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Police launch investigation into anti-Israel posters at NTU

Police initiate probe into anti-Israel posters at Nanyang Technological University, alleging the use of student fees for Gaza conflict. The controversial posters linked NTU with Israeli entities, accusing funding of the Israel-Hamas war. NTU swiftly removes posters, files police report, investigation ongoing.



NTU anti-Israel posters

SINGAPORE: Police are conducting an investigation following a report regarding posters discovered in Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) toilets, alleging that the university is utilizing student fees to support Israel in the conflict in Gaza.

The controversial posters, discovered in NTU’s toilets during the university’s Open House on Saturday (2 Mar), linked NTU with Israeli universities and businesses allegedly associated with Israel.

The anti-Israel poster was posted on Reddit.

The top of the poster declared, “Applying to NTU? Your school fees are funding the genocide in Palestine.”

The poster specifically highlighted NTU’s collaboration with the French multinational company Thales, renowned for its expertise in aerospace, defense, transportation, and security, as it maintains a joint research laboratory with the university and the French National Centre for Scientific Research..

According to the poster, Thales has ties with Israeli Aerospace Industries and Elbit, an Israel-based international military technology company.

The poster accused these companies of providing weapons used in the Israel-Hamas war.

In response to the incident, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has swiftly addressed the unauthorized appearance of anti-Israel posters on its campus.

The university clarified on Tuesday (5 Mar) that these posters, which claimed NTU was using school fees to fund Israel’s involvement in the conflict in Gaza, were not approved, and all of them have been removed by campus security.

NTU also said a police report has been made.

In response to TODAY, the police confirmed on Tuesday that a report was lodged, and investigations are currently ongoing.

Previously, it has been said that NTU students have actively participated in events supporting Palestine solidarity.

The organizer for “Singapore for Palestine” previously stated that approximately a hundred students, including those from NTU, organized events on their respective campuses to commemorate the lives lost in Palestine and affirm their dedication to a free Palestine.

“What’s more, apart from the actions we organized, around a hundred students across NTU, NUS, and SMU also organized events on their respective campuses to mourn the loss of Palestinian lives and express their commitment to a free Palestine,” said the organizer.

Specifically, more than 40 NTU students engaged in a teach-in focused on Palestine.

During this session, participants delved into topics such as the occupation of Palestine, the history of Zionism, and acquired a critical thinking toolkit to counter disinformation.

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It has been an ongoing conflict and not ours so stay the fuck away from it.

Agree. They seems to be blinded, and protests one sided kind of moral chiefly denounce Israel in self defence but closed eyes and deoperate their brains to rapes and atrocities of Hamas on Israelis. So many anti Israeli moralists squatting here in TOC land.

Aye, David Marshall was one such that helped our independence and served in SG interests in his life. The Jewish community has been peaceful here, and doesn’t stir shxt nor put up posters denouncing others.

What has caused the SPF mp shortfalls and security trade offs? Obviously 1. SPF inefficient, 2. Engaged in boh liao affairs, 3. Politics also want to investigate.

Hello. You not represent all Singapore. So, stop call “Singapore for Palestine”. Read history carefully. If Arab countries agreed to Israel and Palestine countries in 1948, no war today. Hamas must close. Hamas must give hostages back.Then Israel stop all fighting. Police must arrest people who put posters. Posters try to make students angry. Disturb peace and harmony in Singapore

VB’s State diplomacy is not going to work. Please work towards ending the war or expelling the Israeli ambassador while the genocide is being carried out. We are in a different geographical region than the WEST. Our response cannot be the same as western countries.Time is of the essence to save guard our own community.

The local breed of these kind ,though angry with Ah Chan for giving biased MOE lessons, as so deemed by them ,would not have the balls to do this.
This has to be the work of some FTs.
The worst is, if the truth came out later…it was a FT on scholarship BY SOME ENTITY OF YOUR PAP GOV!
Now that would be…..embrassing!
Guess the saying….Good jobs for FTs…NS for Sinkie is…true!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

So let me get this straight. These people took in Iranian / Hamas propaganda wholesale and without question and now want to teach other people “critical thinking….to counter disinformation?”

Wow, the end result of our “World Class” education system. The Dunning-Kruger effect.

So GG providing food and aid to the Gazans can be said to be supporting Hamas??? LOL.