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RDU voices concern over potential fund wastage in Jurong GRC

Red Dot United expresses concerns about the effectiveness of digital display panels in Jurong GRC in light of posters pasted beside them and judicious use of residents’ funds.



SINGAPORE: The alternative political party, Red Dot United (RDU), has voiced apprehension regarding the efficacy of implementing digital display panels (DDPs) in Jurong GRC.

RDU has articulated concerns encompassing the judicious use of residents’ funds, the transparency in deploying modern technologies such as DDPs, and the overarching accountability of the Jurong-Clementi Town Council (JRTC), particularly in the context of the Service & Conservancy charges (S&CC) hikes since July last year.

RDU’s concerns on potential waste of public funds

On Tuesday (12 March), Red Dot United (RDU) took to Facebook to report their recent observations during walkabouts.

RDU noted the presence of digital display panels outside lifts in Clementi, alongside traditional notice boards.

Inside the lifts, a combination of DDPs, some appearing as replacements, and paper notices affixed haphazardly with adhesive tapes were observed.

RDU acknowledged that the Housing and Development Board (HDB) announced a few years ago that DDPs would complement traditional notice boards in HDB estates. This involves physically replacing paper notices when content becomes outdated.

RDU then raised concerns over the potential waste of public funds. They highlighted the risk of DDP malfunctions in public spaces, leading to significant repair or replacement costs, coupled with ongoing electricity and maintenance expenses.

The RDU statement questions the cost-effectiveness of DDPs, particularly if the information they provide could be disseminated through more economical means.

RDU expressed concern about whether the current implementation aligns with the best interests of the community and the efficient use of taxpayer money.

These concerns are reinforced by research, notably citing a study published in Springer titled “Understanding public displays as a medium for place-based communication.”

The research suggests that public displays have not been fully embraced by society as a general-purpose communication medium.

JRTC, along with 14 other Town Councils under the People’s Action Party (PAP), raised S&CC by up to S$7 last year.

Highlighting that maintenance of shared facilities was a primary reason for the S&CC hike, RDU questions the prudence of the Town Council in utilizing residents’ funds for this purpose.

RDU emphasized the importance of responsible governance and prudent decision-making with public funds.

“While we recognise the potential benefits of modern technologies like DDPs, we must ensure that their implementation aligns with the best interests of the community and the efficient use of taxpayer money. ”

“Our concern lies not with technological advancement itself, but rather with the judicious allocation of resources to meet the genuine needs of the residents in Jurong GRC.”

Hence, RDU called upon the JRTC to provide transparency regarding the implementation of DDPs within Jurong GRC.

They specifically request information on the total number of DDPs, the initial cost of procurement and installation, the frequency and nature of breakdowns and malfunctions, and the cost of repairs, refurbishments, and replacements of the DDPs.

RDU stressed the importance of informing Jurong residents about these matters, especially considering the request for increased payments.

“RDU believes that such transparency is essential for fostering trust and ensuring that public funds are utilised effectively for the benefit of our community,” the statement added.

RDU eyeing Jurong GRC amid 2024 early election speculation

During GE 2020, RDU led by Mr Ravi, alongside educator and counsellor Michelle Lee, theatre director Alec Tok Kim Yam, entrepreneur and author Liyana Dhamirah (33), and legal engineer Nicholas Tang, contested in Jurong GRC.

PAP led by then Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, retained Jurong GRC with a commanding 74.62% of the vote.

With early election speculation circulating, several alternative parties in Singapore, including RDU, are actively engaging in intensified outreach to residents, particularly in light of the recently unveiled “generous” Forward Singapore Budget.

Elections in Singapore are held at the discretion of the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced at the PAP 2023 awards and convention his plan to pass the leadership baton to Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong before the next General Election, scheduled to occur by November 2025.

He remarked that this election will align with the party’s leadership transition to the 4G team, potentially around the PAP’s 70th anniversary on 21 November 2024.

‘Lawrence has told me that he is ready, and this morning, you have heard him say he is prepared for his next assignment. I have full confidence in Lawrence and his team, so there is no reason to delay the political transition. Therefore, I intend to hand over to DPM Lawrence before the next GE,’ Mr Lee stated.

However, PM Lee did not specify when exactly the handover would take place.

Regardless, based on PM Lee’s comments, it is reasonable to expect that the General Election will take place this year before the party’s anniversary in November.

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People please try to understand this: no one is reading the news paper, PAP is now finding hard to spread its propaganda. This is another way to do it!

PAP is now putting PA and town councils into good use. Further it is paid by residents’ money.

RDU is accurate. All talk of prudent financing but the reality is save on resident, spend on useless stuff like digital display board, party for small group of people, public cinema. No repainting of flats for long time, Jurong sport stadium tear down replace into sort place of few people to use ActiveSG Circle like for “private people”. Money should be spend for residents, not all keep in funds, don’t know use where. No safety crossing road for wheelchair people, elderly. No carparks for cars resulting in cars parking in disable people zone, on road near food center, shopping center… Read more »

The RDU has rightly highlighted the white elephant that is the digital display board where hardly anybody stops to read whatever message is being displayed. This wastage is multiplied by the thousands in ALL HDB estates. As I previously commented; how much was spent on each board and what about the upkeep? Not only of the board itself but the messages being displayed. Some contractor must have scored big to install the boards and probably a subsequent maintenance contract after a “guarantee” period. Another IT company also scored big with installing the software and maintaining and updating services that are… Read more »

The OWNSELF REWARD ownself wth Millions, MILLIONS of Dollars of SALARIES YEARS AGO which DWARFED the average paychecks of an average ordinary citizen has already SIGNALED and SPOKEN to Sheeps in Sheepland their EXTRAVAGANT, SPENDTHRIFT, WASTEFUL attributes WHEN they used Tax Payers money.

And the RECENT GRAB to rent Bungalows CHEAPLY has EVEN REINFORCE perceptions THEY won’t be GIVING themselves SHORT anytime, to HELP themselves with SCARCE money which they SO OFTEN proclaimed Opposition spending FUTURE.

Actions speaks LOUDER than words. NO DOUBT.