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UN General Assembly decisively backs Palestinian statehood bid amid ongoing Gaza conflict

The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly supported the Palestinian bid for U.N. membership amid the Gaza conflict, urging the Security Council to reconsider their application favorably.



The United Nations General Assembly decisively supported the Palestinian bid for full U.N. membership on Friday, a significant move amidst the ongoing seven-month war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and amid Israel’s expanding settlements in the occupied West Bank, which the U.N. deems illegal.

The General Assembly’s resolution, which passed with 143 votes in favour, does not grant full membership but recognizes Palestine as qualified to join and urges the U.N. Security Council to reconsider its application favourably. This comes after the U.S. vetoed a similar effort in the Security Council last month.

Nine countries opposed the resolution, including the U.S., Israel, Argentina, Czechia, Hungary, Micronesia, Palau, Papua New Guinea, and Nauru. These countries, except Argentina, are either smaller nations or have specific political alliances with the U.S., reflecting geopolitical alignments over this issue.

Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour, in his address, painted a grim picture of the situation in Palestine: “I stand before you as more than 35,000 Palestinians have been killed, 80,000 have been maimed, two million have been displaced, and everything has been destroyed,” he said.

Mansour’s speech underscored the desperate circumstances facing the Palestinian people, emphasizing the urgency and moral imperative of the U.N.’s recognition.

“Israel’s plan has not changed: destroy and displace. The world is barely beginning to grasp the cruel and extensive nature of the actions against the Palestinian people,” Mansour added.

Highlighting the political stakes, Mansour also accused the Israeli Prime Minister of perpetuating violence for political survival: “I stand before you as the Israeli prime minister is ready to kill thousands more to ensure his political survival,” he claimed.

He stressed that a vote for Palestinian statehood was a vote for justice and peace, appealing to the international community’s commitment to human rights and self-determination: “A yes vote is a vote for Palestinian existence, it is not against any state, but it is against the attempts to deprive us of our state.”

His remarks, asserting the Palestinian commitment to peace and self-determination, received significant applause.

In stark contrast, Israel’s Ambassador Gilad Erdan offered a starkly different perspective, positioning the vote as a step toward legitimizing terrorism. “The United Nations was founded with the mission of ensuring such tyranny never raises its ugly head again. Today, you are about to do the exact opposite and advance the establishment of a Palestinian terror state, which will be led by the Hitler of our times,” Erdan stated emphatically.

He argued that granting rights to the Palestinian Authority equated to endorsing Hamas, a group he claimed would dominate a future Palestinian state: “In every poll, Hamas is predicted to win Palestinian elections, if they ever happen. So today, the General Assembly is not only about to grant the rights to a state of the Palestinian Authority, today, you are about to grant privileges and rights to the future terror state of Hamas.”

“As long as so many of you are ‘Jew-hating,’ you don’t really care that the Palestinians are not ‘peace-loving,’” Erdan declared, predicting that the U.S. might cut funding to the U.N. if the bid progresses further.

In a theatrical move, Erdan used a miniature shredder to shred a piece of paper titled “Charter — United Nations,” illustrating to the members the destructive implications of their vote supporting Palestinian statehood.

The resolution, while not enabling voting rights, will grant the Palestinians some privileges from September 2024, such as a designated seat in the assembly hall. Currently recognized as a non-member observer state—a status granted in 2012—this move represents a significant shift in their international standing.

Ambassador Mohamed Abushahab from the United Arab Emirates also spoke before the vote, urging the Security Council to align with what he described as the will of the international community.

The adoption of this resolution, according to the Palestinian U.N. mission, is viewed as crucial in preserving the sought-after two-state solution and reaffirming the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination. The mission is run by the Palestinian Authority, which exercises limited self-rule in the West Bank.

The Palestinian Authority, which governs parts of the West Bank, contrasts sharply with Hamas’s control of Gaza since 2007.

The militant group Hamas initiated the current conflict on October 7 last year, which in turn provoked a severe response from Israel, resulting in—at least according to Gaza authorities—34,943 people killed and 78,572 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza.

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Palestinians chose not to leave Gaza after so many warnings from Israel.
Palestinians chose to listen to Hamas. 34,000 dead ,they must blame Hamas.

​​ Palestine was known as Judea. Romans changed the name to Palestine. Romans invaded part of Israel land in the 600BC . Romans are invaders. Israel are occupiers.
why people just can’t understand period

May the forces be with Israel and Netanyahu

Hamas is regrouping their terrorist forces again in Gaza.

This is not cease fire .

Why would UN wants terrorists to be an UN member? Do you think it will work work out or prevent terrorism?

900 Israeli families whose sons are in the IDF have signed a petition to the defense minister to stop the bombing of Rafah. They say that Hamas has had many months to prepare and are afraid that their sons may die. Hamas is also quickly taking back Gaza so they have cleverly asked their govt. to stop the war. Nethanyahu should listen to them as they may be right because the Arabs after pleading in the UN without results might join forces and turn the tables on the IDF. A massacre will follow of all the Zionists in Gaza and… Read more »

Palestinians were informed and told to move out of Gaza by mobile apps notification by Israel.

Those chose not to move out from Gaza by Hamas instructions.

Whose fault?

This war was started by the arabs in Gaza and the West Bank and the miseries and sufferings that followed are themselves self inflicted. Hardly a place where you can barely survive and yet produced so so so many children. Almost 7 in 10 are children. Why donate humanitarian aid costing billion of dollars that shouldn’t have necessarily happened ? Money gushed down the toilet with the world getting poorer with these donations. Better to fund countries that are less endowed and prone to natural calamities. I will not even donate a single cent. UN is a Satanic organisation with… Read more »

The problem is the main culprits Hamas

Hamas do not want to sign the truce if not why they are they still firing missiles on Israel?

UN please wake up !!!

When whitewashing the founder of …..He was the one spewed the venom into all the minds of the followers…Theology is such…Follow no questions asked…Since the 7 century they were told the enemy is the zionist or the jews..when it is scribbled in their books the legacy continues till this day.Do Observe none says a word against hamas…Including our highly paid…..although gave some motherhood statements on humanity…anyone who reads the book will know peace for the brotherhood exclusively.All oic sitting in un numbers 57 so do the maths…

All wayang. Egypt now wayang. Egypt should have in all the Palestinians with them.

Any Jews In Egypt? Lets wait for another Moses savor to come again.LOL

UN till now never condemn Hamas? Will we have a Hamas leader as UN board member? tsk tsk tsk

The strong support for Israel in Eurovision and it making the finals, only shows that MAJORITY in at least the western countries are supporting Israel. The universities protestors (of which at least a quarter was found to be NOT students nor affiliated with the universities), hooligans at our GBB, images of pro-Hamas/pro-terrorist supporters “everywhere”, silly umbrella bearers, etc – all are in fact the MINORITY, just attention-seekers or trouble-makers. Someone talking about Hamas having already “won” in Gaza is truly delusional. If US stopping arms supply to Israel is seen as a “win”, then NO Arabs/Muslim countries sending arms/support to… Read more »

Well now Egypt is joining the rest in filing genocide charges in the the ICC against Israel. This is the result of Nethanyahu’s actions in Gaza. It is rumoured that North Israel is seeking independence from the State of Israel. It’s borders seem to stretch into Lebanon and the Occupied Palestinian Lands in Golan Heights. A ploy by the Jews? Only time will tell but Hezbollah will increase its firing at the Israeli State due to incursions by the Jews in the continuation of the Land grab. US and UK will come out soon to give more arms to Israel… Read more »

This is like having the creation of the Reserved President criteria by the Monkeys – just Tokenism as best. Does absolutely nothing to help the Palestinians help themselves, nor settle the conflicts in the region.

Israel use violence. In a war they said cannot use violence? which law says we must use gentleness? tsk tsk tsk

So if Hamas killed 100 Israelis soldiers, Israel must killed 100 Hamas terrorists ?tsk tsk tsk

who said Israel has lost? Then why Hamas are crying for cease fire? why Palestinians students are protesting? why Gaza are crying for food? US provide food to Gaza.

Why Arab nations do not accept Palestine? Who is accepting Palestine?

Palestinians are give an chance to govern but they chose Gaza to build tunnels for militarized hospitals for terrorists.

Remember 9/11 and 10 /7 from now onwards.

UN is so quiet.

Nothing said about Hamas? well done !

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Gave them a chance to prove if they can govern themselves in Gaza strip for near 20 years only shows they cannot make it, preferring to be tunnel diggers instead, keep relying on external aid to keep themselves alive. Corruption is everywhere. Given statehood recognition at UN will change anything, meh? Probably only more kbkp at UN blaming others for their own failures, screaming for more aid.

Recognition of a Palestinian state does not need to go through the UN. Several states have ALREADY granted such recognition to the Palestinian Authority. There is NOTHING to stop those who voted FOR the resolution to grant such recognition on their own.

Meanwhile Ah Loong says the 4G team will likely be tested on their foreign policy stance. Vivian has ALREADY stumbled on this “test” and Ah Loong hasn’t even left the room yet!

In a way, Israel is doing the “Palestinians” a big favor by eliminating Hamas. PA and president Abbas have proven to be too weak to control Hamas and hence the Gaza strip. Granting the “Palestinians” more international recognition will only create more in-fighting among the “Palestinians” as to who actually has the “right” to represent themselves. The danger is that PA gets overthrows by Hamas (or any of the Palestinian terrorist factions) subsequently, and then UN has to lan-lan concede that one of its member is a terrorist state.

Just becos you agree among yourselves the Critical Politicians, doesn’t mean the ppl agree. No respect for others and their rights … Then wanna be beacon for democracy?!? Pui

Whole Political Scandal is just using shows as a platform to intrude into ppl lives and promote their lifestyle and products. No?!? Nobody wants that and needs that!!!!

The Loong Repub Democrats and China Freak Show. Tell them my family not your shield or scapegoats. Dun need to use my son as your Freak show!!!!

There is a saying : a leopard will not change its spot. Terrorist will be terrorist. Netanyahu already said they are radicalized. What do you think?

These politicians must be paid a nice salary to carry out their work.

Its a real joke to let a terrorist gang party to be an UN nation member.

And its also a biggest joke to let a gang party(previously rule terrorist PLO) a become a state in Israel.

UN cant even solve Ukraine’s problems. Please dissolve the UN and save all the unnecessary salaries. What do you think?

Israel will win and continue to win. God is with Israel.

Last edited 11 days ago by john lim

Some people still harbour an incredible logic that if a person committed a crime like robbery or kidnapping, we have a right to punish and murder his entire family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, ex-roommates, etc.

In fact, we have the right to bomb his entire town or village (including women and children), because somehow they are ALL guilty by association or geographical proximity.

In fact, if they speak the same language, annihilate them. We can even feel self-righteous about it when we believe our race is superior.

Ireland, Malta, Spain and Slovenia have decided to recognise a Palestinian State. More will follow and the US will lose its ranking as the No. 1 World Power if they don’t support a Palestinian State. Spain despite being in NATO has been vocal and supportive of a Palestinian State. If China and Russia decide to recognize a Palestinian State without a UN consensus, Biden will receive the slap he deserves for his supply of weapons to the Zionists. The Israeli representative to the UN still doesn’t get it that Hamas act on Oct.7th was a terrorist act but the Zionists… Read more »