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Sri Lankan woman finds a human toe in chocolate bought at hospital canteen

Recently, a fragment of human finger emerged in a chocolate piece. Fruit’n’Nut chocolate from Mahiyanganaya Base Hospital’s canteen in Sri Lanka contained the unusual addition, reported by a female staff member. Public Health Inspectors confiscated related chocolates, suspecting local manufacturer involvement. A tweeted video, reposted for 1M views, revealed the incident, evoking shock and morbid humor online. Netizens questioned origin, demanded the brand’s identity, and speculated on ingestion of other body parts. Some mistook it for tamarind or a cockroach, while others jokingly referenced Hannibal Lecter.



SRI LANKA: Recently, a picture of a segment of a human toe discovered within a piece of chocolate went viral on Twitter.

Based on a news report, the Fruit’n’Nut chocolate was brought from the hospital canteen at Mahiyanganaya Base Hospital, Sri Lanka, by a female staff member.

Upon discovering that the bump in the chocolate was not a nut but a human body part which seemed to be a toe, she promptly notified the local health authorities.

Twitter: AsyrafRosli

Following an examination of the chocolate containing a human finger and an inspection of the hospital canteen, Public Health Inspectors (PHI) proceeded to take possession of additional chocolate items produced by the same company.

The chocolate was also believed to be produced by a local manufacturer.

The disturbing video was originally posted on social media by a user under the name ‘just_a_peek’, which was no longer available online and was later reposted by user ‘AsyrafRosli’ on Twitter.

Twitter: AsyrafRosli

The tweet garnered 1 million views, 2,890 reposts, and 3,251 likes since it was posted last Tuesday (8 Aug).

The tweet said, “This is a reminder to check your food before taking a bite.”

Netizens are in utter shock to see the chocolate discovery

A Twitter user was in utter shock and commented, “It is not just the toenail but the whole tip of the toe included.”

Some netizens are also shocked to see the woman in the picture casually placing the toe in her palm.

Another tweet quoted in disgust, “This is literally a Donoghue v Stevenson case,” a famous court case of a decomposed snail found in a ginger beer.

Some other comments include, “Pretty sure a worker lost their toe, but what about the quality control (QC).

“I need the answers, whose toe is this, why is it there, was the person who took the picture not disgusted by it, did they accidentally take a bite?”

Some others demand the uploader to share the source, and chocolate brand name so they can avoid buying it.

A subsequent retweet quotes the possibility that others might have consumed other sections of the decayed body parts.

While some people can tell right away that it was a human body part, some others could not see it and only realised when they read the comments.

“What is that? It looks like a tamarind.”

“I thought it was a cockroach.”

As is customary, individuals on social media find it necessary to infuse humor into the scenario, lightheartedly commenting, “Just casually lost a toe at work today, hope nobody eats it” and “Finger-lickin’ good.”

A Twitter user also quote retweeted, questioning whether the chocolate was made by Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a fictional serial killer who eats his victims.

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