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BG Kelvin Fan to succeed MG Kelvin Khong as Air Force Chief on 22 March

Brigadier-General Kelvin Fan will take over as Air Force Chief, succeeding Major-General Kelvin Khong on 22 March. The transition marks a key leadership change within the Singapore Air Force.



SINGAPORE: Brigadier-General (BG) Kelvin Fan Sui Siong, currently serving as Deputy Secretary (Policy) at the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), will assume the role of Chief of Air Force on 22 March, succeeding Major-General Kelvin Khong Boon Leong.

The announcement, made on 19 February, is part of the ongoing leadership renewal within the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

BG Fan, 44, has been a member of the SAF since 1998, specializing as an Air Warfare Officer.

He has held various high-ranking positions within MINDEF and the SAF, including Commanding Officer of 163 Squadron, Director of the Defence Policy Office, and Commander of Air Defence and Operations Command.

BG Fan has played a pivotal role in driving operations, capability development, digitalization, and innovation efforts within the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), while also contributing significantly to enhancing defense diplomacy with partner nations.

Notably, in 2024, he led the Total Defence 40 campaign and Singapore’s inaugural Total Defence exercise, Exercise SG Ready, aimed at bolstering national readiness for crises and disruptions.

MG Khong, 48, who has been with RSAF since 1995, has served with distinction throughout his career.

As a fighter pilot, he operated both F-16 and F-15SG fighter jets and held key leadership roles, including Commanding Officer of 149 Squadron.

During his tenure as Chief of Air Force since 22 March 2019, MG Khong prioritized maintaining high operational readiness to safeguard Singapore’s sovereignty and achieved operational success across various missions.

He was instrumental in enhancing RSAF’s capability edge, overseeing the acquisition of advanced aircraft such as the F-35 fighter aircraft, and leading people development efforts to prepare RSAF personnel for future challenges.

Under MG Khong’s leadership, the RSAF navigated through the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing its mission to defend Singapore’s skies and supporting national efforts against the virus.

Additionally, the RSAF participated in several Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief missions under his guidance, such as the delivery of humanitarian aid for Gaza, the airlift operations of Afghan evacuees from Qatar to Germany, as well as the bushfire and flood relief operations in Australia.

In 2023, MG Khong oversaw the organization of the RSAF55 Open House at Paya Lebar Air Base, along with various community outreach initiatives, marking 55 years of safeguarding our skies alongside Singaporeans.

In recognition of MG Khong’s outstanding leadership and service, MINDEF expresses its deep appreciation for his contributions to MINDEF and the SAF.

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Don’t this seem all too familiar as long as you sworn allegiance to the Leegime? At your service Sir. They are needed to fix his disillusion domestic enemies like those with alternative views not same as his.

We are inching closer to Israel and will have our very own war cabinet to fix his domestic enemies. To be Uniquely Singapore so as not to look like copying Israel, he will name his as “Whore Cabinet”.


Long Live Singapore. Loong Leave Singapore (after he pays for all his wrong doings).

Too many General already in the gov.
All echo chamber and one track mindset.

Too young to retire, too old to learn new trick (the world of business kind).
Sieved and found obedient all these years, so will be rewarded with benefits!

Looks like the PAP is placing its chess pieces in position in view of the forthcoming elections. As a side note, we must wonder Malaysia’s move to have a royal commission of inquiry with regard to the awarding of Pedra Branca to Singapore by the ICJ in 2008. It looks like Malaysia is still trying to gain ownership of Pedra Branca despite the ICJ ruling. It is a case of a sore loser. And there is talk in Malaysia of diplomacy and negotiations between Singapore and Malaysia on the ICJ ruling on Pedra Branca. A so-called historian now even argued… Read more »

Does this mean we’re going to expect another minister in the PAP camp? Because this is normally the trend and this fella will be in charge of something he has no clue about.