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Two convicted in S$3B money laundering case deported to Cambodia

ICA confirmed the deportation of Su Wenqiang and Wang Baosen, convicted in the S$3B money laundering case, to Cambodia. This comes just 8 months after their arrest among 10 Fujian-origin individuals in an islandwide police operation in August 2023.



SINGAPORE: Two men, Su Wenqiang and Wang Baosen, aged 32, were deported to Cambodia on Monday (6 May) following their conviction in Singapore’s largest money laundering case.

According to Singapore state media CNA, an Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) spokesperson confirmed that both men, who were sentenced to 13 months in jail in April, are barred from re-entering Singapore.

While ICA did not specify the reason for their deportation to Cambodia, it was previously noted that the deportation location depends on the foreigner’s admissibility based on their valid passport.

ICA also did not explain why the two men were deported weeks after their sentencing.

Su Wenqiang, aged 33, is identified as Cambodian in official records, but his passport reveals his origin as Fujian, China.

He was the first suspect to plead guilty in the case and was sentenced on 2 April.

He confessed to a total of 11 charges, including offences such as money laundering, possession of proceeds from illegal remote gambling, and providing false information to obtain work passes for himself and his wife.

Authorities seized over S$5.9 million in assets from him, including cash, vehicles, luxury items, and liquor.

Wang, a Chinese national, received his sentence on April 16th, after admitting to possessing almost S$600,000 in illegal proceeds in his wife’s bank account and laundering another S$1.48 million for purchasing a luxury Park Nova apartment.

Assets totalling more than S$8 million, including cash, vehicles, property, and collectables, were seized from him and his wife.

Both Su and Wang were among the 10 Fujian-origin individuals apprehended in an islandwide police operation in August 2023, following approximately two years of investigative efforts prompted by tipoffs regarding potential illicit activities involving a group of foreign nationals.

In addition to Su and Wang, three other defendants in the case — Su Haijin, Su Baolin, and Zhang Ruijin — also received sentences ranging from 13 to 15 months.

Some convicted individuals had their jail terms backdated to their arrest date in August of last year.

Separately, Vang Shuiming (王水明),  also implicated in the S$3 billion money laundering case, is scheduled to enter his guilty pleas on 15 May.

The landmark case has reverberated across the city-state as authorities seized a vast array of assets, including 152 properties and 62 vehicles, collectively estimated at over S$3 billion.

The accused individuals had amassed substantial wealth, not only investing in existing companies but also founding their ventures, fostering diverse networks within the country.

Furthermore, these individuals were involved in local charitable activities and led lavish lifestyles, contributing donations to causes like the President’s Challenge and ComChest.

It was revealed that some of the accused in the S$3 billion money laundering case, are wanted by Chinese authorities for their involvement in various unlawful activities, such as illegal gambling or fraud.

A comparison with Chinese media reports suggests that some of these suspects have been sought by Chinese authorities for their alleged involvement in criminal activities dating as far back as 2015.

In 2015,  the Guiyang County Public Security Bureau discovered that Su Jianfeng, along with other individuals, Wang Dehai, Su Wenqiang, Wang Huoqiang, and Su Yongcan were suspects of a major crime, and they were fugitives at that time.

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The bulk of their crimes were committed in SillyPore, … and yet, they were deported to Cambodia !!!

Cambodia’s very pally with CommChina, and probably that was the plan all along, … when CommChina’s foreign minister visited SillyPore before the FuJian gang was even on the SillyPore radar !!!

Anyways, … the reasons for the LTA and this regime’s decisions are best left to conjecture !!!

I think there’s mora than meets the eye. Why the hush to deport them and why not to PRC?
The G definitely trying to cover up something. Maybe these 2 fellas have a pocket diary with some names or numbers? Hmm makes one wonder why all the secrecy.

3 sets of laws in Fantasy Island is so glaringly evident.

So quick finished 13-month jail term? This is even quicker than serving 3-month BMT….lol.
Singapore laws is weak to foreigners. No deterrence at all. Expect more money laundering cases here, involving young and old, bank staff, public servants, cleaners, property agents, insurance agents, taxi drivers and etc.

Meanwhile MOM/ICA/PMO/MTI likely import another 50-100 “legit” foreign HNWIs to replace these two.

Should get these people help design a skills course in how to make money
in 7 steps. ( or 5 if not concerned about being caught)

The course will sell very well…

What are Singaporeans badly missing in this act of deportation of Money Criminals? Looks like Singaporeans NEEDED to tear away LAYERS of wools PLASTERED over their unwilling eyes when GE cometh Calling.

They have to FULLY REWIRE their Years of DISTORTED thinking inside their CONVOLUTED brains CREATED by years of Political DIRT and GRIME.

This deportation certainly is one ez way to shut curious eyes and mouths.

Welcomed by Cambodia… celebrated for their skill…
They likely have money stashed away there too… very big country with
very porous border…

Sentenced 13 months on 2 April then deported on 6 ,May after having agreed to allow confiscation of $billions thereby adding to SG’ reserves moneys which may be tinted with suffering and blood.Nontheless,”what wrong with having more money” will remain their modus operandi.So sad to witness such absurd things do happen in our once Sunny Singapore.