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Netizens flood LHY’s Facebook with congrats as Li Shengwu secures tenure at Harvard

Netizens flooded Lee Hsien Yang’s Facebook with congrats as his son Li Shengwu secured tenure at Harvard. Some hope for his return to Singapore, while others see it as a loss, believing he may thrive beyond the city-state borders.



On Wednesday (28 February), Li Shengwu, associate professor of economics at Harvard University, enthusiastically shared the news on Twitter that he has been granted tenure at the esteemed institution.

Harvard University‘s decision to confer tenure upon Assoc Prof Li is a testament to his outstanding contributions in research, teaching, advising, mentoring, and service.

The university underscores that candidates for tenured positions must demonstrate scholarly achievement, impact on their field, intellectual leadership, and potential for future accomplishments.

In a series of tweets, the eldest son of Lee Hsien Yang (LHY) reflects on the importance of practising self-kindness and steering clear of overworking while navigating the challenges and mindset that come with being on the tenure track.

In managing his own well-being, the 39-year-old shares personal strategies such as incorporating long walks, breaks for video games, and preparing his own dinners into his routine.

“A lot of this job is being at peace with uncertainty. It’s about finding a process that works for you, and recognizing that insight arrives stochastically, in a way you can’t fully control.”

LHY: “Major academic milestone” for Shengwu

Commenting on his son’s achievement, Mr LHY took to his Facebook page on Thursday to express his commendation, describing it as a “major academic milestone.”

This accomplishment signifies that Shengwu will ascend to the position of a full professor at Harvard University.

Mr LHY further reflected on the significance of his son’s achievement, suggesting that it would have brought much joy to his late father-in-law, the distinguished Singaporean economist Lim Chong Yah, who passed away 8 July last year.

Additionally, Mr LHY shared an article underscoring the arduous nature of securing tenure at Harvard, noting that it is widely considered the “ultimate prize” for scholars, further highlighting the exceptional nature of Shengwu’s accomplishment.

“National pride”

The news undoubtedly stirred a sense of pride among Singaporeans, evident from the multitude of congratulatory messages flooding Mr Lee’s Facebook page, collectively expressing joy for Assoc Prof Li ‘s commendable achievement.

Many felt that Li Shengwu had brought honour to the country, especially to his grandparents and parents.

Some well-wishers went further to advise him not to be concerned about those who may feel envious, acknowledging that they simply cannot match Assoc Prof Li’s accomplishments.

M. Ravi, a prominent human rights lawyer, and Andrew Loh, co-founder of The Online Citizen, also conveyed their messages in response to the news.

Prominent figures in the Singaporean political landscape, such as former Singapore People’s Party (SPP) chairman Jose Raymond, Jeffrey Khoo, Deputy Organising Secretary of the Progress Singapore Party, Reform Party Chief Kenneth Jeyaretnam, and Ravi Philemon, the Secretary-General of RDU, joined in to extend their congratulatory messages to Assoc Prof Li.

Malik Aljunied, former Singapore Athletics (SA) executive director, shared his thoughts, recalling the pleasure of teaching Shengwu during his Raffles Institution days.

“Have always believed that he was born to achieve great things in life. He’s made all Singaporeans very proud of him. Wishing him all the best and hope he can come home one day, to be with his family and friends.”

Hopeful comments on Assoc Prof Li’s return to Singapore

Some comments expressed the hope that Assoc Prof Li could return to Singapore one day, contributing his talents to further enhance the country.

While applauding his significant achievement at Harvard University, some individuals lamented that this also signifies “a great loss to Singaporeans.”

They view it as Singapore’s loss, suggesting that Assoc Prof Li may find greater opportunities for success and impact beyond the confines of this small city-state.

There’s a shared sentiment that he has the potential to achieve even greater things in life beyond the borders of Singapore.

Self-exile following disputes with Singapore’s AGC

Before securing tenure at Havard, Assoc Prof Li was awarded the Sloan Research Fellowship for 2023, a testament to his potential to revolutionize the field of economics.

The fellowship, which includes a two-year, US$75,000 grant, supports early-career researchers in various disciplines. Li’s selection for this fellowship highlights his research accomplishments and creativity.

Assoc Prof Li’s career is decorated with numerous accolades, including the Exeter Prize for his significant contributions to Experimental Economics, Behavioural Economics, and Decision Theory.

His work has been recognized by Nobel laureates, and he is a fellow at the prestigious Harvard Society of Fellows, further affirming his status as a leading thinker in economics.

Despite his academic success, Assoc Prof Li, who is also the estranged nephew of Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, has faced legal challenges in Singapore.

After a series of disputes with the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) over a private Facebook post, Li chose self-exile.

In 2020, he was found guilty of contempt of court and fined S$15,000.

Assoc Prof Li has been vocal about his criticisms of the AGC and the Singaporean government, reflecting on his grandfather, Lee Kuan Yew’s values, and the impact of family disputes on his life.

Assoc Prof Li’s mother, Mrs Lee Suet Fern, has also faced legal scrutiny from the AGC, resulting in a suspension from practising law. Additionally, both of his parents have been publicly intimidated by the Singapore authorities over allegations related to legal proceedings.

In light of his tenure achievement, Assoc Prof Li remarked on the irony of achieving such a significant milestone while having fled Singapore due to his outspokenness.

Assoc Prof Li’s commitment to speaking his mind remains unchanged, as does the support of the academic and scientific community for his work.

Despite the challenges he faces, Assoc Prof Li’s academic journey continues to inspire and influence the field of economics worldwide.

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A great achievement for a small country! Keep up the accolades and accomplishments! Cheers!

Brilliant LSW ! Wish you have LKY ‘s blood to run Singapore!! Hope you do it to continue LKY legacy. What do you think?

Prestige & Lineage plays a part too..
He comes from a famous pedigree.

Taiwan can have another phrase , ” 老子我最大” beside the “女人我最大” … No?!?

Why flood the father Facebook?! Funny Li Sheng Wu has no Facebook?! Or sheng Wu the star created by the father … Must be lah …

Stupid idiotic oppies. Standing behind fugitives to go against Singapore! Fucking pathetic traitors! You motherfuckers are the real traitors to Singapore!

I would like to wish Dr. LWL good health and fast recovery. GB !

Is Hong Yi still drinking engineer’s breast milk?

Profoundly despite ill treatment obsessive PAP persecution, HY and his family have withstood and even gained strength to flourish, tho an uphill fight against politicians using Police, using the law using AG to gang up against.

Proves Loong is a weakling when using all State resources to persecute and prosecute anti PAP voices.

Is it moral of Loong to mis use SG resources going after people with different opinions and live differently.

So what One Loong pretend not in slavery zone using State coffer and the other pretend into slavery. But whole day they wanna dictate what other ppl do and find scapegoats. I am absolutely not inspired by this Lee/Li families.

So educated yet wanna stumble others not as educated with their bullshit cult practice.

Make no mistake, … this is a phenomenal achievement.

Congratulations of the highest order is sincerely conveyed to LSW and his family, whom should all be designated as, … PerspicaciouslyProfoundSignificantPerson , or in BullyBoyShamu’s handbook … PPSP !!!

Their ongoing persecution by their dishonourable and vindictive brother, brother~in~law and uncle (yes indeed, all 3 of them), … and self imposed exile is nothing, but a monumental and mammoth loss to the people of SillyPore.

Once again, … congratulations to the alternative “Lee” family of SillyPore, … not in SillyPore but never out of our minds and thoughts !!!

I think at some point LHL said that he would be a teacher or like if he wasn’t a PM. I guess the nephew lhl charged, out done himself and his cousins today. Congrats to Prof Li.

It is a pity that Lee choose to spell his name as Li, perhaps a way to protest or disassociation with his uncle?

Li Shengwu getting tenure (congrats by the way) has a hint of how Ah Loong got his “Wrangler” award at Cambridge, ie: there are political implications for it, not purely on merit. In any case, Harvard or just about anything American these days has lost its luster due to too much “wokeness”.

LSW-Congrats !!! You did your parents and grand parents proud !

Cotton and Pineapple lovers= I have an advice for you all: Grow some spine. !! tsk tsk tsk

No use coming back to SG.
Stay where u are and be happy.
SG is no longer a good place for many sgs… live and grow.

Last edited 1 month ago by Big bullies

Can somebody check with li hongyi whether he can make tensure with…Mumbai university or not? Or does he prefer the comfort zone of working in his father’s govtech shoplot where he can wear round necked t shirts and slippers to work?

Getting a tenure at Harvard is no easy feat. Guess the only Lee or should it be Li, that could lead you pathetic Sinkie out of your DOOM AMD GLOOM, is also the one that was prevented from doing so!
Suck on it peasants. There is NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

Congratulations LSW. Done all Singaporeans proud but please stay away for more achievements and to be safe from persecution and prosecution.👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐