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Tan Chuan-Jin to appear at SMF Masterclass following political resignation

Former Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin will reappear publicly at a masterclass by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation on 10 July 2024. This marks his return after resigning due to an extramarital affair scandal. The series, costing S$1,000, aims to enhance leadership skills and strategic communication.



Former Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin is set to make his first public appearance since his resignation from Parliament at an upcoming masterclass series hosted by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) Centre for Corporate Learning.

The series, which begins on Wednesday, 10 July 2024, will take place at the SMF’s new office from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

This educational initiative, which is charged at S$1,000, comprises three series, each with two sessions designed to enhance leadership skills and strategic communication. The courses aim to equip participants with a deeper understanding of critical issues facing Singapore, develop their leadership philosophies, and explore the dynamics of shaping public perceptions.

Mr Tan, a former brigadier-general, has had a distinguished career in both the military and politics in Singapore. A member of the governing People’s Action Party (PAP), he served as the Speaker of Parliament from 2017 to 2023 and as Member of Parliament (MP) for Marine Parade GRC from 2011 until his resignation in 2023.

The session marks Mr Tan’s return to the public eye following his controversial resignation as Speaker of Parliament and Member of Parliament in July 2023. His departure was prompted by revelations of an extramarital affair with fellow People’s Action Party (PAP) member, Cheng Li Hui, which began in 2020.

The Facebook post promoting the course appears to have been removed as of Monday evening after receiving significant attention from netizens, with over 90 shares. Screenshots of the post were taken and shared via private messaging; however, the signup form remains accessible.

In his resignation, Mr Tan expressed regret over his actions and committed to mending his personal relationships. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong accepted the resignations, emphasizing the necessity of upholding high standards of propriety within the PAP.

In a poignant address to Parliament in August last year, PM Lee commented on the situation: “Regrettably, in the end, Mr Tan and Ms Cheng did not stop the affair, and both had to go. On reflection, as I said, I should have forced the issue earlier, certainly before midterm. These sorts of relationships happen from time to time. They have happened in the past, and no doubt will happen again in the future. In such cases, what is done depends on many factors – the circumstances, how inappropriate or scandalous the behaviour is, and the family situations.”

Further reinforcing the party’s stance, PM Lee added, “We also have to be conscious of the impact on innocent parties – particularly the spouses and children… This is not a new position – it reflects the PAP’s longstanding practice, since the days of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.”

According to rumours, actions eventually had to be taken as legal proceedings were initiated by Mr Tan’s wife in family court. No confirmations or clarifications were ever issued regarding these speculations. However, this would explain the sudden decision (or order) to resign alongside his extramarital affair partner, especially since the affair had already been brought to PM Lee’s attention first in November 2020.

Regarding a Facebook post promoting a course led by Mr Tan, netizens inquired about the type of leadership training to expect. Some responded humorously with “Leadership in workplace relations.”

Renowned marathon runner Soh Rui Yong also weighed in on the post before it was removed, offering a lengthy suggestion about what the course might entail.

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masterclass in leadership?
what a “popular” topic.

TCJ might not be the ideal candidate for the topic of this masterclass. In his political career previously, he has not shown leadership in controlling the discussions among MPs and his communication is at best average. Actually, I feel that Pritam or Edwin would be able to deliver these topics better.

In pap, when a minister’s extramarital affair scandal is made public, it is more a dismissal and not resignation.

The morale standard of a minister is supposed to be held higher. The fact that smf is supporting a course costing S$1,000 by him, said make us wonder if this is an action similar to that of a yellow ribbon.

How can a fella who was sacked from his high position in gov, can dare charge the public for course he deem to be an expert in, really amazes me!
Just a career soldier who was so lucky to be chosen to go into politics and then into the cabinet but was demoted to lower position and messed things up himself and now proclaiming himself as some expert in leadership?😆😆😆

His (inter)course should be how to fck people’s wife & remain on “charity” of the papee!!!!

Think I’ll give this course a miss. I need the money to attend Lee Hsien Loong’s masterclass on Preserving Family Harmony

TCJ should work and conduct workshops with Jo Teo on how to have xxx in small space to boost our TFR

What do you think?

I want to attend course how to exercise using carton boxes. I am already retired with no job.

Soh….tsk tsk tsk

What course he conducting? Kamasutra or how to find the perfect pair in the dark?

The true f××king populist

Last edited 6 days ago by wee

Tan Chuan-Jin will have more success in conducting course in Masterclass in Affairship , or PAPShipThis clown together with Joker Lee conceal the affair matter and hence mislead the public on their conduct, and still have the cheek to hone the spotlight.

A PAP sycophant will always be PAP sycophant. Everyone remember his disgusting ways as speaker in parliament. No shame.

Anyone pay for Jin to be there?

If Loong and these ex-Generals are so good, then they shouldn’t waste their time being the SM in SG or give us lessons on leadership. They should be in strong demand to speak at international forums, fully booked by world renowned organizations to speak at big conferences. Maybe even win a Nobel Prize for SG. Question is: why isn’t this the case???

He is the Rising Star. No?!? So many clones with the likes of him in the Taiwan Drama. No?!? Every”one” wants to be like him or pretend to be him. No?!?

Not worth to spend a single cent to listen to this womaniser.

, …… without the minutest hint of embarrassment or self~effacement !!!

Return of this arrogant, mean and lustful chap.

He should go collect cardboards for a living instead.

Didn’t they previously had a Masterclass course on Corporate Responsibility and Why Managers Must Commit Hara-Kiri When They Failed Their Fiduciary Duties, conducted by PAP’s hara-kiri expert KBW? Is this course still available? Still applicable?

“…Series 3, Session 2: To develop ideas on how to win hearts and minds, and to earn trust and respect…” —————— Apparently the million$ Kayu Boy and his Monkeys didn’t go for that course. 1G votes for pap = 85+% 2G votes for pap = 76% 3G votes for pap = 61% Can guess the trend if KayuOne stands in next elections instead of handing to LW. Pappies’ way of earning trust and respect is to blame voters that they are Free Riders, but they themselves always No Blaming Culture when they can’t deliver to Singaporeans. Yes, voters then trust… Read more »

Pay 1k to see this fxxk up character

KNN $ your father

Leadership skills? All these ex White really jin thick skin hor?….i now arm chio…don’t tell me he is teaching all those dumb enough to pay $1000 how to use the term “fucking populist” on those who he find lack ‘leadership skills’ without getting caught by recording?😆😆😆

It seemed that Soh RY statement about being SAFOS scholarship is quite accurate as being awarded the SAFOS scholarship will enable the officer to b promoted quite fast n once they no longer in service, they bound to b offered a second career in civil service

SRY, provided the comedy😂👏👍. So have a good laugh every one as TCJ was so mean to SRY and PS.

Uncle wishes to sign up and learn a trick or two from this adulterer how to “catch” a nice vixen like CLH 🤔

Its fake
Photoshopped pic and name added..