell on earth.”

The international medical aid group Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders or MSF) stated, “We are horrified by this deadly event, which once again shows that nowhere is safe.”

This attack by Israel comes amid the recent ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for it to cease offensive actions in Gaza that could lead to the physical destruction, in whole or in part, of the Palestinian population.

At the same time, the International Criminal Court (ICC) is seeking arrest warrants against Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant, Israel’s Defense Minister whose charges include causing extermination and starvation as warfare methods, including denying humanitarian aid and deliberately targeting civilians during conflicts.

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They never report Hamas killed how many? tsk tsk tsk

What is UN,ICC, ICJ doing? Did they invite the terrorist’s leasers to attend the International Justice Court claiming Israel is genocides while now Hamas are still busy firing rockets and missiles at Israel? When 2 countries are still at war, genocides?

Hamas and Houthis still firing missiles. Hamas still wants to continue fighting. Israel genocides?

Why the International never wants to ask Hamas to surrender?

New reports coming out that the fire(s) seen in the videos, which account for most of the deaths, couldn’t be caused by the munitions used. Possibility that these were caused by secondary explosions, set off by explosives stored near the civilians.

Of course the Hamas lovers wouldn’t like to hear this, or likely too stupid to understand what is secondary explosions.

Burn let it burnt! I am the Messiah, the One and Only as John 3.16

Macron is a smart politician. He has come out strongly against the Rafah attack. This is probably to hold onto to the voters. Politicians who continue to support the Zionists will be removed by their voters. So it is just a matter of time before the support of the Zionists wanes away and Israel becomes isolated.

Israel losing? 37,000 gone

Israel is getting weak and fighting this war too slowly.

7 months on in full scale and still struggling to win Hamas a small army.

At this rate, it is doubtful that Israel can win the war.

It was proven last week or so that the Gaza Health Ministry was OVER-REPORTING the civilian deaths. The numbers simply didn’t add up. There is no reason for them to be accurate about their deaths in this conflict. Natural deaths = zero, but added to the civilians killed by Israel; deaths from own misfired missiles = zero, again added to number killed by Israel; deaths from interfactional fightings/judicial killings = zero, etc…..

Burn let it burnt! I am the Messiah, the One and Only as John 3.16

New information has revealed that the fire and explosions at this camp were due to a Hamas Jeep filled with ammunition exploding. Not from an IDF airstrike.

What is a Hamas Jeep filled with ammunition doing in the vicinity of a “refugee camp?”

Will there be a retraction?


If Hamas and Houthis missiles killed the Israelite, probably the UN, ICC, and ICJ will stand on Israel side.

The problem is Hamas and Houthis missiles are not accurate. tsk tsk tsk

Will Hamas claim they are self defense? LOL

Israeli mistake and the noise levels goes up and maintained for the next couple of weeks (of course by the Hamas-loving team herein). Recall the misfired Hamas rocket that hit a Gaza hospital, killing about 50 kaki-lang? Very quiet on that, hor? Mistakes are inevitable in war, but why some mistakes can kpkb, while other mistakes very quietly? Did Hamas ever admit for that one too? Did UN or ICJ pressed Hamas to admit that mistake? With about 12,000 rockets fired at Israel, with about 5-15% (conservative) being failures, falling short onto Gazan areas, killing/injuring est. 500-1000 Gazans, why no… Read more »

There’s international outcry and condemnation.

There’s protests against Israel all over the world.

The PM of Israel in under arrest orders, … issued by the ICJ.

But, … Israel’s objectives against Hamas continues.

Cats hunting rats but only killing mice. What a shit show.

7 months into the war and Israel is still dragging and struggling. With all the state’s war machinery at its disposal on land , air and sea, Israel still cannot come up with a decisive victory. Hamas is a rouge militant and their propaganda of playing the victim card is paying off. The world is distancing from Israel. Shame on Israel. Why? Israel is to fully blame itself for their nightmare. Because Israel is too complacent letting their guards down amid surrounding unfriendly states. Their IDF is not on full alert. Israelis enjoy life partying in kitbutz to the fullest… Read more »

In a war, if you don’t move, you will face the consequences. No one to be blame. Its just your own
stupidity to stay put in one place.

who wants Hamas leader to be an UN board member?

Who wants to live with a terrorist state in Israel?

Why not ask Arab nations take in the Palestinians?.

One of the Hamas leader’s sons came out to speak at the UN General Assembly, please see below:
1) Hamas claims sole legitimacy of Palestine people. Eldest son of one of the Hamas Leaders (Hassan Yusof) say Palestinian People did not elect and appoint Hamas to represent them.
2) It is Hamas who appoint himself to mislead the International community. If Israel do not exist, you have no one to blame. 
3) As stated very clearly by one of the Hamas leader’s son, Hamas is not representative of the Palestine People

LW, please kick out the Israeli ambassador. How is it Russia was sanctioned but nothing done against the Zionists murderers. This is done with intent. It was not an accident. Same operation tactic from the beginning of the destruction of Gaza. Ask the people to go from the south to the north and then bomb the north. Now ask people to buy tents and go to a designated area, then bomb the area. 7 World Kitchen employees , given the route to take by the IDF, all killed. This is not about the hostages are killing Hamas. There is another… Read more »

This is a “tragic mistake”. That airstrike killing World Central Kitchen aide workers is also a “tragic mistake”? The shooting of Palestinians queuing up to receiving aid is also a “tragic mistake”? You sure or not?

What IS a tragic mistake is that Israel appears to be immune from any consequences to anything it wants to do because it has the “ironclad” backing of the US, its client state.