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Local entrepreneur in Malaysia seeks social media aid to halt relentless stalking

A Malaysian entrepreneur, Nur Afifah Roslan, turned to social media to halt relentless stalking by a former employee. Her tweets ignited attention and raised questions about authorities’ response. Similar experiences were shared, shedding light on the urgent need for action against stalking.




MALAYSIA: In a plea for assistance, a local female entrepreneur turned to social media to address the years of persistent stalking she has endured from her former employee.

The victim, identified as Nur Afifah Roslan and using the handle @fifahroslan, unveiled fragments of her harrowing stalking ordeal on Twitter (8 Aug), along with screenshots of the stalker’s messages.

According to Ms Roslan, she had lodged two police reports but had not received any response from the authorities.

She mentioned being advised to inform them if she spotted the individual nearby.

As per the compiled timeline of events, the man began his campaign of harassment after abruptly resigning in February of the preceding year.

Ms Roslan also disclosed her unease in directly dealing with the man, noting that her business partner usually handled interactions with him.

“I never felt comfortable dealing with him myself; it was always my business partner who engaged with him. He even attempted video calls at night, which I consistently declined,” she shared.

Subsequently, the unrelenting stalking commenced, with the man resorting to the creation of multiple social media accounts to continue the harassment.

This pattern persisted even while Ms Roslan was in Makkah performing the Umrah pilgrimage the previous year.

She detailed that in May of that year, she filed a police report after receiving a voicemail from the man insisting on a meeting.

“Since then, I’ve been unable to find peace, and I tried kindly asking him to stop disturbing me.”

“Despite I blocked his number, he managed to send me a voicemail saying that he must meet me and I have no idea how I can still receive his calls. I’m shaking while listening to the voicemail and I don’t feel safe at all.”

She went on to mention that although she filed a police report in May of the prior year after the voicemail, a recent report (8 Aug) was lodged when the man extended his harassment to target her family, friends, and staff.

In a similar incident, Acacia Diana, a photographer who has been subjected to stalking for approximately eight years, shared a comparable experience.

After enduring years of insecurity and fear, Ms Diana finally found relief this year.

This development arose from the arrest of the man suspected of stalking her since 2016.

He is set to be charged under the new Section 507A of the Penal Code, marking the first instance of a person being charged with the Anti-Stalking Law.

Ms Diana expressed optimism that the apprehension of her stalker would prevent others from undergoing similar distress.

Having survived a similar ordeal, Ms Roslan mentioned her direct communication with Ms. Diana.

“I will fight. In Shaa Allah there will be light. Please pray everything ends soon and I can live peacefully,” Ms Roslan conveyed in her latest tweet (9 Aug).


Ms. Roslan last tweet on 9th August (Photo: Twitter/fifahroslan)

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