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Terence Tan leaves Workers’ Party to focus on family and career

Terence Tan, a long-serving member of the Workers’ Party, confirmed his departure in January due to personal reasons but remains a fervent supporter. Tan cited the need to dedicate more time to his young family and focus on his career as the main drivers behind his decision.



Terence Tan, a longstanding member of the Workers’ Party, has confirmed his departure from the party as of January this year, citing personal reasons.

Despite his exit, Tan remains a staunch supporter of the party and its principles.

Speaking to 8world News, Tan, who is now 52, explained that his decision to leave the Workers’ Party was driven by a desire to spend more time with his three young children and to focus on his career and explore other opportunities. He made it clear that he had no intentions of joining another political party or returning to the political arena.

Tan highlighted the demanding nature of political and grassroots involvement, especially noting that his wife, He Ting Ru, is a serving member of the Workers’ Party as the Member of Parliament for Seng Kang GRC and her commitments have significantly consumed her time.

He expressed concern that if he were to be elected in the next GE, it would leave little room for both to be present for their children. The next GE, while not due November 2025, is anticipated to be held in the latter part of this year.

Tan remains supportive of the Workers’ Party and its leadership, who have respected his decision to resign and have thanked him for his years of dedication and contribution.

“I have spent more than a decade assisting the Workers’ Party and hope to see new talents rise within the party. The party is in good condition, with many capable members and new faces. At over 50 years old, I wish to pursue other personal interests unrelated to politics,” Tan shared with 8world News.

Tan, who had been volunteering with the Workers’ Party since late 2011, was a candidate for the party in both the 2015 and 2020 General Elections. He contested in the Marine Parade GRC and East Coast GRC, respectively, though he was not elected in either.

On the Workers’ Party’s website, Tan once shared his motivation for joining the party, reflecting on his shock upon returning to Singapore and witnessing elderly people scavenging through trash, contradicting the prosperous image of Singapore he had described to friends abroad.

Currently, Tan is a director at Robertson Chambers LLC.

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It is quite interesting to hear about the sacrifices establishment MPs and Ministers often make whilst drenched with power, influence and wealth. But is it comparable to what some of the opposition leaders have gone through? When credible and competent individuals step up to join the opposition parties in Singapore, there are more risks and the sacrifices they make are enormous and extract a toll on their families. Terrence’s resignation only displays that thus far he has done everything humanly possible to ensure his duties as a father have not been compromised. Continuing a personal political role where both parents… Read more »

Put it very bluntly this guy is not serious. He is a responsible man, yes is but to himself. We don’t know the real reason why he quit but by looking at the reason he joined politics after seeing an old lady scavenging for food and the reason he resigned to focus on his family and career seems comically contradicting. Service change from public to personal seems like it. Anyway it doesn’t reflect good and nobody should claim is a good move based on political view point. Why can’t WP keep it a secret for his resignation as he is… Read more »

If LKY is still alive but I bet even if he was not, the rest of those in the PAP would still make the snide remarks…”THAT THESE OPPO FUCKERS…ERRR…I MEAN MEMBERS HAVE NO COMMITTMENT TO SERVE THE PUBLIC, THEY ARE JUST IN IT FOR THE FAME, MONEY AND TAKES CREDIT FOR THEMSELVES” and if these are not there for them, THEY WILL LEAVE. Well, you losers cannot say the PAP is wrong ,you know. From the way the oppo operates and the way their members behave, it surely points out that this is TRUE. NO WONDER THE PAP will always… Read more »

A bit of a side bar.

It looks like Heng Swee Keat will be prominent in LW’s cabinet seeing that he is quite high profile. I don’t see him (HSK) “retiring” at the end of the current term.

I suppose what ministerial position HSK will be given may possibly depend on the percentage of support he (HSK) will garner at the next GE.


Why never publish the famous Vietnam billionaire scandal ? … Truong my lan … So big news and Terry never publish …

Meanwhile, the Kayu Son has totally destroyed his own family – siblings, nephews, in-laws, even daddy’s reputation – over a lousy house. Still wants to wayang “family values” to the 61% sheep, hor.

It’s known among insiders, spy techies, the Pegasus Spyware bought and used by the PAP is INSANELY EXPENSIVE, and especially, it’s from SG Reserves, MEANS the PAP is a Political Criminal Against SG for RAIDING RESERVES to buy and use.

It’s UNDERSTOOD the Pegasus Spyware should BE COSTING Singaporeans Multi Millions of Dollars – who knows, perhaps $20 Million Dollars the PAP Misused.

Don’t look serious with politics claiming family is more important, some more close to election. What message you sending? wp strength already very lean, or there is other inner reason? Doesn’t reflect good. Why must resign? Cannot stay on as low profile member? Jumping a sinking ship?

Wise move to balance the needs of the family and the community. Best of Luck Mr. Tan.

we need more-rrr , faster-rr and cheaper-rrr opositions to serve Singapooreans.

Thank you

Wish you all the best.

I believe he made a very very wise decision – there’s no way for him to fight against PAP Administration’s use of Pegasus spyware which was purchased by only a very very few undemocratic regimes, those that esp target their own indegenous enemies, their own geographical opposition politicians. Like despot Mid East Arab countries, autocratic brutal politicians perhaps like Myanmar Junta.

It’s not unfathomable the PAP used tax payers money to buy Pegasus spyware from NSO to spy on own citizens.

Family comes first, … always, and his reasons are understandable and commendable whilst at the same time, he shouldn’t have had to provide for one.

Sincerely hope he gets the time with his children and family, and that he finds the happiness and fulfilment, … that only a family can provide.

Wish him good luck. The best of best. From the way I see it, his iron has melted.