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X removes ISIS videos of Moscow concert hall massacre upon IMDA notification

X removes ISIS-Khorasan’s Moscow concert hall massacre videos upon IMDA’s notification. IMDA classified the video as “harmful content” under Singapore’s online safety code.



X removes ISIS videos depicting Moscow Concert Hall massacre following IMDA notification

SINGAPORE: Social media platform X responded promptly to a notification from the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and removed videos depicting ISIS-Khorasan’s 22 March massacre at a concert hall near Moscow.

The videos, sourced from the Amaq News Agency – ISIS’ official news channel – were shared on the platform by several accounts, both in censored and uncensored versions.

The 1-minute and 31-second video showed blurred faces and distorted voices of the attackers, with one version featuring a victim’s blurred face while being attacked.

More than 140 people lost their lives in the assault on the Crocus City Hall concert venue, claimed by ISIS and executed by four fighters.

IMDA classified the video as “harmful content” under Singapore’s online safety code, prompting X to remove it promptly upon notification.

“X removed the content promptly upon notification,” said the authority.

X’s algorithm had recommended the videos to some users on its “For you” timeline, with links to Telegram channels sharing content from the Amaq News Agency.

According to X’s website, the algorithm sources 50 per cent of its recommended posts from users that an individual follows.

The other 50 per cent comes from external users and is based on the popularity of the post, among several other factors.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) responded to media inquiries, highlighting the challenges posed by the internet and social media in combating terrorism.

The widespread accessibility of these platforms has facilitated the dissemination of violent ideologies, recruitment efforts, and the planning of attacks by terrorists.

“Since 2015, 38 self-radicalized Singaporeans have been detained or subjected to Restriction Orders under the Internal Security Act,” the MHA revealed.

“Almost all of these individuals were radicalized through exposure to violent extremist and terrorist content consumed on the internet and social media.”

The MHA stated that despite collaborative efforts between these companies and governments to eliminate such content, it continues to persist.

It emphasized that individuals actively seeking out this content would still be able to find it.

Nevertheless, the MHA reiterated that Singaporean authorities will promptly act against individuals promoting extremist or terrorist content online.

It urged the reporting of such individuals or content to the authorities via the SGSecure app, the Internal Security Department at 1800-2626-473, or the police.

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Watching stuff can radicalize you? Maybe that’s why lots of Sinkies are crooks because they watch their crooked leaders everyday.

In everything on earth, there is always 2 sides to a coin. Is there any coin contains ONLY 1 side, OR 3 sides.

Politicians in SG so effking smart and wise (drawing Millions of Dollars of Salaries are preferred as undumb) – a few handful stunted brains can dare to tell 5,000,000s (Millions worded in figures) of residents in SG a COIN is Only 1 sided. And what is harmful to us sheeps.

They seems also to say LOUD and CLEAR whereafter then, ‘sheeps, don’t play with match sticks’. Similarly don’t use knives, knives can injure OR KILL.

False news = you get POFMA
True News =Asked to remove

What else to read? Sorry I dont buy local papers anymore. Thank you

The ‘fine’ city, is becoming the ‘ban’ city.

Truth is harmful content.
Don’t tell you Sinkie the full truth or none at all, of how many of you locals get a job in 2023 vs foreigners IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY…. is NOT HARMFUL CONTENT!
Geez, if this goes on and it has been going on for a loooong time, even if you locals are not DAFT but pretend to be daft ….YOU WILL EVENTUALLY BE REALLY DAFT!😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

After 50 years, seems politicians never never grow up, and out of their self accomplished master class of father knows best, and dictate what is what, good nutrition for sheeps brain development.

The other is abuseive law, Do As I tell You, POFMA – when no one HAS A MONOPOLY of facts, and monopoly of its interpretation.

Finally, the worst, a human being like u and me, not entirely different, except they are Millionaires by mile is the law into all, bcz they can interpret laws adjudication based on their prejudices and tastes which are called DISCRETION.