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Indonesian hospital in Gaza to cease operations amidst fuel shortage

Gaza’s Indonesian Hospital is set to shut down due to fuel shortages amid ongoing Israeli attacks, jeopardizing thousands of lives in the region.



The Indonesian Hospital in Gaza, Palestine, a vital healthcare facility for the local population, is set to shut down entirely due to an acute shortage of fuel.

Despite its ability to operate using generators for electricity, the hospital has been unable to secure fuel supplies since the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip, leading to a dire situation.

Director of the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza, Atef al-Kahlout, reported that on Thursday (9 Nov), they had just 1,100 liters of diesel fuel left, barely sufficient to power their generators for a single day.

A satellite image of destruction in Gaza. (Photo: The Guardian)


Al-Kahlout expressed his concern, stating that the hospital would be forced to cease operations on Friday due to the complete depletion of fuel reserves.

The Indonesian Hospital had been relying on diesel generators to maintain crucial electricity supply, but the ongoing blockade in Gaza has hindered the delivery of much-needed fuel. This situation has left the hospital on the brink of closure, putting the lives of countless patients in jeopardy.

In a separate account from volunteer Fikri Rofiul Haq, who was stationed at the Indonesian Hospital, it was revealed that humanitarian aid had yet to reach the northern Gaza area where the hospital is located.

Fikri explained that although some trucks had been allowed into the Gaza Strip, the distribution of humanitarian aid had been uneven. Aid deliveries from the Rafah border crossing in southern Gaza had not reached the Indonesian Hospital in the north, as the central Gaza Strip had become a battleground for Israeli forces.

Fikri also noted that the Rafah border crossing had been resealed, causing further hindrance to the movement of both civilians and humanitarian aid.

Fikri added that the Israeli military had continued to target areas near the Indonesian Hospital, with ongoing attacks as recently as the previous Saturday (4 Nov). These attacks have raised concerns for the safety of patients and staff within the hospital’s vicinity.

One such incident involved an assault on the Tel al-Zaatar refugee camp, located in close proximity to the Indonesian Hospital.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that the relentless Israeli attacks have resulted in over 10,000 casualties, including 3,900 children and 2,300 women.

The number of wounded individuals has surpassed 25,000, creating an overwhelming burden on healthcare facilities. In particular, the Indonesian Hospital has been inundated with patients, with over 1,500 fatalities and more than 4,500 injured individuals being treated.

Fikri lamented the situation, saying, “This is due to the daily influx of casualties into the Indonesian Hospital, leading to overcrowding in the facility.”

The closure of the Indonesian Hospital is expected to exacerbate the healthcare crisis in Gaza, endangering the lives of those who depend on its services.

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They are crying for help but hardly see them condemn terrorism. hmmm …