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Harvard University awards tenure to Singaporean economist Li Shengwu amidst exceptional academic achievements

Singaporean economist Li Shengwu, 39, awarded Harvard tenure, affirming his impactful research and academia contributions. Despite facing legal challenges back home, his work continues to inspire and receive global recognition.



Li Shengwu, a 39-year-old Singaporean economist and the eldest son of Lee Hsien Yang, has been granted tenure at the prestigious Harvard University.

This prestigious position acknowledges his outstanding contributions to academia. Mr Li, an associate professor of economics at Harvard University, shared the news of his achievement on Twitter last Wednesday, emphasizing the importance of kindness and focused work on the path to tenure.

Harvard University’s decision to grant tenure to Mr Li is a recognition of his first-rate eminence in research, teaching, advising, mentoring, and service.

The university underscores that candidates for tenured positions must demonstrate scholarly achievement, impact on their field, intellectual leadership, and potential for future accomplishments.

Prior to this achievement, Mr Li was awarded the Sloan Research Fellowship for 2023, a testament to his potential to revolutionize the field of economics. The fellowship, which includes a two-year, US$75,000 grant, supports early-career researchers in various disciplines. Li’s selection for this fellowship highlights his research accomplishments and creativity.

Mr Li’s career is decorated with numerous accolades, including the Exeter Prize for his significant contributions to Experimental Economics, Behavioural Economics, and Decision Theory. His work has been recognized by Nobel laureates, and he is a fellow at the prestigious Harvard Society of Fellows, further affirming his status as a leading thinker in economics.

Despite his academic success, Mr Li, who is also the estranged nephew of Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, has faced legal challenges in Singapore.

After a series of disputes with the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) over a private Facebook post, Li chose self-exile.

In 2020, he was found guilty of contempt of court and fined S$15,000. Mr Li has been vocal about his criticisms of the AGC and the Singaporean government, reflecting on his grandfather, Lee Kuan Yew’s values, and the impact of family disputes on his life.

Mr Li’s mother, Mrs Lee Suet Fern, has also faced legal scrutiny from the AGC, resulting in a suspension from practising law. Additionally, both of his parents have been publicly intimidated by the Singapore authorities over allegations related to legal proceedings.

In light of his tenure achievement, Mr Li remarked on the irony of achieving such a significant milestone while having fled Singapore due to his outspokenness.

Mr Li’s commitment to speaking his mind remains unchanged, as does the support of the academic and scientific community for his work.

Despite the challenges he faces, Mr Li’s academic journey continues to inspire and influence the field of economics worldwide.

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Conclusive proof that it is NOT that SG cannot produce local talents, but rather the pappies prefer mediocre foreign talents kissing their butts.

Compare with Ah loong’s son, who seems capable only of writing parking app, yet can be awarded with national awards. No wonder lhy and his family is being persecuted by the Dishonorable One; someone simply cannot lose face, hor..

This type of talent and talented people, born, bred in SG is deemed worthless, treated like traitors, sued by a biased AG (within is not inside, Liew Mun Leong incidents ) under political influences, apparently POLITICAL HEGEMONIACS preferred them to FO from Red Dot in lieu of preference to love Modi economic guerrillas to steal SGpn jobs, with fake degrees and dishonest resumes.

Prostitute childeen are far more valuable, more cherished than own SG born. This is the PAP Administration BRAND. As apparently evidently enough, a certain Engineer arrogant, quarrelsome, looses huge amounts of SG Reserves money dared to and freely got the gumption to scold SGpns who speak facts on Indian Trash.

So any chance coming back to take the throne…err…I mean HOT seat after his Uncle retire?
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His father into slavery then dun need to talk about the son.

What a shame!

And all this started because an unfilial son, (the PM of Singapore no less) twarted the wishes of his father regarding 38 Oxley Road.

He does not represent the People … he belong to the Elites. Tag under People to use as Mega Star. You got to be kidding me. Which part of the Elite is not obvious about him?!? Omg!!!!

Whole family of subjugating ppl into slavery just becos they cannot admit their mistakes, just becos they want to endow themselves with nuclear code and so on…

And why is this repeatly a News?!? He will have no lack of ppl wanting to employ him But becos he is tied to Lee Empire so Employ at your own risks!!!