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Jose Raymond calls for empathy, end to harassment of Tan Chuan-Jin

Former SPP Chairman Jose Raymond urges online community to let former Parliament Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin resume his life despite his previous extramarital scandal. He cautioned against turning Singapore into a place where individuals are perpetually punished by an online mob, advocating for a more understanding and forgiving society.



SINGAPORE: Jose Raymond, former chairman of the alternative party Singapore People’s Party (SPP), advised the online community to let former Parliament Speaker Mr Tan Chuan-Jin get back to living n to earn a living, support his family, and contribute to society again, despite his previous extramarital scandal.

He also cautioned against turning Singapore into a place where individuals are perpetually punished by an online mob, advocating instead for a more understanding and forgiving society.

The news that the former Speaker is set to make his first public appearance since his resignation from Parliament at a masterclass series has certainly stirred online discussion.

The session marks Mr Tan’s return to the public eye following his controversial resignation as Speaker of Parliament and Member of Parliament in July 2023.

His departure was prompted by revelations of an extramarital affair with fellow People’s Action Party (PAP) member, Cheng Li Hui, which began in 2020.

The upcoming series, hosted by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) Centre for Corporate Learning, begins on Wednesday, 10 July 2024.

This educational initiative, which is charged at S$1,000, comprises three series, each with two sessions designed to enhance leadership skills and strategic communication.

The courses aim to equip participants with a deeper understanding of critical issues facing Singapore, develop their leadership philosophies, and explore the dynamics of shaping public perceptions.

The Facebook post promoting the course appears to have been removed as of Monday evening after receiving significant attention from netizens, with over 90 shares.

Some former supporters of Mr Tan expressed scepticism, stating that because Mr Tan failed their trust, they doubted his suitability to help develop participants’ skills.

While some people respect teachers and mentors who share their knowledge with good intentions, they question TCJ’s suitability for this role due to his extramarital scandal last year.

Mr Tan, a former brigadier-general, has had a distinguished career in both the military and politics in Singapore. A member of the governing PAP, he served as the Speaker of Parliament from 2017 to 2023 and as Member of Parliament (MP) for Marine Parade GRC from 2011 until his resignation in 2023.

In his resignation, Mr Tan expressed regret over his actions and committed to mending his personal relationships. then-Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong accepted the resignations, emphasizing the necessity of upholding high standards of propriety within the PAP.

Calls for empathy 

Despite the online backlash against Mr Tan’s return, Mr Raymond, who is also a former sports journalist, weighed in with a different view.

In a recent Facebook post, Mr Raymond commented on the backlash faced by Mr Tan, highlighting that the criticism on him for trying to get back to living a normal life is “sad and unwarranted.”

He noted that while he is not a fan of Mr Tan, he believed it is necessary for Mr Tan to be able to resume living his life, earn a living, and support his family.

Mr Raymond pointed out that everyone makes mistakes and that Tan still has value to society regardless of his actions while in office.

“Do we thumb down Bill Clinton as a leader, even though he made an egregious error while he was in office as President of the USA?”

Mr Raymond called for empathy, forgiveness, and moving on from past errors.

“Let him get back to living a life as normally as possible, without getting smacked by an online mob.”

“That is not the kind of Singapore we should aspire to turn into. It is ugly.”

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SPP , you will never get my votes.

Sorry, not voting for SPP.

We need more opposition parties, faster-err, better-err, and cheaper-err. LOL

Funny u wan to accuse the opposition of bad mouthing people how about u PRO PAP CLOWNS who also does the same thing to opposition figures resorting to personal attacks Dr Chee Was one of them who was personally attacked

Did TCJ give marathoner SRY a chance. He single handedly killed SRY and Singapore’s opportunity to win a meaningful medal.

So no way Jose!

Tan have you considered joining the oppo camp as going into education got no prospect. Your calibre and profile is either on par or even much much better than those oppo jokers, not to mention you are a scholar in which no one can compares. I also think your existence can groom them to be smart oppies, rather remaining as goon. Need not give face to your former employer as they are not forgiving despite your many years of loyalty to them. You did not commit any big crime, just merely an affair in which every man will make the… Read more »

$1000.00 to listen to one of the arrogance prick from pee and pee, no. Better donate to charity.

this joker must b idiot. Tan is so bloody cocky during his time in the regime and PAP. Dogs.

People hate him not because of his roving dick. People hate him for his arrogance, eliticism, heartlessness. What leadership does he have other than getting appointed to position because of his connections. Jose Raymond is asking for people to Sympathise and pity him. Empathy? Maybe Mr Pereira and Nicole Seah can empathise but otherwise, please empathise with the citizens. We aren’t the ones who behave in ‘holier than you’ pappy mannerism. Karma.

you may want to join him how to exercise using carton box. tsk tsk tsk

Fuck lah, don’t talk as if you folks are saints. I doubt those who talk shit here are absolutely truthful to your spouse, let’s be very blunt and frank. You may not even know your dearest spouse are doing something behind you. Want to condemn people committing adultery please look at yourself at the mirror first. Everyone makes mistake, including your thought to be angel Nicol. Give them a break lah.

Raymond is Vivi-Anne’s Boy. I think they are testing water, with Tan. See how Sinkie’s reaction before planning for GE.
Don’t really make sense—Running a course???
Tan should do A George Yeo. Join Robert Kuok. Hahaha

I am quite surprised that the former speaker still can conduct a course n usually former SAFOS scholars should b able to find employment in the first place since SAFOS is considered elite scholarship

When others made mistakes, they called for hara-kiri.
When they made mistakes, they say No Blaming Culture or appeal to our human nature to forgive.

Two sets of rules in SG, indeed.

“The normal perception that all cardboard collectors are people who are unable to take care of themselves financially is not really true … Some prefer to earn extra monies, treat it as a form of exercise and activity rather than being cooped up at home.”
Tan Chuan Jin
Minister for Social and Family Development (2015)

Dont waste time & energy on him..
he has been neutered…

Better to resume pressure on those who are still virile and toxic.

Raymond, fact that SMF let him conduct a master class is already showing empathy, what more you want. Even Ex PM showed empathy when he knew TCJ was still doing the wrong things and Ex- PM said he made an error in judgement of not removing him earlier.

I think TCJ got an over dose of empathy at the highest level why are pleading for more from the minions.

Wah have an affair and ppl talk about it which is a natural consequences of your choice … That call harassment?!? OMG if He dare to do it then dare to let ppl talk about it or judge him. As if ppl dun judge each other or have opinions about issues … … And need his bro to silence his critics …. Tsk tsk tsk!

Mr.Raymond, where were you when TCJ called us xenophobic? Where were you when he bullied SRY? Where were you when he headed the Parliamentary Committee and bullied the WP’s members? Where were you when he, as the Speaker of the House continued to have an affair with a fellow MP using State funds to go on overseas trips with his lover MP? If you have time on your hands please help Gilbert Goh. TCJ does not need your help. The PAP will find a place for him.

Why this clown didn’t protect RK? Why he’s standing up for this CB face low life? No need to kay poh lah.

Mr Jose Raymond’s call to the public is very chilling – the damages caused, ORGINATED, CONTINUED, with the PAP Administration in trying to GRIP more power and lay blame on Opposition WHEN THEY STRICTLY COULD NOT, and DID NOT KEEP their own houses in order. Smearing Nicole and Pereira IS HITTING Below the Belt Raymond. Are U blind?

Got this type of person called Jose whatever, come up to say ppl harass and show no empathy to TCJ is really ownself self pawn ownself. Obviously this ah Jose does not know the meaning of getting harassed or ppl showing no empathy. Ah Tan ownself thick skin come out to say he is expert in leadership is but only inviting critics to get him. No embrassment at all , after getting sacked, not so much for incompetence but for fucking around …literally and after a short while, re-surface yet again. Maybe both ah Jose and Tan can apply for… Read more »

TCJ is simply a sly sex predator who enjoys position and power PERIOD

Jose Raymond is unfit to be a moral judge. Loong had allowed this Millionaire Tan and Cheng to continue to draw their huge salaries IN SECRET while BOTH EXAMINED EACH others ANATOMIES for as many weeks days and months.

Nicole and Pereira are mere newbies in their political careers, journey. And cancelled out by Loong. The CRUELTY LIES with Loong, and Jose IS PREACHING to the CONVERTED instead of to THOSE NEED REPENTANCE.

Loong is the ONE who shd close Chuan Jin’s and Li Hui’s chapters NOT US Raymond. Remove the stamps cover over your cocked eyes.

tan (福建的意思是“等”), 转 (过来), 进 (去了)

It is quite kind of the former opposition to urge pple to b kind to former speaker of parliament

Then why dont the SAF take him back …?

Pinky Lee can “harass” opposition candidates such Chee Soon Juan into bankruptcy. He can harass his younger brother’s family until they flee the country.

But Singaporeans are not allowed to hound one person from the ruling government who has been demonstrated to partake in “socially unacceptable” acts?

Oh, do please “cry me a river.” Singaporeans are just mimicking their “Leeders.”

Is “character assassination” not one of the favourite tools of the incumbents?

Last edited 10 days ago by Blankslate

Then 10 dollar lah .

How many years, ages was Chee pounded, hounded.

Let Tan Chuan Jin and Cheng Li Hui rapture, then they can be forever erased.

Bc of Tan Chuan Jin, the PAP destroyed Nicole and Pereira. So who is MORE VICIOUS when they had weapons of mass destruction on hands, with the Singapoeeans owned media among their deadly weapon arsenal too when tax payers money is used to destroy opposition – fair?