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Singapore’s mainstream media remains mum on Li Shengwu securing tenure at Harvard

Despite widespread online celebration by Singaporeans for Associate Professor Li Shengwu’s Harvard tenure, the government-funded mainstream media in Singapore has curiously refrained from reporting on this noteworthy achievement.



Last week, Singaporeans enthusiastically joined Li Shengwu, an associate professor of economics at Harvard University, in celebrating the news of his tenure grant, which he joyfully shared on Twitter.

Singapore’s mainstream media (MSMs), including media outlets under government-funded news organisation SPH Media, has yet to report on this significant achievement, despite the news gaining widespread attention in the online community.

This omission is particularly puzzling, given that SPH Media is expected to fulfil its crucial role in serving the best interests of Singaporeans by reflecting the nation’s values and projecting their perspectives to a global audience.

Minister for Communications and Information, Josephine Teo, emphasized this responsibility in her recent address to Parliament.

“National pride”: Singaporeans congrats and express pride as Li Shengwu secures tenure at Harvard

In a series of tweets,  The 39-year-old eldest son of Lee Hsien Yang (LHY) reflects on the importance of practising self-kindness and steering clear of overworking while navigating the challenges and mindset that come with being on the tenure track.

Commenting on his son’s achievement, Mr LHY took to his Facebook page on 29 February to express his commendation, describing it as a “major academic milestone.”

This accomplishment signifies that Shengwu will ascend to the position of a full professor at Harvard University.

Mr LHY further reflected on the significance of his son’s achievement, suggesting that it would have brought much joy to his late father-in-law, the distinguished Singaporean economist Lim Chong Yah, who passed away 8 July last year.

Additionally, Mr LHY shared an article underscoring the arduous nature of securing tenure at Harvard, noting that it is widely considered the “ultimate prize” for scholars, further highlighting the exceptional nature of Shengwu’s accomplishment.

Assoc Prof Li was also grandson of Singapore’s founding father late Lee Kuan Yew, and nephew of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Harvard University‘s decision to confer tenure upon Assoc Prof Li is a testament to his outstanding contributions in research, teaching, advising, mentoring, and service.

The university underscores that candidates for tenured positions must demonstrate scholarly achievement, impact on their field, intellectual leadership, and potential for future accomplishments.

Before securing tenure at Havard, Assoc Prof Li was awarded the Sloan Research Fellowship for 2023, a testament to his potential to revolutionize the field of economics.

The fellowship, which includes a two-year, US$75,000 grant, supports early-career researchers in various disciplines. Li’s selection for this fellowship highlights his research accomplishments and creativity.

Assoc Prof Li ’s career is decorated with numerous accolades, including the Exeter Prize for his significant contributions to Experimental Economics, Behavioural Economics, and Decision Theory.

His work has been recognized by Nobel laureates, and he is a fellow at the prestigious Harvard Society of Fellows, further affirming his status as a leading thinker in economics.

The news undoubtedly stirred a sense of pride among Singaporeans, evident from the multitude of congratulatory messages flooding Mr Lee’s Facebook page, collectively expressing joy for Assoc Prof Li’s commendable achievement.

State-owned media strangely omits reporting on Assoc Prof Li’s latest achievement

Despite Assoc Prof Li ‘s noteworthy international recognition, the news has strangely not been covered by Singapore’s mainstream media.

A check on media outlets under Singapore’s mainstream media SPH Media, including the Straits Times and Berita Harian, reveals that the latest reporting on Li Shengwu dates back to four years ago in 2020 when the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) sought a court-imposed S$15,000 fine on him for alleged contempt of court.

Lianhe Zaobao reported Assoc Prof Li was awarded the Sloan Research Fellowship just last year.


A check on CNA and TODAY, both under Mediacorp Pte. Ltd., another state-owned public media conglomerate, reveals that they too have yet to report on the news of Assoc Prof Li securing tenure at Harvard University.

It is worth noting that in 2022, MCI announced a commitment to provide up to S$900 million in funding support for SPH Media Trust over the ensuing five years.

Last Friday, MCI Minister Josephine Teo revealed that to date, around S$320 million has been disbursed to SPH Media across the financial years 2022 and 2023.

Ms Teo further outlined that MCI has earmarked approximately S$260 million in funding for SPH Media in the fiscal year 2024.

In a separate context, Mediacorp is funded by Temasek, formerly headed by Ho Ching for nearly two decades. Temasek’s shareholding in Medicorp is 100%.

Assoc Prof Li ‘s self-exile following disputes with Singapore’s AGC

Despite his academic success, Assoc Prof Li has faced legal challenges in Singapore.

After a series of disputes with the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) over a private Facebook post, Li chose self-exile.

In 2020, he was found guilty of contempt of court and fined S$15,000.

Assoc Prof Li has been vocal about his criticisms of the AGC and the Singaporean government, reflecting on his grandfather, Lee Kuan Yew’s values, and the impact of family disputes on his life.

Assoc Prof Li’s mother, Mrs Lee Suet Fern, has also faced legal scrutiny from the AGC, resulting in a suspension from practising law. Additionally, both of his parents have been publicly intimidated by the Singapore authorities over allegations related to legal proceedings.

In light of his tenure achievement, he remarked on the irony of achieving such a significant milestone while having fled Singapore due to his outspokenness.

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Living off the Public but not serving the Public. Please have respect for yourselves and quit.

Please do not respond in any form to people who post pro PAP or anti opposition.
Responding will add more points which will move their posts up yo “most commented”
It will give them prominence. Am sure most of us here see no merit in having their comments
to be most prominent.

Best to ignore them all… though they will use numerous names… just ignore.

He is not Shitgaporean lah ..

Li ShengWu’s tenure at Harvard could be due to “someone” not happy with even our govt’s mild criticism of Israel’s conduct in Gaza …

PAP media mouthpiece, what did one expect. ST only sings praises to their masters especially when there’s another handout round the corner coming for them.

See how quickly ST has turned on old cocks family by taking sides?

As this is the organ of pappies headed by caw, goods news of the Li family is banned.

Only the bad news allowed!

I think very hard how this guy achievement is related to Singapore economy and progress or benefits the peoples wellness but failed to find any linkage. This oppies supporter site can churn out 3 articles of this ousted guy maybe can help enlighten how is his achievement helps Singapore that worth the mainstream to report. Being a bloodline of someone and anti establishment deserves reporting? Peoples are more interested in Swiftie news and worthy of occupying the expensive media space and at least she comes help to boost Singapore economy and coffer. What this guy brings for Singapore?

So? What is so special this bugger. Many secure tenure at Ivy league Uni MUST leeport ah?…just becos he is a Lee or Li?
Kam lan Sinkie….it only shows HOW desperate the ppl who are against the establishment in Singapore are.
Any news these group of loser folks hope can cause ’embrassment’ to the establisment?
Wake up lah…the issue is NOT what ah Li had done or accomplished that these oppo losers feel they need something to make a show for their losing cause, afterall the MAJORITY of locals DID vote for this status quo, tio boh?😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

Ya lo.

We have snake woman chua miu goon writing in Sg Prostitute Times about her living and house prices in Perth

Who cares a damn?

Hilary Demo with our Mrs Lee. No?!?

Now is Mother Daughters United for Upper Class state 1. No?!?

wo are buying newspaper?

Gold FM 90.5 . Sounds Good, Feels Good. tsk tsk tsk

This is sufficient evidence that SPH is the mouth piece of PAP…
not the Gov.. but the PAP…

A citizen achieves academic excellence and it is ignored.
A SAF scholar is celebrated by SPH under the guidance of the PAP

SPH Media Trust is designed to sustain the mouth piece, nothing more.
Why tax payer’s funds are being used is unjustified.

Fortunately, this decade has social media and alternate news.
Otherwise we would all be in the dark.

Failure to educate readers properly has caused news disseminators to die – SG Press Holdings is NO EXCEPTION and worst they FORCED CITIZENS to keep them on STEORIDS when they could have had followed KY to his burial ground.

Now they ARE living CORRUPTED lives – that includes all working there being paid corrupted salaries – don’t they have shame? Well not bcz they unlikely to have proper upbringing starting from young.

And look at those who left – even after years, they appears to have the POLITICAL CORRUPTION in them.

If Tuition agency they can twit. What is higher academics. Probably professors are their Kaki … But who cares. They are the untouchables. No?!?