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Singapore Armed Forces investigate racial slur incident involving servicemen

The SAF is investigating a photo on social media showing servicemen during training, along with a racial slur.



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SINGAPORE: The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) is currently conducting an investigation following the circulation of a photograph on social media depicting servicemen during training, accompanied by a racial slur.

The photo shared on Instagram Stories on 13 March, depicted six soldiers adorned with camouflage paint on their faces, posing with rifles in a forested area.

Shockingly, the accompanying caption contained a racial slur targeting black individuals.

The Instagram account responsible for the post has since been made private, with its profile picture removed, after gaining attention for its offensive content.

A screenshot of the Instagram Story was reshared on X.

The caption read “chiong sua (Hokkien for “rush up a hill”) [N-word]”.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, the N-word is “a very offensive word for a black person.”.

The Singapore Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) is actively investigating the photo, as reported by Singapore’s state media The Straits Times.

MINDEF emphasized the SAF’s unwavering commitment to upholding high standards of discipline and integrity among its personnel.

It reiterated existing policies and regulations concerning unauthorized photography in restricted areas such as SAF camps and training grounds.

Furthermore, it emphasized that the SAF unequivocally condemns the use of derogatory or abusive language.

According to MINDEF, appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken against individuals found to have violated regulations or engaged in misconduct.

This incident underscores the seriousness with which the SAF addresses breaches of discipline and offensive behaviour.

In a written parliamentary reply in 2014, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen highlighted the strict protocols surrounding unauthorized photography, with penalties determined on a case-by-case basis.

Repeat offenders and those contributing to security breaches typically face more severe consequences.

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In all my years in NS to completing my 13 year reservist cycle, I have never heard of a N word being used on anyone but plenty of American , Hokkien Cantonese, Hockchew, Indian expletives were the common language among NCOs and Officers and men to men. A proper perspective would be in order: Per the dictionary term, a derogatory term used against American Black people. Wonder what shit are these people trying to stir?

Terry, can explain the N word ? Never came across it. Only know the F words.

Whose fault is it??…the schools, their parents or the SAF itself?
Racism is alive in SG, no matter how much it is denied or masked by SG authorities..
There has been a culture of verbal abuse and use of vulgarlarity by NS superiors who conduct NS training exercises.
Its demeaning but its done to toughen up the young men..does it really???
Go ask your fathers, brothers, uncles, friends who served NS.
Which minister is in charge?

When Shanmugan and Vivian testify in Parliament, they want to stay in Ridout, anyone make noise?
When Ex Malaysian Puthucheary who never serve a single day of NS, everyone keep quiet.
Yet we allowed Puthucheary to accuse Singaporeans as RACISTS.
Singaporeans, do we want to KEEP SILENT again and again when Indian keep using RACISM to slam US!?

What “N” word? Nabbeh? Niamah? Netanyahoo?

This PAP Administration is super well known and profusely their character in talking and making useless empty speeches, about, inclusiveness, having your backs, we are this we are that, and the motherest of all, the zero population birth rates achievements as a backdrop still DARE TO tell the people of SG they are looking into and taking very goood care of FUTURE POPULATION (unborn or untold numbers of foreigners they prepared to invite here to steal lunch) – when actions and results speaks tons more. If this article describe what happens correctly – the ENTIRE PAP Administration, GO and Commit… Read more »