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STB emphasizes Singapore’s allure amid Chinese Embassy’s gambling advisory

Amidst the Chinese embassy’s advisory to its citizens on gambling, STB reasserts Singapore’s allure for leisure and business travelers from China, added that China remains Singapore’s largest visitor market.



SINGAPORE: Following a statement issued by the Chinese embassy in Singapore advising its citizens to refrain from gambling, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) reaffirmed Singapore’s status as an appealing destination for both leisure and business travellers from China.

Responding to inquiries from Singaporean media outlet The Straits Times, Andrew Phua, the STB’s Greater China executive director, stated on Friday (22 March) that the agency acknowledges and respects the concerns expressed in the embassy’s statement.

Mr Phua emphasized that Singapore remains a trusted and vibrant destination, drawing Chinese travellers for various purposes.

“In addition to Singapore’s reputation as a family-friendly, bilingual, and safe destination, our diverse range of tourism offerings including our slew of wide-ranging attractions and a robust events calendar makes Singapore an attractive destination choice to Chinese visitors,” said Mr Phua.

On Monday (18 March), In a solemn reminder posted on its official WeChat account, the Chinese embassy in Singapore emphasized the importance for Chinese citizens in Singapore to enhance their legal awareness and refrain from participating in gambling activities, which are strictly prohibited under Chinese law.

The embassy cautioned that even if overseas casinos are legally operated, Chinese citizens engaging in cross-border gambling could potentially be in violation of Chinese laws and may face punitive measures.

It also highlighted the possibility that embassies may be unable to offer consular protection for individuals involved in illegal gambling activities.

The embassy also urged anyone with knowledge of Chinese citizens operating casinos overseas or enticing fellow Chinese to gamble to promptly report such activities through official reporting platforms or to the Singapore police.

During a news conference in Beijing on Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian reiterated the country’s stance on cross-border gambling, asserting that Chinese capital cannot be invested in overseas casinos.

He further clarified that Chinese citizens are prohibited from operating overseas casinos, and likewise, overseas casinos should refrain from inviting Chinese citizens to gamble on their premises.

Singapore hosts over 327,000 Chinese Visitors in February 2024

In addition, Mr Phua from the STB highlighted that the ongoing 30-day mutual visa exemption between Singapore and China continues to enhance Singapore’s appeal as a tourist destination, stimulating arrivals and expenditure across Singapore’s tourism and related sectors.

Implemented on 9 February, the agreement enables citizens of both Singapore and China to travel to the other country without a visa, allowing stays of up to 30 days.

STB statistics reveal that in February 2024, Singapore welcomed over 327,000 visitors from China, representing 96 per cent of the figures recorded in 2019.

This underscores China’s status as the primary source market for visitors to Singapore, with the total number of visitors in February reaching around 1.44 million.

Mr Phua emphasized the STB’s commitment to showcasing Singapore’s hidden treasures to Chinese visitors through various branding and public relations initiatives.

Singapore is home to two casinos located within the integrated resorts of Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa.

Apart from state-sanctioned lotteries, gambling is strictly prohibited throughout China. The exception lies within the special administrative region of Macau, the sole region where gambling activities are legally permitted within China.

China has previously issued reminders to its citizens residing in various countries, including Malaysia, Italy, Angola, Sri Lanka, and South Korea, emphasizing that travelling abroad for the purpose of gambling is unlawful.

Efforts have been made by China, particularly in collaboration with countries in Southeast Asia, to combat cross-border gambling activities.

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You cannot stop them gambling let’s face it. They’re in a foreign land and unless it’s against the sovereign state’s law, they’ll continue. What is the CCP going to do about it?

How about giving grant to the super rich to come here to gamble, and..and must be exclusive with VIP status too. Brilliant idea? silly oppies what do you think?

What allure? One big ministar went to china few days ago ..too see LE LE ?
Maybe negotiating more deals and working out how the prcs can gamble legally when in SInjapor!

Can someone suggest to government to open a casino in jewel airport so tourists can straight set foot to gamble once landed? Great idea?

LHL’s low hanging fruit is suddenly not so low hanging any more. Oh dear, what other hare-brained ideas will they come up with next to boost the economy? Drug hub? Prostitution hub? Money laundering hub? Let’s not hold our breath!

Don’t behave like those low mentality oppies elsewhere, see any hole also wants to screw. Watchout your bloody cock gets bitten off. Oppies here in gutzy got to be smarter okay. Don’t make yourself look like a treacherous traitor. One moment cry about influx of foreigners here, next moment criticise our government for doing lousy jobs. People advice their people against gambling, and this fucking article flip like only Singapore has casino. Bloody political maneuver article.

Instead of addressing the statements issued by CommChina, … SillyPore put on its “tourism” hat and attempts to resell the island state’s “attractions and allurements” instead !!!

For fear of upsetting and antagonising the communists, … appears to be the principle objective and exercise here.

Might as well not bother right, but, … any form of reply, as lame and meaningless as it was, was “deemed” better than none at all !!!

In many other countries, I m sure their tourist statistics indicate :

1. Total dollars avg visitor expensed.
2. How long per trip tourist stayed.
3. Itemised tourist spending – hotels, food, shopping expenses.
4. What spots tourist drop by.
5. How long is each tourists average stay.
6. Breakdown of tourists origin countries.
7. Which countries’ tourists spending tops ranked and in order of descend.

Rather than SG is business friendly, attractive, safe – allure. What is this allure? That kind that baited Fujian Gang?

!!! Hot girls are waiting for you on —

China Chinese are the biggest source of revenues and profits for both MBS and Genting Resorts.

Without which, if heavily implemented, then expect tourists from China to fall in tandem to revenue collections in the coming years.

Haha… ownself consoles ownself

How to visit sillypore when everything is so x!